26Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
Please read this before reading the rest of my profile.

1) I took a dating break in the last bit of 2016 because in all honesty, I was quite burnt out from one hell of a year I've had. Now that's it's 2017 I'm ready to try again.

2) I am interested in romantic, polyamorus relationships, and friendships only.

I can't handle casual because to me it feels like you are using someone and that feels wrong to me. If you are looking for casual or to hook up, I am not the person for you. Howeve I wish you nothing but the best of luck in finding someone, or as many people, that connect with you on that level.

If you are serious about a romantic polyamorus relationship then please keep reading on.

Thank you.

Hello there! Welcome to my profile and I just want to say thank you for taking the time to stop and read my profile. You rock!

I also want to add this to my profile, specifically for those who are considering messaging me on here. I hear "you are really -insert adjective here that describes my looks-" way too often and it gets really old, really fast. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a compliment about me looks as much as the next person, but getting the same ones over and over gets really annoying after a while. I honestly want to hear people say more things like "hey you're really smart" or "hey you have a very sexy brain." now that would be really awesome to hear :D

I am an Ontario-to B.C. transplant. I've been living out here for 6 years and I don't plan on moving back to Ontario any time soon. B.C. is my home and it always will be.

I am a kind, intelligent, fun loving, out going, VERY silly by temperament, and somewhat bratty polyamorus person looking to meet other polyamorus people to have a few laughs, share some good times and to develop romantic relationships with. Key word being Romantic relationships. I don't do casual at all.

This section here has had two distinct paragraphs about my personal views on feminism. Time to update this and I'm hoping this will be the last time.

Some time ago I tried to disassociate myself with the label of feminist but still tried to be one while not calling myself one. Yeah that didn't work too well. I had had a negative experience where exteremist feminism ( does anyone else find that term to be ironic or is it just me?) had impacted me on a personal level and it got under my skin and shook me to the core. It felt like everything I had stood up for had turned around an punched me in the gut, threw me to the ground, and just shit all over me when it dawned on me that the extremists are not real feminists at all. They were people who had been hurt and were angry. They were lashing out instead of trying to fix their problems constrcuctivly, and I felt sorry for them. Who the hell hurts someone on such a deep level that it drives them to be an extremist of any kind? That's when I realized that if things are going to change, it starts with you being the type of change you want to see happen. So yes, I am a feminist and I will continue to help those who need help regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, ability, or you're a leafs fan ( hey I used to be a leafs fan too so be nice).

I hope to make friends, go out on dates, maybe have one more partner but most importantly I want to meet new people.

I am, without a doubt an anime fan and a hard core Sailor Moon fan, also known as a "Moonie". I've been in love with the show since I was little and I rediscovered it when I was 12 and learned the Japanese version is SO much better! My favorite character is Sailor Saturn because she and I are alike in many ways. If you want to know a bit more about her feel free to ask or look her up online.

If you take a look in my pictures you can see a photo of me in a Sailor Jupiter costume taken at Anime Evolution 2010. I REALLY want to do more of these! They do a Sailor Moon Photo shoot at Cos & Effect every year and I am currently saving up to get a Sailor Saturn cosplay commissioned by Christmas 2012. (ok Christmas 2012 came and went and I STILL don't have my Saturn costume but dammit, I'm determined! :D) As for my Jupiter Costume, I've decided to retire her.

Warning. Random moments of acting like a cat are in effect. Meow =^.^=

I can also be really girly. Hair, make up, clothes, ESPECIALLY dresses, shoes, and cute things are some of my favorite obsessions :P

Maplestory is pretty much the only MMORPG I play on and off. One of my characters is a Cygnus knight and she's about to hit her level cap. message me if you want to add me on MS. I play in Scania only :)
What I’m doing with my life
I was originally saving up for hair school. My plan was to start saving. In 2011 and. Get into hair school by sept 2014 but so many things kept getting in the way that I wasn't able to reach my goal in time. The main reason was the, quite frankly, shitty job I was working at the time. My hours were never stable enough for me to maintain my rate of saving on a time sense that once I finally reached my goal a year and a half later than originally planned, I lost pretty much all the drive and passion for wanting to go to hair school that I've had since high school.

So in the mean time I'm just working and I'm continuing to save so that way if I do find something else that I'm passionate enough to go to school for, the money will already be there for me when I need it. As long as one is alive, one is never too old to go back to school and learn new things.

I also want to go into space. I have been dreaming about space since I was a little girl. I wish I could be an astronaut for NASA but sadly I don't have the math skills for it :/ How ever the alternative is private space tourism companies. I better get saving up then :)
I’m really good at
Being myself and encouraging others to do so. Art, cosmetology, singing, acting, learning, kayaking, dancing and being a total silly goof ball.

I have developed a rapier wit tongue. HA HA! Now if i manage to cut someone with it... I'm going to be quite freaked out thank you OO;
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair. It's waist length with 4 different colours in it and the one colour that jumps out the most is the pink. I am hard to miss! :D

Finding me in a crowd is rather easy now that I think about it OO;

My height also gets noticed. Yes I may be short but I'm one of the tallest people at my job so that makes up for my lack of verticalness. I keep meaning to use some Miracle-gro on me but when I go to use the stuff, it keeps vanishing on me! Maybe that would explain why all the plants, shrubs, and trees outside have gotten a lot bigger... Oh dear OO;
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I like manga quite a bit. Titles include Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and Dramacon. I am also in the process of collecting all the volumes of the new english re release of the Sailor Moon Manga and I LOVE this particular translation of the story ^.^ Other titles include the Da Vinci Code, The Case For Pluto, books on metaphysics, space, geology, volcanoes and certain types of self help books. I've also recently got into marvel comics, specifically X-Men and anything and everything to do with Jean Grey The Phoenix and The Dark Phoenix and I am a proud own of a copy of The Uncanny X-Men: From the Ashes and X-Men Phoenix Rising.

Movies: Sweeney Todd, In The Shadow of The Moon, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Angel Eyes, The Core, House of Flying Daggers, Run Lola Run and many more.

Music: I like show tunes, industrial, death metal opera, J-metal, trance, J-Pop, dubstep (Especially anything by Skrillex), anything that Is catchy or fits with my mood and personality. Food: I like Japanese and Mexican food the best! I am a total sucker for bubble tea. Junk food is also a personal favorite.

Shows: Star Trek TOS, Star Trek Next Gen, Voyager, Enterprise, Firefly, House, Mythbusters, CSI, Criminal Minds, My little pony: Friendship is magic, and Babylon 5 to name a few.


Working on my abstract paintings, collecting crystals (I have over 30 specimens in all colours of the rainbow <3), astronomy, astrology, (if you ask nicely and give me the proper details, I can do your birth chart for you :) )music, singing, nail art (I've been getting into making nail art a lot lately now that I'm at a job that allows me to wear as much nail polish as I want to work).

Ok somehow my food section vanished so here it is again.


I am a total sucker for pepperoni pizza, a very nicely done NY steak, and sushi~ I'm also trying to cut sown on sweets a bit but my sweet tooth and I go to war often on that one and the sweet tooth wins :P I also happily discovered a type of wine that I now love to drink and would like to have more often if I get the chance to do so: Plum wine <3 I really, REALLY don't like grape wine. I never really have :/
Six things I could never do without
1)My computer. I saved up for ages to get this piece of super awesomeness. Her name is Luna (My sailor moon fandom isn't showing through at all! xD )

2)My Bed. Random cat naps are always in effect.

3) My family. Weather given to me at birth or created by me in life, they still rock.

4) Lush Bath Products. I am a total sucker for lush bath bombs and bubble bars. Having a big enough tub to fit 2 comfortably would be nice :P

5)My stuffed Animals. Every plush princess needs her plush troops to go out and take over the world using cuteness ^_^

6) Artistic tools and mediums. These include but are not limited to: haircolour, make up, paint, brushes, glitter, hot hair tools, clothes, pen and ink and lots of paper.

7) Ponies. Enough said.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's all out there. What are people doing at this very minute. What's happening in some far off Solar system, What's happening inside our own planet? I mostly think about deep subjects or just whatever happens to be on my mind at that moment. The human mind is practically limitless so there is lots to think about.

Lately I've been thinking "Where the hell do I even begin to look for language schools here in Vancouver?" I want to learn Russian and actually visit Russia someday despite the current political circumstances.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually working or helping out my partner in his store. Come check out The Connection Games and Comics!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was put up for adoption when I was 3 days old and in January 2010 I reconnected with my biological father and I could not be happier. He and I are like two peas in a pod. Also, I'm very proud of him for making the choice he did.

Well this one really isn't private but I felt this would be a good place to post this. I got a memorial tattoo done on my 22nd birthday for my late mother who was a nurse. It's snoopy in pink nursing scrubs and he has a needle in one paw and a cheeky grin on his face. When the outlining was being done, my friend who came with me had to gag me with my own t-shirt because it hurt so badly. Yeah I'm a wuss, but I'm very happy that I got it done and I am currently planning my next tattoo.
You should message me if
you are polyamourus then you get extra brownie points and maybe some cookies added too :P Also if you are serious about getting to know me better or your curiosity got the better of you :P or you just want someone to chat with. I enjoy conversations that can go on for hours and hours <=3 Also feel free to poke me about posting new pictures of myself. I really need a few new ones so someone remind me please! xD As I stated above I do not do swinging of any kind though I do respect people who do practice it.
The two of us