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My self-summary
***Important note: it is NOT OKAY to ask a massage therapist if they "give happy endings" in the sense that they, in addition to massage that makes you feel better, offer sexual release. It is akin to asking someone if s/he is fucking his/her boss for better pay/hours or other preferential treatment. I am a licensed massage therapist, NOT a prostitute. If you feel like asking me about what I can/will do with your genitalia while you're receiving a massage, don't. You're not clever, or original, or even sexy when you make that joke. You're just a pervert. And not in the "tee hee, I'm so cute" way. Thanks.***

Since "seeing someone" seems to be confusing for pretty much any guy that messages me: The settings on this site don't actually let me say "I am a bisexual woman in a commited relationship with a man and not looking to be with any other men, but maybe become friends with women that could become more." So there ya go. Guys, if you are looking for a booty call, or a relationship, I am not that girl for you.

Also? If you have a picture of your dick/pussy on your profile - I am only gonna report it and skip on by you. I know you aren't thinking about it - but the internet IS public. I'm looking to make friends with people who have a little more self respect.

And one more note - if you don't know me, have never messaged and received a message from me in return, that kind of thing... don't instant message me. I have it open in case anyone I already know wants to message me. I'm just not gonna respond to strangers on IM anymore. And OH MY GOD, weirdos - just sending a one line message, or worse yet one WORD, in messages isn't any better. STOP BEING WEIRDOS and think of something more substantial to say. Jeez.

**About Me**
I'm a massage therapist (and no, you can't just 'have' a free massage. I don't work for free. Do you? It's called volunteering.) , which from the above, you have probably already figured out. I talk too much. Especially when I'm nervous. And speaking of nerves - I definitely have the most inconvenient nervous laughter. It makes it seem like I am laughing at your pain. I'm generally not.

I have answered so many questions on this site that some of them probably aren't even true to me anymore.

I am addicted to cats. I think I only manage to NOT bring home a basket of them because logically, I know I can't afford them. And so I watch a lot of cat videos, and play with my friends/family/boyfriend's cat(s). Though in fairness - I am addicted to all things cute.

But as far as my addiction to cats? I'm pretty sure my OWN cat doesn't like the idea of sharing me with other pets.

Also - I super miss when OKC had journals. >.>

To be continued?
What I’m doing with my life
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, but I am currently not working, to take care of my health. (If it is THAT important to know details - get to know me and I might tell you.)

What I am doing, in the meantime, is riding my bike more, and swimming!!! (Though the 'pool' at my apartment is rather lacking.) And trying to read more. Working on my relationships with the people I love. And thinking about volunteering at the Humane Society in my town.

I am learning that as much as spiders freak me out - having a few around (outside) helps keep the other pests away. ...but they are building webs all over my car and across the stairway at my apartment. So... occasionally, I have a bit of a freak out when I run into a web. :P

I am trying to explore the boundaries of my relationship with a man I am truly in love with. And he will always be my primary romantic partner.

Trying to look into leaving Illinois for good. My current idea is Portland, OR. So if you are a massage therapist in the area, or just from the area, and wanna tell me about it - don't hesitate to message me! I'm always up for making new friends, not always up for making new romantic partners. :D

Wishing I had ANY luck with growing edibles, and feeling like I have betrayed my dad's side of the family for managing to kill mint - which grows EVERYWHERE, like a WEED. :|

Loving my boyfriend, and my friends, and my family. And feeling really lucky to have them in my life.
I’m really good at
Hmmm... I'm really good at massage. I do it for a living, it's hard not to believe I'm good at it. I'm good at making people laugh, though not always intentionally. I'm good at being self deprecating.

I'm NOT always good at spelling. I'm STILL good at putting socks on, and wearing pants. (Though not as good at wearing a skirt - as I'm not always ladylike).

I'm GREAT at boiling eggs, and not as good at peeling them. I am pretty good at cooking, though not as good at cleaning the oven. So I set off the smoke detector in my apartment on a fairly regular basis.

I'm pretty awesome at making ice? Though that is mostly the freezer, in fairness.

While I'm not good at talking about how good I am at things, I AM pretty great at rambling to fill space. This happens both in text, and aloud. Though the verbal rambling tends to be more limited to when I am either really nervous, or really tired.

I'm also good at awkward endings to talking about myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
Well... I have two eyes, four limbs (2 and 2), a nose, mouth, ears, and hair? I am wearing glasses. Or I am not wearing glasses. I'm both taller and bigger around than many women. I am not the tallest or the largest circumferenced woman alive. I'm probably not even close.

But those are the obvious. You tell me what you notice first!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Warning, I cry at movies. This is something I have noted of late... This is by no means comprehensive, and I'll add to it when I see fit. But I'll try and give you an idea:

I loved the entire Firefly show, and the movie Serenity; Fight Club (amazing, and the book is even better); Stick It; Gone In 60 Seconds; Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen; Girl, Interrupted; Two Weeks Notice; Music and Lyrics (I will always love the quote "I'm giving up, my face is in the butter!"); Suicide Club (laughable); Ghost World; 28 Days Later; Sin City; Snatch; Domino; Requiem For A Dream; Juno (love the soundtrack); Steel Magnolias; Rent; Reservoir Dogs; Kill Bill both parts; Pulp Fiction; Pride and Prejudice; Lost in Translation; Catch and Release; The Broken Hearts Club; Young Frankenstein; Gia; Waitress (Nathan Fillion MMMM); Secretary; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; Seeking a Friend For The End of The World (I cried so much); The Fountain; Stranger Than Fiction; The Boondock Saints... a little secret? I love Pixar films. And cartoons. I own and LOVE Despicable Me, and I loved its sequel. I saw Rio on the big screen and had a great time. I have a copy of Finding Nemo for my own entertainment, though it does come in handy when wrangling little ones. I grew up watching Disney animated films. I watch cartoons that vary from Adventure Time to Batman the Animated Series. And even Sailor Moon. I probably watch a lot of things that I don't even think about listing.

I found that my school books are still valuable. Much like a dictionary or, more likely, an encyclopedia.
I read and loved all the Harry Potter books. I like to read about magic and other things that don't exist in the real world.
Another thing to note, if the book pulls me in, makes me laugh, interests me etc - I will ignore poor grammar and sentence structure. I CAN be a bit of a grammar nazi but in the end, response to content matters more to me than skill or ability to write "well". I will spend money on a cheesy dime store type novel more often than I will spend money on a "classic" that everyone is SUPPOSED to have read.
That said - I have also read the Tolkien books. And enjoyed them. And The Portrait of Dorian Grey, and I love Great Expectations.
Honestly if you get to know me you can learn a lot more about my reading tastes than if you look at a list of things I enjoyed. (I think so at least)
Currently because of my boyfriend I've got Scroobius Pip stuck in my head...
My other music... well that's a long list of music that at some point I probably overplayed until I heard it in my sleep -
Alanis Morissette (though irony defeats her, yeah?); Alice In Chains; Alien Ant Farm; All American Rejects; Amy Winehouse; Ani Difranco; Aqualung; Ben Folds Five; Blind Melon; Blink-182; Brand New; Cake; Cat Power; Chris Isaak; Cowboy Mouth; The Cure; Dashboard Confessional; Fall Out Boy; Fastball; Finger Eleven; Fiona Apple; Garbage; A Girl Called Eddy; Goo Goo Dolls; Hole; Holly Cole; Janis Joplin; Jewel; John Mayer; The Like; Lily Allen; Lisa Loeb; Live; Liz Phair; Melissa Etheridge; My Chemical Romance; Natalie Merchant; Nine Days; Nine Inch Nails; Nirvana; No Doubt; Office; Our Lady Peace; Pearl Jam; Peggy Lee; Pink Floyd; Plumb; Poe; Presidents of the United States of America; Regina Spektor; Sheryl Crow; The Shins; Snow Patrol; Soundgarden; The Spill Canvas; Suzanne Vega; Switchblade Symphony; Tegan and Sara; Train; The Wallflowers; The White Stripes; St Vincent; Temposhark; Katy Perry, Julia Marcell, Kate Nash... etc

As for food... CHEESE! I love cheese too much! And I love cooking. I love meat - so I don't see myself quitting that any time soon.
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think I would prefer that people leave OUT all apostraphes, rather than adding them to gorram everything. I am pretty sure it would bug me LESS if you were to forget to add one to a posessive, than it does when people use them for plurals.

Also, why is it Match vs Enemy? It just seems a little too aggressive to me. Maybe I'm a pussy.
On a typical Friday night I am
Being grumpy. :) This is probably true.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You should message me if
You have *face* pictures of yourself. If I met you in person I'd see your face - I don't want to talk to someone that doesn't have one.

You want to be friends. That will always be the first, and most important part, of being in any type of non professional relationship with me.

You're not looking to make me a 3rd in your relationship. I already have a primary relationship that makes me quite happy. I don't want to be a part of someone else's already established relationship.

You have a sense of humor. Not the kind where you enjoy being cruel for the sake of humor, more along the lines of being able to laugh at yourself. Yeah - you will find that I tease, and sometimes in the privacy of a small group of good friends, I have been known to say things that are definitely not P.C. - but I never want to find humor at the expense of others. But if you can't laugh at yourself sometimes, we might not last as friends?

You want to give me lots of money with no strings attached. (This is a joke, but you never know if someone is gonna be generous for no reason. *smirk*)

You have a big kitchen that you would like to make/teach/learn recipes in with me. (Mine is laughably small and really can barely fit two people that are both trying to do something in it.)

You love to cook, and are willing to eat mistakes.

You are also a massage therapist, and you would like to do regular trades with me.

You take life seriously, and have plans for the future, but don't take it so seriously that small failures manage to derail you completely.

If you want to. I'm up to meeting new people, with new opinions. Or even new people with the same opinions. I just ask that you have a little patience. I'm not here on OKC as much as I was say, 10 years ago. But I do have friends to talk to and I will come back. And as long as you don't send me rude or vulgar messages, or lazy one liners, I'll almost positively message you back. Either way, you won't know until you try!
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