36Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hey there Ladies, my name's Andy, Thank you for clicking on my profile, this may be the longest most open profile you've ever EVER read. But this needs to be known.

I'll start by throwing what a dear friend of mine, Kate, has said about me "'I am a genuine guy but at times a little forward with my interests but If you can handle me then you have a friend for life".

Judge me if you wish but this is all important to me. And please note, I'm Sex-positive... not a pervert. Read on and be surprised.

In a nutshell, I'm a Erotic Writer and Artist, a Geek, ASMR Lover (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a Science Fiction Lover, an LGBT Supporter, Nintendo and Xbox Gamer (Gamertag: Silken4ssassin), a Dominant Silk/Satin Fetishist and a Maker of Toys, Gags and Silk Fetishwear".

I'd like to admit I do have, what I call, an erogenous sense of humour. Goofy, sexual, pervy, light hearted, clever, witty, but encapsulated... yeah,. I'd call it pretty much erogenous.

And if you'd like to read my stuff then you can find me on Wattpad:

Yet here is an example of my writing. Please enjoy, it's a decent look at how my mind works.

'Our True Colours, At the Nexus of Silk & Chain'
Part One:

Instragram: SilkenAssassin

And also, bearing in mind I'm a dominant with over 12 years in the lifestyle as a BDSM who has tasted both sides of the D/s coin, you may be wondering what I thought of the 50 Shades of Grey film. Read my 10 page damning review here:

Funny how the next deluge of information could have probably been squooshed into that version above... it's not nearly as exciting to think about. Or as Hugo says from the old CITV cartoon show Victor & Hugo "That's what I think anyway".

Okay, here goes.

First of all, be warned, I am not for the feint of heart. If you don't have a liking, interest or understanding of kink and fetish then you may wanna pass me on by. I'm not looking to waste anyone's time nor my own. I want a connection, it's... the ideal, love with a twist, but you really need to know what I'm all about, if you're gonna make a judgement call on reading this. If you are open minded and compassionate towards the fetish scene, or would like to, maybe you're already a kinkster (a laymen's term I find) or a wanna be, then do read on. I am seeking a long term, life partner, the real deal. That's what I am striving for. Yet please don't let this make you think I take all this just that seriously. If anything I take myself extremely UNseriously. And I think this is also very very important in life.

Admin stuff aside, let's crack on. I am soft-centred and hot blooded. I adore affection and cuddles, I could cuddle all freakin day. Yet I am an acquired taste to a few who are able to give great compassion and whom are more sexually open and free. Or at least consider themselves to be open-minded and/or curious. If you are indeed curious about the mystery that could be the one that completes you, then please... read on.

I am not that complex but I am a Dominant looking for a submissive, a partner, a confidant, a best friend, someone to give my entire soul to.

I like to think of myself as a kinky romantic. I'm a very sensual and sensitive man and am not afraid to express it, in public as well as in private. I adore femininity and as such am a male feminist.

Yet one thing I would like to say is here in Britain and in the States, there are still hang-ups about people, women in particular being labelled for being too promiscuous. Well, Nope, that opinion is wrong. We should all love pleasure and as long as we take care of ourselves and each other then why can't we express our sexuality more. I know many people don't like the French, but why...?? They're doing something right, and here's why...

I am an artist and my preferred artistic field is... rather frankly speaking, erotic art (There I said it). With a few more branching themes along the same lines. While I am on here to make friends, chat, get to know someone, first and fore-mostly, you will find me an outgoing and very open sexually liberated person.

I write also. Things I enjoy writing would be poetry, stories, scripts. I'm hoping to become a blogger this year sometime.

I have joined the Gym after years of holding back. I never considered myself a Gym-goer yet I have surprised myself at how fit I am and how much I really enjoy it. Don'tcha just love it when you surprise yourself so much it changes your whole attitude and lifestyle.

I’m a smart, caring, devoted and very affectionate man, any partner of mine would need to adore cuddles and affection as much as me, plus a gentle intimacy and a creative mind. You would need to be very compassionate to realise what you have in me. I have a strong, varied, random, sarcastic, pretty sexual, sometimes goofy sense of humour. I'm very much a total people person and I love meeting new people and making new friends. A motto of mine is "what's the one thing you'll find most of in this world?... people, if you can enjoy people, them half the battle is won". Yeah I know, long motto.

I'm not a fan of male bravado and I always say, if it takes no effort to be yourself then why try and be anything else. I'm very reliable emotionally and am often the shoulder to cry on. I love this as I'm a firm believer in doing all you can for anyone. Holding and supporting them while they do what is necessary is something a lot of men I know feel icky about. But my strong hate for bullying has really brought out the vengeful in me. I won't ever sit back and see people get hurt. I follow, back and support SHELTER, a charity that supports victims of domestic abuse among many other noble causes.

I've felt somewhat nostalgic and reflective about my life thus far, and I continue to be. But now I know what I want and when I want it. I have a five year plan consisting of my career, hobbies and where I want to improve myself through means I have existing to me now. And I'm ready to meet someone I can pretty much dedicate my life to. A girlfriend, partner and companion.

As you have read I love art, the history, practicality of it and application of it. I have a bit of a fascination with the Italian Renaissance, yet contradictorily my favourite artist is Constable, his pieces are so romantic and deep to me. I swear when I have that house my family and I live in I will have his framed artworks in a few places.

I don't have any pets, no dogs are allowed in the house as my Mum is scared of them. But I adore them and as I can't YET have any I give to the Dogs Trust every month, to 2 dogs, Jason and Tyson.

I love to talk a lot sure, but I also have a huge thing for listening too. I hope the woman reading this is compassionate and open minded. I'm not your average man yet smarter than your average bear. And a damn sight cuddlier too. ;)

One, maybe controversial aspect about me is that besides being very sex-positive I also support those in the Sex-worker lifestyle. I have a very open opinion on this, I do not turn a blind cheek or eye to it. Call it what you will but it's not going away and all I want for those who place themselves in the risk of randy potentially untrustorthy clients is that that remain safe. If you're on Fetlife I have an image you may like the look of, it sums up what would do if I were in power, if I were running the country.

The above, is what I would love my partner to wear, Imagine a silky Courtesan working in a modern-day Bordello. I would love to be the guy who influences the government here in the UK to legalise prostitution, set up Bordellos in a few exclusive cities and towns where working girls could afford to look classy, be kept safe from criminal elements, drugs and violence. With medical facilities or a hospital nearby, regular STD checks and a high rate or earnings.... I just see that this would solve more problems than the Arseholes in Whitechapel could imagine or even pass an eye over. Plus it's a fantasy. I wanna revolutionise 21st Century Prostitution. 'It' goes on, you can't deny it does. If you wanna hide from it, then do so. But there's nothing wrong with the girls who wish to or need to 'work'. Let's just get them off the Streets and into somewhere safe, somewhere that they run and where they call each and every one of the shots. If I could have this achievement on my tombstone I would die a very happy and proud man.

It should also be clear I have a huge die-hard fetish for Silk Scarves. Here is an article explaining this, which I wrote with pride... 'The Fabric of My Sexuality'

I have also learned that my personality type is an ENFJ-A type. I am a protagonist. See below...
What I’m doing with my life
I am also building, compiling a couple of different fetish outfits, dominant in leaning yet sensual in expression. I guess that sums me up in one short sentence. Leather and silk are what makes it up and they'll combine steampunk and fetish tropes. I am having a few pieces made for me, I am customising others and outright constructing others from scratch.

* * *

Well, around working full time right now, I am trying to get an exciting yet humble little side-earning venture off the ground.

~Soft Strokes~ The Art of Silk in Bondage and Photography.

The premise or plan, is to come to you, the client, take some alluring, sexy, erotic or outright sexual (yet never lewd) photos of you, alone or with your partner. The photos will incorporate my lengths of aerial silk, which I'm ordering and collecting a circus firm based in Las Vegas. I'm collecting different colours and planning on pairing them up for some two-toned silk shibari work. The contrast should be extremely beautiful.

From the photos I take of you, a short-list is selected and from that, a favourite. Then, I go away and produce a piece of artwork in one of a selection of mediums and when that is finished I can pop it in a cardboard tube and send it to you. Obviously for a fee, to be ascertained when I've done some good ol' 'market research'.

If you'd like to see an example of what I'll be producing or what type of photos I'll be taking then feel free to have a look at my Silken Erotica photo album on my profile, a collection of silky sensual photography from others.

Silken Erotica:

Yes, bondage may be a theme of some of the photography but remember this is only soft sensual bondage.

Besides that I am hoping that I can come by a partner, a girlfriend who would love to model for me, a muse, a focus for my artistic and erotic skills.

I also also trying to create a simple line of silk based fetish fashion. Something any woman of any size can wear. Something inexpensive yet beautiful. Think Steam-punk, combined with Fifth Element, combined with... a tiny bit of Princess Leia.

I also enjoy crafting and customising my own style of sex toys and gags for kinky play. The vibe is contemporary, fun and functional. Experimentation is our best friend after all. We all have our fantasies and as long as we're safe, consenting adults, who can judge? Well.... except you, the reader of this of course.

I'm also in the throws of writing a lot of Erotica at the moment, which is going down a tit-storm on Facebook. At the time of writing my latest titled 'You & I, When the Walls Came Down' is a firm favourite with women and a surprising amount of men, who yet still feel awkward about commenting online yet have told me in person on the street how much they love it and the detail. If you're on Facebook, the link is here....

I was gonna go with 'Snouted by a Dickbeast' but that's just teasing the wrong audience.

My next begins real soon but I am already planning another 5 stories after that. And what's more I'm also designing and making a silk veiled fetish mask/neck corset piece as inspiration for a later story, to be titled 'The Silk that Cut the Blade'. It should inspire me as I write but also it'll make a great silk mask for intimate play between you and me. Roleplay anyone? ;)

I really wanna change my username on here to 'Creative Rebel'. Yet I gotta pay for that :( BUGGER!

Speaking of usernames, you can find me on Instagram and Twitter at @SilkenAssassin

While I'm open to all women of all ages I do have an adoration for women of colour. I grew up in Paddington in London and was surrounded by all ethnicities and races. Oh I so do love black Women, there's just something inherently sensual about them.
I’m really good at
Drawing, writing, poetry, scripts and stories. I'm currently writing some erotic stories laced with espionage, although you could word that as Espionage stories laced with erotica, it depends on how you sit with that kinda thing. Hee hee.

I'm also creating my own illustrations and sketches for the pieces I'm writing, concepts and portraits and some very provocative positions.

Making sure I add the sugar in my Tea after I've poured hot water over the Teabag... NAWT!!

I'm what you may call a core gamer. I game on my Xbox 360 and Xbox One in my free time. I can really chill out when I play games and it's one of my strongest passions.

I'm also a passionate DIY'er. I've very paint oriented. I decorate my bedroom a lot, well, every two years. I do like colour, yet my favourite colour is white oddly enough and that is technically, not a colour. I also like Burgundy and Gunmetal blue too.

I'm also tremendously good at lowering the tone, of course as far as I'm concerned I'm actually lifting it. I dunno, different strokes for different folks I guess. ;)

Oh and I'm really good with Lego. Normal activities with...Lego. I once built a huge Adventure Assault Bus out of Lego that my new secondary school friend broke when I was 11. When I was 12 I got revenge by taking his dressing gown belt and using it to bring down a wooden model of a Pterodactyl hanging from the Light in the middle of his room. I flicked it up and hooked the thing with the belt. Down it fell smashing it to little broken pieces and he was left in tears. What's more is his Dad gave HIM a bollocking for being a Wuss..... And people think I'm a Sadist. I dunno where they get that idea from. ;)
The first things people usually notice about me
Well firstly... That I really don't look my age. I've always had a baby-like face, I dunno, some people like it. They say I look.... 25. I'm complimented of course but I wish I was 25, still I've lived and leaned and I wouldn't take that away for the world.

I've only once had to explain to a bouncer that I was nearly double the age allowed to enter the club... Many dirty words that your mother wouldn't like were used also. But bouncers piss me off anyway. So eager to look like the hardest douche on the planet. It's really not attractive.

A young work colleague said to me just before Christmas that despite my kinks and weirdness I was one of the loveliest guys he'd ever met and I was "Gold". I couldn't help but blush.

My cheeky smile and my intensely blue eyes. Plus I have a very soft approach to new people, I like to think I'm different to most men, I hate male bravado and I like to practise complete openness from the word go.... as you'll find out below. I'm very chirpy very much an optimistic, very cheeky and random, it's also extremely hard to offend me. I can sometimes be obscure but it's not before long you'll get me. it doesn't take long. Most who know me say I'm totally 100% honest as well.

Also a dear, dear friend of mine, Kate has said "'I am a genuine guy but at times a little forward with my interests but If you can handle me being outspoken, you have a friend for life". And if you read all my profile here, I reckon you'd all agree.

Oh and apparently I have a small mouth too. It's not stopped my trying to get the most from it though, ha.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
If you're a geek and a lover of pop culture and particularly video games then I would highly recommend Ready Player One by Earnest Cline.

Well I read a lot and currently I've hit a Scifi avenue. I've bought 7 new books recently and I still have books I've not read. I also read graphic novels, what with being an artist the various styles are of great inspiration to me. My favourite authors are Raymond Benson, Robin Jarvis, Ian Flemying, Drew Karpyshyn. Dmitry Glukhovsky, Terry Pratchett,

Some Erotic stuff, like Ashe Barker, Natalie Dae, Lisabet Sarai, Sascha Illyvich, I also now have, hopefully an editor for my erotic novel that I'll be beginning soon.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman I have a particular fondness for as I LOVE London and to imagine there is a world within the cobbled streets and pigeon-plagued rooftops of the greatest city in the world just makes me want more of it.

I don't actually watch TV much at all, really but I watch a lot of TV box sets. Arrow and Flash, of course. Oh and let's now not forget Daredevil, what a random bit of amazement. Nobody expected that to be so bloody brilliant, but it was. I LOVE me some Game of Thrones. I am finally trying Stargate: Universe, I'm also watching Bones, finished Season 4 before I touched on Game of Thrones and after that I'll be seeing what this Arrow business is all about. I'm very much a scifi nut, run me off some examples of Scifi TV shows from across the decades and I'll be a lover of it. Star Trek (all of them pretty much) Angel and Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, A Team, Airwolf, Farscape, Buffy, Firefly, Red Dwarf, CSI Miami, Babylon 5, I think my two TV favourites are B5 and Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. I love those to pieces. They're constantly on my Ipod and I adore them.
Oh my god and Archer, so hilarious. Because of this I want to change my name to Sterling Archer. I've not yet really touched on Breaking Bad, this WILL occur but Game of Thrones I simply cannot get enough of.

Theatre Shows:
I am not embarrassed to admit I love musicals too, both in theatre and in movies. I'm still miffed I missed out on Bombay Dreams (I have a love for the fashion and costume of Bollywood) I asked for tickets for my 23rd birthday, I never fricking got them. grrrrrr!!!

I'm a hooooge fan of action films, I don't mind holding my hand to my heart and saying I love Steven Seagal movies (please don't hold that against me, they're mostly awful but SS is the MAN. He and his words got me through some tough times as a teenager. Learning how to deal with Duschebags, yes I have studied a Martial Art or two in my time, but never to levels where I can be proud of any achievements. There is still time though. I would say my favourite Martial Artists are Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa and Donnie Yen though.

World cinema too I can't get enough of, loved it since I was a child, well since I could read subtitles. I remember watching 'Betty Blue' when I was 13, on TV. My first proper sex scene. Awwww to be a teenager again.

Oh and The Story of 'O' had a profound effect on me. 50 Shades of Grey has nothing on this film and is, in itself, complete shite. The Story of 'O' is fantastic. a regular watch now.

Other favourite movies would be: Blade 2 (which I've seen more than 56 times - I had to analyse it for a college project), Brotherhood of the Wolf, All Alien and Predator films, All Arnie films that aren't a comedy, even a few that are, but they're not ARNIE!!! films, Serenity, Drop Zone, Equilibrium, All Steven Seagal Films, The Goonies, All James Bond films, The Relic, Event Horizon, Bollywood films, the Expendables. I have so many favourites.. Ooh I almost forgot. BIG, with Tom Hanks. he's my all time favourite actor. All the Die hard movies, I'll tolerate Die Hard 4.0, and Die Hard 5 DOES NOW EXIST. The Blade movies, all Wesley Snipes movies in fact. All Jean Claude Van Damme films. I reckon the 90s action movies have a little something over films from this decade, although these days they tend to me a rad more 'epic'. Transformers I liked But they weren't terrific. Pacific Rim I really enjoyed. Any geeky comic movies I adore, Avengers ROCKED! I actually really enjoyed Iron Man 3, as I wanted to but I became aware of what they had done to the Mandarin (spoiler alert) so I deliberately missed seeing it in the cinema. I watched it on Dvd and while I was still very critical of it, I did really enjoy it. I'm not a massive fan of comedy films, I'm picky. I hated the hangover, I just did not find it funny, yet Anchorman I loved and I quote from it on occasion. I want more opportunities to do so.

Plus, Labyrinth, The Breakfast Club, Princess Bride, Full Metal Jacket, Disney Movies (the old ones - pre 2000). Spaceballs, Ghostbusters 48 Hours, Hook, White Men Can't Jump, Weird Science, Scarface, Caddyshack (and anything else with Chevy Chase and/or Rodney Dangerfield - the clowns, what can I say), but Bill Murray... What a legend. Alien (the whole damn saga), Predator (all of them).

Viva Pinata, Skyrim, Assassins Creed (ALL of them), Gears of War, The Darkness, Legend of Zelda (ALL of them), Pikmin (all 3 of them), Killer Instinct, Sleeping Dogs ( I played this and loved it, GTA5 - played it, hated it, it's just far too slow. I also played GTA4 and hated that. I'm just not a GTA person), Project Gotham Racing (I played and beat Forza 3 and 4 and I will be getting 5, I miss PGR), Split/Second, Castlevani Lords of Shadow, Darksiders 1 and 2, Mirrors Edge, Mass Effect 1 and 2, RAGE, PURE, Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, to name a plethora.

As far as food goes I am a real Seafood fan. I've tried Shark and loved it. Once in France my Mum and stepdad as well as myself had a 'fruit-de-la-mer' platter (Fruits of the Sea - A myriad of shellfish, including whelks, winkles, muscles, razor-fish, Scallops, Langoustines, Shrimp, a whole crab and 8 Oysters to a platter). My Mum had 1 Oyster and left the rest, as did my Stepdad. I ate all my 8 and their combined left overs of 14. That night they each had a very bad turn due to 'one' Oyster, and I.... I patted my stomach of Iron. Awwww my Precious. !!!!

I also enjoy Chinese and Thai food. I'm less fond of Indian food. I can do a curry but for me it's the wrong spice set, I don't find it as tasty as Chinese or Thai. I really dig cheese too. I'm discovering new cheeses all the time and adding them to my favourite list. Plus I love Italian, all forms.

However I hate egg with a passion, yet I'll accept a egg poached with a little truffle oil; I think I have a phobia for Bananas yet I love Banana Nesquik, and I will never lick yoghurt off your boobs, so please don't ask, even the way yoghurt is spelt implies that it requires throwing it up just to pronounce it properly. Who'd have thunk it.

I adore Steak sandwiches but I have a high standard of them. I went with a best friend to Cocoa a Cadbury's Restaurant in Bluewater and she had the Steak Sandwich, I had a tempura of King Prawns. I tried just enough of her Steak sandwich to realise I'd made the wrong choice. I now want to go back in time and re-order that Sandwich. Never mind killing Hitler. I wanna invent a time machine, just for that Sandwich.

Also, if you're looking to find the very best Chicken Burger/sandwich on this planet, then you'll wanna head to Brighton and the Terraces restaurant above the Sealife Centre. You wanna order the Sesame Chicken Burger. It's soooooo good. The garnish is a pickled gherkin. I used a knife and fork with it and it's a frickin burger. I cut a little piece of gherkin off (it was butterflied already but ...) and put the bite sized chunk of burger in my mouth.... My mouth orgasmed, then followed by my face and then my stomach may have followed. It was beautiful.

Well, first of all I have to state, I am a bit of a Eurovision lover, yeah apologies in advance.
I think the song which sums me up the best is ...To Be Loved by Papa Roach.
I'm a hoooooge long time fan of Scooter. I discovered them in 1998 and I have bought all their albums or downloaded them. Otherwise, here are some of my Ipod favourites:

Two Steps to Hell. Thomas Bergersen, Papa Roach, The 1975, Poets f the Fall, Rooster, Saliva, Faifthless, Adelita's Way, Goo Goo Dolls, Paul Van Dyk, DMX, Noah & The Whale, Katy B, Alexis Jordan, Super Eurobeat ( Japanese EuroDance, various artists - Google or Itunes it, I think you'll be surprised), Brian Eno, In Flames, Nightwish, Uncle Kracker, Rick Astley, Phil Collins, Anamanaguchi, Eiffel 65, Disturbed, Michael Buble, Sash, Marc Cohn, Sunscreem, Fort Minor, Dragonforce, the list just goes on and on and it jumps genres too. And I have now discovered K-Pop. I have to say I'm a convert.

My favourite comedians are Eddie Izzard, Russell Howard, Bill Bailey, Dara O’Briain, Ross Noble to make a few. I love all the classic and usual comedies, Blackadder, Bottom, Family Guy, American Dad, Fawlty Towers, Big Bang Theory, Bottom, Red Dwarf (I AM a boy from the Dwarf, I do a good impression of Krighton).
Six things I could never do without
Besides the obvious things like my wallet and Phone, my friends and family (cos we're all gonna include them), I would say... in no particular order...

1) My podcasts, I'm an avid listener of gaming podcasts. I usually listen to these during what I call 'Me' time, either at Starbucks or any of the other coffee houses, over a latte and a panini... Okay and maybe a cake as well. I also listen to them in bulk when I'm doing my artwork.

2) Facebook & Twitter. I love spreading my sensual tendrils out across the Web (I market a couple of Websites, pages and businesses - including my own little side-project ~Soft Strokes~). FB and Twitter are essential for spreading the word and the name;

3) Silk, Silk Scarves, and satin;

4) Tea (Earl or Lady Grey or any decent breakfast Tea, none of this Lapsang Souchong shit) Would someone please mass produce a Lime infused Tea;

5) My bed;

6) Video games/games, My Xbox 360/One. And the entire concept and lovely execution of Legend of Zelda (all of them);

7) Yes I'm throwing in a 7th cos I get of on challenging attitudes, Netflix. I have an addiction to that.

8) To hell with it, 8... Paper. I'm an artist. Paper is the most basic of canvases yet essential, the question should be after reading this, would you like to be my next canvas. And my Mechanical Pencil.

9) Ahhh Heck, I'm such a rebel. Cuddles. I LOVE cuddles, They make the world go round, touching, caressing, that game you play when you write a word or draw a picture in your partner's back with your finger and they have to guess what it is. So many times I have asked them to repeat themselves. ;)

10) ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

11) Ahhhhh yeahhhh....and Kink.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sensuality and Fetish, Fashion and Appearance, a message behind an outfit. I look at the small details in an image, both flat and 3 Dimensional. I also love BDSM and it's something that constantly goes around my head each and every hour. I'm a sensual dominant with a penchant for aftercare.

How amazingly better women are at expressing their true nature than men are. For a feminist, something which emphasises equality Men who have Dominant and Strict personalities, thinking they would make a decent Dominant, really piss me off. And here's why:

I think about how much I hate the term "celebrity". People who seem so be everywhere yet have no talent other than to annoy. Is this their legacy to the generation and it grinds my gears?

Also I think about sex a heck of a lot. This I think is gonna be a popular answer in most. Sex is Gggggggrrrreeeaaaaaat. Just not with Tony The Tiger cos you'd never quite know if he was genuinely complimenting you or not. And especially for the reasons that a tiger, and...... that..... his name is Tony... with a 'y'... and not...... an 'i'. In addition, I like my partners to be animated while with me, but not quite THAT animated. Haha. I think sexuality, I talk sexuality, I breathe sexuality. Yet having sex is something that I will only do when it's right.

I think about the Cosmos in general. I love Science Fiction and I think Outer Space is a truly wonderful concept I've often dreamed about. The fact, we quite simply cannot be alone.

Babylon 5 quotes, speeches and why it's okay to cry in front of superb acting under heavy prosthetic make-up.

If I rubbed my wrist with vanilla extract would I build up the worst craving for cake the universe was never prepared for.




Concept Art,

Just where in the Canon of all things does my current Vampire Assassin outfit belong, in what comic or game, in what time... or am I making something utterly new that demands it's own character, story and universe. It will harken to Red Hood, a la Batman and Vincent from FFVII, a little Assassins Creed too yet have a dark Steampunk vibe to it. I'm customising the trousers right now. Removing some metal D Rings and sewing some silk down the leg, red silk too.
On a typical Friday night I am
I put my feet up and get cosy, a single bottle of beer (no more) or a tall mug of tea. talking to friends (all at Uni across the country) and watching TV or a DVD. I work till late on a Friday, so I've not gone out clubbing etc or pubbing it on a Friday in years. It's always been a Saturday. I want this to change so much, hopefully I can start attending the Torture Garden real soon.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well, I've mentioned this in part further up, but I guess I also want to add a few more other things:

1) I have, or rather I feel, something known as ASMR, (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Google it if you wish or Wikipedia it, better still, stick it on youtube and you'll get a very good idea of what I feel... This is something that can make me putty in any girl's hands. If you are softly spoken, or you are able to whisper well, you're very expressive with your hands and are very touchy feely, you have the power to shut me down, make me shiver, shudder and tingle all over. If this is new to you and you're thinking, "WTF" this may persuade you further

2) Again with the fetish front. I also have a fetish for Kleenex Tissues...... (only white for some reason). Yeah I know what you're thinking. it's a rare one I'm sure you'd agree. But it's nothing harmful, just for their soft, smooth gorgeousness. It's nothing icky or gross. On some of the Kleenex Ultra Soft boxes now, they say "Touch Me, I'm Gorgeous" on them. It's all very sensual.

The tissue fetish is harmless, quirky and also has Bondage applications too, plus... it's pretty cheap and easy to come by. If you'd like to know more then you may want to read the article I wrote about it... see what you think...

'The Adventures of a Kleenex Kid' -

3) 5 years ago, pretty much, I scored 80% in a Health & Safety in BDSM exam as I was going to be training as a Master at a Fetish Club in Milton Keynes. yet that dream didn't come true due to the Mistress who owned the club taking her wares... elsewhere. Apparently Britain aren't yet as accepting of their kinky sides as much as those in other foreign climbs. I never thought I'd say this but I have a great respect for Germany leading the way in Europe in so many fields and we could all learn a thing or two from them. See, I can say that now and I'm sure the majority would agree with me.

But 80%... I was well chuffed.

And 4) I used to be nicknamed 'Fluffy' and I really don't mind if that returned.

I'll drop a fifth... 5) I am on FL and my username is SilkenAssassin (I wanted to change my user handle on here to the same but you have to pay for that, tsk)

Also, not a private thing, but, I have a real guilty pleasure for Septum piercings in a partner. Not essential of course, just something I've recently seen.
You should message me if
First of all, please don't use text speak, I'm a writer so I'm pretty anal on the type of wording used. With autocorrect grammar has become rather hit or miss for some people, I'm relaxed about this as autocorrect constantly annoys but it's not going away. But please don't message with "hi how r u" or anything of the like.

Sorry, mini rant over...

If you consider yourself a different kind of thinker to the norm, perhaps you have considered or reconsidered what you find pleasurable, maybe you have a subservient side or a side that most think crazy out 'out there'.

If you're poly, bisexual, queer, or feel strongly about the crappy little box that society prepared for us then you and I will get on just great.

If you LOVE silk as much as me. Or wear it in any way.

I am not an average easy guy, I'm not looking for sex, I am not looking for fun, or a quickie. I am looking for a serious partner. Who takes their sexuality seriously also. Someone who is very sexual themselves. Someone who loves to laugh, a lover of random. A geek, a comic and/or scifi lover.

If you are someone who is looking for a partner who can emotionally care and support you, be that missing ingredient in your life, a life partner, a best friend. A Rock, an anchor. I am soft, yet firm, passionate yet easy, Influential yet not controlling. And I will never seek to do so, only encourage, praise, support, love, care, protect.

I am a dominant looking for a submissive, but if you are anything but submissive in other aspects of your life that is very cool. I'll take you anyway I can get you as long as you are serious and accepting of who you are, I respect all for who and what you are and would dare not change anybody, but I think in my heart of hearts I'd like to go out with a 'nice', 'pleasant' woman who is acknowledging of her softness or uniqueness. If you are seeking to be somebody's 'Number One' then that is exactly how I'll treat you.

If you are between 22 and.... welllllll, 45. I have dated older women before. If you live in London or Kent. Plus if you wear Silk Scarves in day to day activities, shopping etc, or are the kinky type. interested in trying new things or are soft natured, although that's not drastically important.

Also, if you're French (yes close to London or Kent) or can speak French fluently. I ADORE the French accent. J'adore La Francais.. in advance, I apologise. Haha.

But like I say, if you are not any of these then I would deem myself very lucky and honoured to be a part of your life, as well as your partner.

Oh and one final thing. I will message you if I feel we would be compatible yet please don't assume I'll message first. I enjoy being chivalrous and being a gent. I'm a very modern gent, not the old fashioned type. But I don't make a habit of shoving my profile in your face as I'm sure you'll agree it's not of the norm. If you think we would be compatible, please at least send me a dinky message showing me you've read my profile as I am here for the real deal. Don't be shy. I reply to everybody, it's just rude not to. So if you feel we'd get along, please let me know.

Oh and a P.p.p.p.s, when dating I do like to pay for things and semi-spoil someone at the right times with the right gifts and gestures (heck, don't we all....? That was rhetorical) but ideally going 'Dutch' is something that should be encouraged in young and stable relationships. And it's been the way with me for as long as I can remember. I do want a companion in life and respect comes at the start of any and every association with me.
The two of us