33Auckland, New Zealand
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My self-summary
Take notes, there will be a test on this later

I role play a chauvinist, but am secretly a gentleman. So I'm as likely to kiss your hand, as I am to slap your ass and demand you make me a sammich. For future reference: peanut butter and nutella

I'm highly spiritual, but not particularly religious. Paganism most fits my beliefs )O(

I prefer pirates to ninjas. Yarrr! avast me buxom beauty, prepare to be boarded!

Sensually I enjoy cuddles, baths and massage. Though not necessarily in that order

I love anime and old cartoons, they don't make em like they used to! ducktales whooo

I potentially have pyromaniac tenancies, as I greatly enjoy watching an open fire. Preferably cuddled up with someone at the time, or with a cat if no young attractive females are available

musically I'm mostly into rock and metal, but like little bits of most genres. Including filk, which no one has heard of, ever. I also enjoy old love songs like Toni Braxton

while greatly enjoying the theatre, i don't get time to go as much as I would like

On occasion I like to buy gifts and dinner. I feel its a romantic thing to do. However, this doesn't mean it can be expected, since then it gets taken for granted. And i like gifts too!

It seems kinda creepy to be on a site like this, especially looking at some of the other profiles, or worse, the messages i receive. However, meeting someone from my social circle is a tad too restrictive. Random girls from clubs tend to be low quality. I could leave meeting someone up to fate, but fortune favors the bold

I've never been able to put into words how I feel about relationships, here are some quotes that come close:

sex and love aren't the same thing. but love and friendship are so close you can't have love without having friendship

often, one can be in love with who they think someone is, while being blinded by their own desires. and just as often, instead of being in love with a lover, one is in love with love

a joining is a partnership, not two people becoming one. two minds cannot fuse, two souls cannot merge, two hearts cannot keep to the same time. if two are foolish enough to try this, one must overwhelm the other, and that is not love, nor is it compassion, nor responsibility. you are two who choose to walk the same path, to bridge the differences between you with love. you must remember and respect those differences and learn to understand them, for they are part of what you have come to love in the first place

its not that i want someone who loves me unconditionally, its that they know the worst things about me and love me anyway
You should message me if
The following may sound harsh, but i'm more flexible than I will appear in print. Its easier to say what i don't want, since what I do want varies and we often don't know until we find it


self esteem issues - girls who feel they're not good enough for me, or don't deserve love & try to sabotage the relationship

financially dependent - you don't necessarily need to have a job, but if your rent is overdue and you're looking for a man to solve your financial problems. move on to the next profile

replacement daddy - I don't mind if you have kids, I look forward to having some myself one day, and I think most are absolutely adorable. However, anything between us should be for its own sake. Not because you want to grab the first semi-normal male to be a father figure

substance abuse - I prefer non-smokers, but am flexible on that. Drinking is okay as long as its not done to excess, as is drugs if its something minor and taken infrequent. Anything intravenous is an immediate deal breaker

death and disease - if you have anything contagious, let me know in your initial message as there is some flexibility here

one-night stands - no slut, that's a bad slut! in the actually-bad-slut-meaning. Sex gets better the more you know your partner. If a person is worth sleeping with once, they're generally worth sleeping with repeatedly

A sexual prude - If you believe foreplay means half an hour of begging, then this may apply to you! Don't get me wrong, I have no requirement for too much or too little sexual experience. A virgin is fine (and has no bad habits to unlearn, whoo!) and an insatiable minx is great too. All that's needed is a willingness for some variety to keep things fun

sex workers - nothing personal, but those in your industry tend to have too much baggage, and are too high risk of catching something

looks alone - I've met more than a few women who, although they had great exteriors, were hollow on the inside. If all you have to offer is attractive arm-candy, you can be replaced with a wrist-watch, and it's less maintenance!

lack of communication - any problems in a relationship which are not fixed will come out in other ways. If you do not have the courage to bring up issues and talk about them civilly, even if you think I won't like what you have to talk about, then no thank you. I have no desire to play guessing games of why you're sulking and upset

damaged goods - After enough heartache, people start to make rules for relationships and hide behind barriers to prevent being hurt again. I cannot know the real you if you're hiding who you are, and I do not want a false relationship with who you think I want you to be

if none of the above applies, then I would love to hear from you :)
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