35Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
I'll start by saying I am a simple yet complex person, always there with an easy smile. I'm very honest in my intentions towards all people. I am looking for people to spend time with and have fun, however you choose to define it.

I believe in living a life without any regrets, of seizing the moment, of doing all that your heart desires.

I may be a little bit shy at first, but if I like you then watch me just let loose! I enjoy a good laugh, oftentimes with a darker twist to it ;)

I am a person who just loves to learn more about others, about what they do, on any and all topics. I want to be a student of the world, taking lessons from every thing, person and experience that comes my way.

I'm looking for something casual, friends, to just be able to go out - There are so many places still waiting to be discovered, especially when travelling to new places. I want to spend as much time out in the world as I can, and it's all that much better to have someone to do it with, to be silly and completely and utterly random with.

What I’m doing with my life
I've mostly been a support and systems engineer in the high tech sector. My experience so far has exposed me to some pretty interesting projects - Video surveillance, physical access security, GPS-based service enhancements to public transit... the list goes on. It's what keeps me interested and going into work every morning!

Outside of work, well... I'm just living my life, spending time with my lovely family. Often hectic, sometimes not, but always just being the best I can be, whether it be grabbing coffee, movies,comedy clubs... If you've got anything you want or need to do I'm always up to going along. I'm open to trying anything once, if only to know if I want to do it twice.
I’m really good at
I am a great listener, and have made many friends through just being able to be there for them, help them out in any way I can.

When it comes to my friends, I truly give people I care about my all (and even more so for the one who holds my heart). So I don't know if any of that constitutes a talent, but there you go.

I'm truly a jack of all trades when it comes down to it, infinitely adaptable and knowledgeable, with enough random data to always have a clue what's going on around me, always wanting to build upon what I do know.
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably that I may seem a bit quiet usually... but then again I easily open up and can't shut up once I get comfortable with you :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies:I'm tired of trying to keep this list updated with new releases and forgotten classics -_- My movie tastes are quite diverse and I have plenty of favorites that I will gladly share with anyone that cares to hear about them :)
I must put a special TV mention for Person of Interest , which is quite a phenomenal show once you look past its procedural coating. Shame it ended when it did.

Books:I've been an avid reader since... always. Ever since I learned to read at the tender age of 3, I've read everything from epic serial novels to the back of so many cereal boxes. I can't say I have a "favorite" book, and enjoy fiction and non-fiction alike, from thrillers and mysteries to family/life dramas and inspirational slices of life. As of late my reading has been more on the "light" side of the spectrum with some faves being: Stephen King (11/22/63 was great), Harry Potter, Hitchikers Guide To the Galaxy series, Neil Gaiman...

Music: My musical tastes have been quite eclectic from always. I'll admit to finding some of the mainstream stuff quite catchy sometimes, though there are others which make me want to gag. I listen to pretty much most styles, save heavy metal and some hard rock, and country. The rest is pretty much fine, if I find it good anyways (I can only take so much rap).

Six things I could never do without
Here's an oh-so-very accurate list of things I *really* could not do without. This list hasn't been updated in a while though - go go minor edits:

1. <<redacted: classified>>

2. My legions of adoring fans that follow my every step, mimic my every action. (This one may not be quite true. Shocking.)

3. Books. I love to read books.

4. Stimulating conversation and interpersonal relationships

5. Down-time filler, (Some TV, Video Games).
EDIT: While I still enjoy games, I sadly don't have nearly as much time for the ones that used to be here.

6. My darling daughters
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I've always been very interested in the various issues pertaining to sex, gender and relationships and everything in between: Polyamorous vs Monogamous, Kink, BDSM and Vanilla, Love and Sex... and more to the point, how they relate to me, to my life, to my Jewish identity and what place they will take, how much am I willing to compromise on them, and would I even be able to do so? I truly find all those topics fascinating to discuss and would love to find more people to chat about those things with.

I have an incredibly erratic thought pattern sure to confuse the most diligent of readers, but I have a tendency to over-think most of the time to be truthful, about Life, The Universe, and Everything and what The Question really is. So if ever you want to talk about anything, I'll always be up for it :)

... Really though, you are more than invited to pick my brain on any subject that fascinates you, odds are I may have something to say about it!
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have little to hide, but I'll keep this to myself for now :)
You should message me if
Feel free to IM if you want to randomly chat, if I'm lingering on I'm usually open to that.

... You want to compliment me, find me cute, find me revolting, think I'm the worst person on earth and want to let me know, want to get to know me, want to make my life a living hell, or heaven on earth, want to be friends, or anything else.

...You are looking for someone who enjoys a good laugh, interesting conversation and are interested in a guy whose not afraid to say whats on his mind, says what he feels and knows how to treat those he cares for like no one else in the world exists.

...You should also message me if you only want to hang out, have coffee, explore the hidden corners of your city... I simply want to meet people and let things happen as they will.

I'll answer everyone, providing you are a real person - That means you Mr. Nigerian Scammer and Fake Hot Cam Girl.
The two of us