28Sun Valley, United States
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My self-summary
I am decent at tennis. Feel free to message me if you are interested in playing tennis. I follow the professional tennis scene (ATP), and like to watch the Grand Slams on television. Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka are two of my favorite men's tennis players to watch. I also watch other sports including American football, basketball, baseball, and soccer (futbol). I don't think I have ever been to a MLS game.

I have an unusual work schedule. I work Tuesday to Saturday. So Sunday and Monday are my days off.

I am quiet in group conversations. I am a lot more talkative in one on one conversations and I think I have something unique and interesting to bring to the table. I can be pretty weird at times and blurt out random/odd things with perfect timing. I would describe my humor as somewhat dark. Some people say that I am also snarky, since I tend to make jokes at my friends' expense, but it's all in good fun.

I also do have a significant hearing loss, so I have to ask people to speak up. For example, if a person has a naturally clear and relatively loud voice, then I will have a much easier time understanding that person than someone with a much quieter voice.

Sometimes, I will pretend to understand what a person has said by saying yes or no, rather than asking them to repeat themselves. This can lead to an awkward conversation if their question isn't something that can be answered with a yes or no statement. All that being said, patience when talking with me is definitely something that I have come to appreciate. I know that I am not going to hear everything a person says 100 percent of the time. This is especially true in loud and crowded environments, where my hearing aids amplify all of the noise around me and not just the person speaking.

I do wear behind the ear (bte) hearing aids, which are fairly visible. I don't think I am too self-conscious about wearing them. People tell me that that I have a excellent command of the English language, considering my hearing loss.

I am pretty dense when it comes to telling if a woman has an interest in me. I can't read minds and I am not really good at reading facial cues/expressions. A woman would have to punch me in the face for me to get the hint...(please don't punch me).
What I’m doing with my life
I am looking to make new connections/friends. I find that I tend to stay within a social bubble and don't really take risks/put myself out there to meet new people.

I want to say that I am trying to strive for something better with my life, but sometimes I get complacent at times with what I have. It can be hard to find that motivation to try new things.

I will admit that my knowledge of the scripture/bible is not as potent as I would like it to be. I am always learning new things whenever I read the bible and approach Christianity with humility.
I’m really good at
Writing, editing, reading, and analyzing information. Being able to understand other people's point of view. Patience and tolerance of others. I think I have a lot of empathy for others as well, considering I have a disability myself.
The first things people usually notice about me
I wear hearing aids and am pretty quiet in group conversations. Sometimes it's hard to hear what others are saying when there is a lot of background noise. People then ask me if I am bored (I guess I have that expression on my face lol).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, A Wrinkle in Time, and any book that contains science fiction. Read the first two Hunger Games books.
Movies: The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Star Wars (some of them).
Tv Shows: Supernatural (this show is still going on!), Jericho (It was good while it lasted), Breaking Bad, Suits, MasterChef, Naked and Afraid, Dual Survivor, Game of Thrones, The Leftovers, The Flash.
Music: Don't have a favorite band, but Coldplay and Five for Fighting are pretty good. With music, I don't really understand the lyrics, so I am more into the music and the beat than what is being said.
Food: I don't have a favorite type of food, but I am willing to eat almost anything except olives. Please don't ask me to eat olives (except MAYBE on pizza). When I walk into a grocery store and I see olives in a jar, it looks like some mad scientist with his collection of human organs. Gross.
Six things I could never do without
1. Sports
2. The Outdoors
3. Television (with closed captions or subtitles)
4. Friends
5. Church
6. Food
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what it would be like to be a professional tennis player. I think it would be nice if I was ranked in the top 50, I could go to tournaments all over the world. If I was ranked outside the top 100, then it would be a tough living.

what it would be like if two percent of the world's population suddenly disappeared. How would the world deal with the loss?

what it would be like if suddenly I had the powers/abilities of Superman...Would I try to stay anonymous or reveal myself to the world? How would this affect relations between different countries, knowing that a U.S. citizen is now the most powerful human being on the planet?
On a typical Friday night I am
hanging out with friends and working.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I get really excited whenever Roger Federer plays tennis on television. He is my favorite tennis player and athlete in general.
You should message me if
Feel free to send me a message if you are interested or have any questions about me or my hearing loss!
The two of us