42 Guildford, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I am a world traveller that has seen and experienced a lot, really, an awful lot. I left home at a young age, travelled the world, then went and joined the army and saw the bits I missed the first time round. I have worked abroad most of my life and travelled the world over before doing the whole career thing, that said I have still to visit the area commonly known as South East Asia, including Australasia, need to correct this over the coming years.

I am now 40 years of age and cutting back on work a bit. I am into many things; snowboarding, rock climbing, paintball, film. I am an adventurous person and love to experience life. I enjoy music and reading over just about anything else (save riding my board on a crisp day with a new snow fall) and have a wide ranging and eclectic taste in both areas. I have lots left to explore in this world and am looking to share that with someone special. Experiences are great but they are sooo much better when you can share them with someone.

I have a son from a pervious relationship and very much enjoy being a dad to him. We spend most weekends together and so if that is an issue then cry off early. He is a truly lovely boy whom I love spending time with.

I am Mentally Resilient, Adventurous, and Playful
What I’m doing with my life
I travel for work around the world but these days it is usually no further then Africa or the Middle East and normally in Europe. Based in the UK these days and about to move into my new cottage on the outskirts of civilization, or so the hone company seem to think. Looking to meet new interesting people to interact with and hopefully to find that special person to be with for a long time to come.
I’m really good at
Lots of things, you ask and I will tell you. I love to snowboard (qualified instructor), I love to rock climb (qualified instructor), I am not a fan of work but seem to do pretty well at it! I like to meet new people but if you are boring I will avoid you in the future. I watch a lot of films and am happy to criticise the ones I do not enjoy but can find no fault with those I like. Good at getting things done so that they can be forgotten about and life got on with.

Well that covers a few areas, ask if you want to know more.
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, a little under 6’4”, and my loud nature. Well from past experience those are the things most people comment on when they get to know me. I like to think that people notice that I am a thinker (although a little gullible at times) and fairly intelligent (although I cannot spell to save my life, I have that 'dogsleksiya' thing going for me, so, no Scrabble competitions any time soon). I should imagine that my previous experiences from around the world are then pretty close on the heels of the height thing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lots and lots and lots of these.

Books, they wrote ‘em, I read ‘em. That said, I think I enjoy epic fantasy and science fiction along with history the most. The one thing I do not enjoy is poetry, of any kind. I have tried many types and now know with a certainty that I cannot read reams and reams of poetry, pity really, I always wanted to get through the Iliad but it is not going to happen in this life time.

A quick aside, I love the Tolkien books, all of them, in fact the Lord of the Rings are one of my most favourite series ever written. I can wax lyrical about why I like them but am not too much of a geek about it, I have just formed opinions and can tell you why I like them if you should be so foolish as to ask. That said I really dislike the films by the New Zealander, so a night staying in to watch all the films back to back would be some form of cruel and unusual torture. I can also wax lyrical about why I dislike the films, no mindless hate here I assure you, cognitive reasoned hatred only! Rant over, on with the profile.

Films and Music love, love, love. I do not drink, smoke or enjoy going out to clubs (what do you do?), so all my money over the years has been spent on music and film. I have about 4,500 albums and loved most of them at some point in time. My tastes vary with mood and ranges across the styles and eras of the countries I have visited. As with the books though, there is an exception looming, JAZZ! I have probably 50,000 plus tracks on CD and only one Jazz track that I like, ‘Sinner Man’ by Nina Simmone, there has to be something to that. Maybe you can suggest another jazz track that I might like, that would be pretty special!

Food, love Chinese (English Chinese as opposed to Chinese Chinese food), Indian (the real stuff as well as the English version), Thai, Pizza and English (yes we have our own style of cuisine despite what others may say). I love simple foodstuffs and there is nothing better in the world than quick raid of my own fridge and steak with not much else added to make for a perfect meal.
The six things I could never do without
Not in order of preference;

1. Book Shops. 2. Pizza. 3. Amazon. 4. Music Shops. 5. The Cinema. 6. Good Friends to share life with.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Currently the main thing I think about is work, bit sad but true. Hopefully that will not be for much longer. What I want to spend most of my time thinking about is leisure. I plan on spending a lot of time thinking about snowboarding, I love the mountains and the joy of flying down them on a waxed piece of wood. I used to think about which adventure sport to try next but I think I have been through the bulk of them and now settled on the best for me. I would like to spend time thinking about my partner and their wants but I need one of those first.
On a typical Friday night I am
Looking to relax from the week and preparing for the weekend ahead.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wow, I do not even know you yet and things are getting pretty personal. Let us see how things go before i start opening up like that!
You should message me if
You should have your own life and would want to continue to lead it after you meet me. You are interested in a man who is well travelled and only a little cynical about the place we all inhabit. You want an adventurous person to try new things with (no, no, not just the bedroom) and to travel to far off places. If you want someone who will give you room to be yourself but will support you in your endeavours and who expects the same in reverse then send me a message. Despite what others may think I do believe that you can meet the right person on the internet. That said, even without finding that special person you can at the very least make some new friends along the way.