41Härnösand, Sweden
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My self-summary
I am polyamorous, open-minded, and happy -
English beneath - Do scroll!

Hej Danskere ;)

Hvad kaj jeg så skrive på vores kære modersmål som du ikke allerede ved om mig? Enhver dansker med mindste intention om at finde denne side kan jo også læse engelsk ... Hvis nu det ikke er tilfældet så får du lige smøren her:
POLY = Nej jeg er ikke den eneste ene, er kun til flere = Rullesten (jeg har ikke nok i en)
Bi = Jeg er ligeglad med dit køn.
Glad = Siger sig selv, men for prins knud, jeg er rå optimist
Frisindet = Jeg er dybt ligeglad med voldsomt meget og tolererer megen ualmindelig væren og gøren.
Direkte = Det jeg vil have er intimitet, besøg hos hinanden, mad og vin, sove sammen hvis vi begge har lyst og måske fysisk intimitet (uden nogle knuset hjerter og eller flossede følelser!)

Og så den lille detalje som kan komme bag på nogle ... Når jeg taler om at sove med nogle så mener jeg sove sove og ikke dyrke kønsorgan kontakt, uden nosser nok til at kalde sex for sex og melde rent ud hvis det var hvad jeg ville have fra dig.

Hvis du stadig ikke er skræmt væk så fortsæt til mobilnummeret (godt gemt nede i en stor blok information) og tag kontakt...

Due to the vast majority of English people on this site and the fact that I find it nice, I'll write in English, forgive my spelling (improved by spell checker) and grammar as this is not my first language.

If you are looking for entertaining stuff jump to the "most private I'm willing to admit here" or pull a WTF report on me, I auto accept! at least I always find those fun to read. And if you don't like reading, stop now!

I'm strong ... to me that means detached from capability of being hurt by anyone not deliberately trying to do so (and very often not even then). Why? Because:
1) you don't know me, how should you ever be able to find out what's sensitive to me without knowing me?
2) I mental work and getting rid of negative emotions is a job I take pride in (and I'm good at it).
3) In case you really find out how I'm vulnerable, and is mean enough to attempt offending me ... I'll just laugh of us and the situation - If ever you reach this point I'm quite sure if you look in my eyes it will be care and love and laughter you will see.

I'm Simon Damkjær Hazard an open-minded guy, open for love and friendship when it comes my way, casual sex may be - We will see about that - ... but love, intimacy and friendship indeed. Being loved is what I like and want from those around me, in the form that brings most joy and pleasure. (as I don't "start" and "end" relationships in a conventional way ask in case you would like to share details).

I run my relationships and friendships like this: We are together (which includes interchanging thoughts, mails, sms, occasionally phone calls and so on) because time is more pleasant with each other than on our own, so if I judge it is better for mutual happiness/pleasure that we be apart, I will make it so. (I have the full capability of being independent, and I'm not hesitant about being so.) In this regard I'm have been a little rough in the past. I have always attempted to take difficult decisions with the minimum possible pain to all involved parties though.

I really love cuddling, showering, sleeping close and taking care of my skin and my good mood.

To me being happy is very important, actually so important that I'll would gladly call in ill if I woke up and realised that I was not in a good mood ... which hasn't yet happened in my adult life ...

Also I have this belief that thoughts are the basis of life and energy. I use my thoughts to nurture the child I carry around inside me. It is this child of mine that makes the gentle faces people see me wearing. It makes me feel happy down deep in my belly and generally is the source of many of the positive emotions I experience.

How do I like spending my time? ... That is a good one, with my kid, born 10 of December 2010, I'm online a little though these days I spend more time on my relationships than I sit with my keyboard, I like watching Star Trek inspired series and whatever sci-fi I can get my geek fingers on.

I am educated as an IT-Supporter. I could currently work as independent IT-Geek providing IT-support for small firms and private persons. Truth be told my kid and life in general takes my time so I have not been doing much paid work lately

Apart from being online I like reading cartoons, fantasy novels and studying Esperanto (a language much easier than yours). If you feel like contacting me feel free to send me a mail here, at blindulo at gmail dot com, or track me down through some of the other mentioned information. Know that if you contact me I will get back to you, however it might not be soon (unless you call and reach me) - The way I do internet stuff is like lots of attention till I find it boring and then I cruise to the next adventure on this everlasting web of information, or irl ... more detailed information of how and when I'll get back to you in a box below.

Take care and stay happy - So will I

Sal gekaraj.

Mi nuntempe ne skribos tauxge cxitie sed tamen sxatas uzi la eblezo praktiki mia skribite esperanto.

Nu por legi pri min prefere legu tio cxi: Gxi enhavas kk. informoj pri mi gravaj kaj mia celo estas dividi por ke homoj kio ne legas la aliaj lingvoj devas tro suferi la traregardi da ne kompreneblaj skribagxoj.

Memoru ankaux ke ekis la PS2 tien estas ankaux iom da informoj pri mi (Tien nomas Blindulo )kaj mia logxloko

Gxis venonta renkontigxo ;) - Amike Simono

В моем доме достаточно места и я мог бы принять кого-нибудь в качестве гостя (мужчина/ женщина). Проживание бесплатное взамен на помощь в ведении домашнего хозяйства. Так же я интересуюсь китайским и русским языками и буду рад помощи в изучении. Интимные отношения возможны при вашем желании( я бисексуал), а также возможен совместный ребенок . Но нужно иметь в виду, что я полигамен и могу иметь отношения с несколькими людьми. В данный момент я живу с одной из возлюбленных. Если вы заинтересованы в этом предложении, буду рад пообщаться.


我們可以签署协议, : 您的語言的研究,
以交換居住與我。 然后我們看見那多久可能持續。
What I’m doing with my life
Creating paradise on earth!

Here comes a comment on how I answer the questions on okcupid; When posed a question that is either lacking in responses or off by nature (compared to my way of thinking) like the following one, that is lacking of the 4'th answer possibility; I would not get myself in such a situation!

----------------- Start of OKC question ---------------------------
Is it wrong to sleep in a bed/cuddle with someone who is ‘just a friend’ (but is of the sex you’re interested in) when you’re in an exclusive relationship with someone else?

Yes, it's wrong
No, it's not wrong
Unsure / maybe
----------------- End of OKC question ---------------------------

What I do is;
1) Choose the answer that most fits me, which in this case is "No, it's not wrong"
2) Choose the irrelevant in the "How important is their answer to you?"

And here why;
1) The from my point of view wrong here is to get in the situation in the first place, however if imagine me in the situation this answer is the least wrong/ off from my way of thinking. Now I give the answer at all because people will deselect them self by being restrictive in their way of thinking and our match% go down based on their willingness to accept the question and give it weight in how important my answer is.

2) By choosing irrelevant I don't push a potential match from me, just allows mismatches (in this case monogamous people) to take a step away from me.

Oh no, and this rather high in the text, well - If indeed I'm going to scare you away (I really don't want to, I'm nice and would like more friends on all levels) good to know: As long as we accept the frames of our relationship (= whatever we can agree on) I'm actually both gentle, fun and kind. It's only when we can't agree on how we get along that I seem hard.
I’m really good at
Being happy, listening, not feeling jealousy, sleeping close, cuddling, kissing, using these text-boxes for something other than the original question... 4 comments to follow; 1) about frequency/quality of writing. 2)about my relationships 3)How I love; a picture of how I experience love. 4)A metaphor of how I experience life

1) Here comes a comment on how frequently I stay in touch ... generally I consider myself kind and try to answer ASAP, however it happens that my feelings and my time don't always collide, in that case I write as soon as I can. What matters to me is the tone used when writing and not when (or if) the message gets through. Of course I love interchanging mails, thoughts and ideas. Doing so in a tolerant way matters far more than doing it fast. So now you know, in case I don't answer I'm probably stuck somewhere else on the internet, compiling a Linux kernel, travelling the world with Esperanto, or ... However I have noticed that if few cases I can postpone replying till forgetting and thus not return - This is not intentional and I'd like you to know that I'm not insensitive towards reminders! This means Please remind me that you threw a "postponing" punch (this by email blindulo at gmail dot com , sms +4524298438 , letter:
Simon Hazard
Skörtevägen 3
87153 Härnösand
visit "" or anyhow you can imagine) and tell I'm the one keeping the intimacy level between us from currently reaching as high as possible. Default time after which I appreciate a reminder is 2 weeks. Please inform me if you would like us to change the this frequency - Or if you would like me to poke you after I land a series of stunning Q&A's

2) I have for long been convinced that loving poly amorously is right for me - This means that: I will not be truthfully happy in a relationship where I have to limit my love (physically, mentally or otherwise)! As sex was not (and is not) very important to me, I in error thought that limiting the possibility of it was an option - It was not! Now a divorce and a broken heart later - I learned: No limitation of love is minor in my verse, and you will not be allowed to impose it on me!

If you still are here and reading it means that you intend to get to know me - And that my way of loving have not scared you away so far - So I'll just try a little more to make sure your not only not scared but also patient (*YAWN* (I know, I'll add some humoristic sense on the end of this disclaimer)), as the title above indicated; about my relationships: - Relationships of mine I keep on a strictly voluntary basis, this is a stupid and "aught to be" self explaining comment - however: If you are not into me being loved with freedom to do as I please; We naturally do not include you loving me in the relationship! This does limit it to: pen-palls and friends (with or without benefits), as close as you believe you can get to me without getting burned!

- Hereby said that I find straight mono persons ever as qualifying for my friendship as any other, though generally more dull, boring, ordinary, mundane (this word spoken as "Bestor" of "Babylon 5") , inexperienced, closed-minded ... *laughs* kidding - hope you can take it, I have actually met an entertaining straight person ones ... just don't remember when *LOL*

3) Love; In my world there is 2 ways of loving, and the pictures I'll associate with them are
a) a camp fire, burning hot
b) the sun, seen through lots of parchment (enough to not be visible at start)
- Here is how my metaphor work:

a)... The camp fire, red glowing is radiating heat and wonderful to be around, however it will extinguish if not nurtured, this being with regular supply of new wood (loving attention) - in case it doesn't get new wood it will by itself extinguish and be cold, if nurtured probably it will burn forever.

b)... The sun, when not visible one must know that it is there to look for it at all, then when one does, it is like one scratches a layer of parchment away (gets to know the individual) from the window in between you and the sun, and the light gets slightly brighter, ones the scratching is persistent, the sun becomes clearly visible bright and warming, it does not decay over time, even if not nurtured.

For there not to be any doubt I'm the b) kind of guy.

4) The life experience; I came on this metaphor in a haze of tiredness semi hangover and unwillingness to sleep because present was too interesting with my Esperanto friends. It goes like this: I see for me the world as a huge ball of raw oil, caught by it's own gravity and pulling everything in, liquid earth, up from the tar comes all these fallen angels that have a golden string in their spine, they work them self out of the darkness by pulling the golden string on top of their head, and they can help each other, all angels care for and respect all other angels regardless!!! ... not to get bored they have been given the capability of making fire it just takes two angels, this means that it must be guarded because the ground is flammable, it keeps the angels warm and is the reason the angels strive to get out of the sticky mess they are in, playing with the fire is FUN. Ones an angel is free of the viscous ground it can fly, however this comes with new difficulties because it becomes more dangerous to play fire games with angels that them self can not fly or only fly a little(some angels tear them self loose before being all clear and is thus too heavy with tar/black flammable stuff to fly very far) ... if the fire grows hot the stuck ones will get burned bad.

An explanation:
the angels are the spirits of humans,
the raw oil is all the negative emotions/thoughts/flaws/immaturities of the humans,
the fire is love

And now go easy - In this scenario there is no right and wrong, being in the mess till your neck is ever as correct as being completely free ... remember all free beings care for and respect all other individuals regardless!!! (this can among humans sometimes be easy and sometimes not so easy, to me it's second nature)

The first things people usually notice about me
I'm Almost always smiling and having a spark in my eyes. People notice my laughter - Some notice that I'm occasionally insensitive regarding other individuals' emotions. I'll hit you with information you probably would have died happy without, hard in your face without even noticing that I've offended you. (I'll guess that from the negative tone ones it swells to a level where even I understand)

Off the subject of what you would notice because I don't know much about it ... and onto what I'd like you to know:

I Skype (infrequent) and mail (frequent) as blindulo, it is the Esperanto name for blind one - And I refer to my lack of understanding of visual input (not because I'm actually not capable of walking into doors or getting fast around people in a busy crowd. Just the human emotion part of it has been somehow poorly developed in me). Thus I prefer email and speaking to second guessing some emotion or another.

When I answer questions here on OKCupid I do regard them with humor, and I find these WTF reports quite entertaining too, please try WTF'ing me if you kind of like my text here but wonder why the score is so low - I'll have a laugh too - I can't help that I find racist jokes funny, but I do, it usually counts for 3% damage *LOL*

This seems the perfect place for a little entry on my family tree:

I grew in my mothers belly with my twin brother, that might be why I never actually felt alone ... After being born first (before my twin brother (we were from 2 separate eggs)) child to both father and mother my parents split up (other story),

Mother had 2 children more (my little sister on mom's side and my little brother) with her then husband that already had 2 children with other woman (they are all divorced now).

Father had 1 child (my little sister on fathers side) with a woman from work and later married his (still) wife that has/had 4 children from earlier.
Later Father and wife adopts a pair of twins.

So in between mother and father their current and ex-husbands and wife including the adoption we are 13 more or less siblings.
That is an unusually large family for the country I live in, but hey that is my family!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a, books) That will be any kind of fantasy, last I read Robert Jordan, I'm currently reading David B Coe.
(b, movies) Shawshank redemption, Groundhog day, Butterfly effect
(c, music) ++
(d, foods) morning: coffee - lunch: bread and vegetarian stuff - evening: some vegetarian fast food
(e, games) (Blindulo), turn based strategy of any kind
(f, websites) (Wise thoughts on polyamory )
Six things I could never do without
well ... let's say some things or affairs I consider important:
Love, music, beauty, light, thoughts, computers, physical and mental pleasures including but not limited to: sex and stimulating conversation, tenderness and humans.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Happy thoughts, how to nurture, maintain, and guide them in self sustaining circles. (This is a very crucial part of the being that I am)

Everyone I have intimate relations with!

I'll use some space here to clarify a few of the details given in the check boxes upper right; 1)religion 2)pets 3)sign 4)drugs ... here goes nothing (just to catch up on an eventual non-geek still with me that is a quote from the mother of all games: Scorched Earth)...

1) I believe in a Danish philosopher named Martinus please check for more information in your language, I say I'm laughing about it because I consider laughter important as well as life prolonging, Yeah, I started the study of the Cosmos with a little reading and some questions, however it just "feel" right to me - don't get this wrong I'm a believer, but I do not cheat (read the manual before installing the software), So perhaps when I grow old I'll dwell profoundly into his philosophies. So far, they have given me a lot of pleasure and comfort.

2)Pets, indifferent is missing from the drop down menu. So dislike can rule over like, I choose neutral ... this does not mean that I can't find a pet loyal, or that I find some of them scary, just that I have a great life without. Kind of like with flowers, they are pretty and smell nice but take by far too much attention and thus die, just that the pet start being noisy and smelly instead of dying (wish full thinking *LOL*). Forgive my crude sense of humour - I much believe in treating the animals of our world better. Usually, pets and I get along just fine in mutual toleration.

3)Sign ... I chose funny to think about with my Virgo sign because in my own language virgin and Virgo is the same word, so in a translation I wouldn't lie if I said "I have never had sex" (!= Jeg er jomfru) Otherwise I have no serious relationship to what part of the year I'm born or which year (the Chinese system, a rabbit).

4)Drugs in the "quick questions section" does not include soft drugs.

On a typical Friday night I am
My life currently have little difference in between the day named "Friday" and all the other days - However I spend all my days, thus also Friday, doing what keeps me happy - Sometime seeing friends, sometimes being on line all night, sometimes reading and sometimes working (though only for nice people that will be thankful for the time I spend with them).

And where is the "how do you keep in shape" box? - I used to go a couple of times a week to swimming near my work, enjoying the pleasures of the steam sauna with salt and oil mixture for the skin - I still do this when near Frederiksberg - However I have gained some weight lately and is now soft (80 kg last time on the scale) - My sauna experiences I these days get on Christiania in "Fællesbadet" which is one of the best saunas in my town currently. Weight does not in any way affect my good mood or my general understanding of how my body must be; My body is an advanced tool (my temple) designed to carry my brains around and give me stimulating inputs - It works perfect!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm polyamorous or poly for the ones of you finding people on the search ;), And I shit in the shower (joke if you read enough profiles), I'm not a very private person, I've had sexual intercourse with 39 people so far and of these four were male, I've so far lost two teeth and had root operations on four others, I have no tattoos or piercings, I was born with a missing muscle group from left palm through chest, my left arm is marginally smaller than my right and I've had a skin graft from right crouch to in between left second and third finger where I now grow few pubic hairs, I don't care much what people think about me, when I'm with a male I'm usually passive - when with a female usually active, I've never had a any STD's, intimacy is more important to me than sex ... Actually I don't remember ever lacking any of those two ... now please do ask and chances are that I will tell!
You should message me if
You actually read my profile and believe you could have any kind of friendship/relationship with me - Or you didn't read all of my profile but think you would like to get to know me anyway - And please if you are bright and fun drop me a line for me to check out your profile (that hopefully is lots of fun).

Contact me now!

- Simon
The two of us