38 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Hi there. These profiles are always a challenge as I'm not used to talking about myself. Well, lets start with... I'm a pretty humble, modest, thoughtful, considerate, t shirt and jeans kind of guy from Seattle. I consider myself to be well rounded and grounded. I tend to be a little shy at first but open up when someone takes time to get to know me. I do my best to enjoy every moment life gives me (even the not-so-pleasant ones). This is, in part, because I admire people who own their stories and always consider all parts of their stories just as important as their successes. I tend to look for and surround myself with people who are willing to openly show themselves to each other. The world is so guarded that do I appreciate authenticity so much when I see it.

I'm fairly new to the city and look forward to the discovery ahead of me. I am a fan of letting certain things happen organically. Getting lost in a new place, meeting people, accidently finding a corner of any city that I can claim as "mine," finding good chemistry because everything happens to work together, being surprisingly brought to tears because I heard the most incredible piece of music... I could go on but these are the sorts of things that can't be planned. They also teach me that life continues to unfold itself... as long as I keep paying attention.

A bit more about me. I could talk about hiking, camping, traveling, etc... all things I like to do. Rather than lead with that, I'll just say I like to do them and do them when I can. Yes there is much to be gained from these adventures but so too is there from our daily lives if one takes time absorb the world around them. The super talented street performer on the way to work, the smells of different foods as you dart your way though the crowds, the smile you get when you see someone listening to their ear buds rocking out without a care in the world, or that first sip of coffee in the morning. Yes I exercise and take care of myself AND I sometimes enjoy eating cookie dough ice cream by the pint (oh... and deep dish pizza... its SO good :o) . I like any number of outdoor activities AND I also like staying in and doing absolutely nothing. I tend to keep busy with life AND I love to sleep in late, drink coffee in bed, and let the day plan me for a change. I like listening to peoples' stories, I enjoy a entertainment that goes beyond entertaining and makes you think, and music is good if it gives me goosebumps, makes me cry, or just changes the entire direction of a day.

These are but a few thoughts that have hopefully sparked some curiosity about me. It is by no means all of who I am but a small part of me. There is more I'm happy to share in person.
What I’m doing with my life
I swim, boulder, work out, and contribute to the world where I can, and looking to explore new adventures in a new place. I'm happy to share more. :o) If I give away too much here in any of these categories, what will we talk about in person? :o)
The six things I could never do without
food, exercise, sleep, hugging, self challenges, laughing, learning
On a typical Friday night I am
I guess moving to a new place gives me the freedom to reinvent "typical."
You should message me if
... you connect with anything written above, if you're a genuine person, and if you want to of course. :o)