28St. Louis, United States
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My self-summary
I highly value face-to-face interactions and never thought I'd meet someone online, but the "bar scene" isn't for me and I tend to have mostly older friends from my activities. I've always imagined it would be easier to meet my type in the "real world" though.

I'm looking for a woman who enjoys thoughtful and thought-provoking conversations; this is the organizing principle on which everything else follows.
What I’m doing with my life
I work as a financial analyst in the institutional investment consulting industry. Most of my friends are liberal arts types though, which can make for some interesting conversations. Specifically, I do something called hedge fund manager research (I swear it's not as evil as it sounds!), but it's a lot easier to explain in person.

I usually like playing tennis and hiking, but now that it's cooling down I'm trying out rock climbing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: My favorites are dystopian novels (Bradbury, Huxley, Orwell), but lately I've been reading a lot more non-fiction. This would be a lot easier if I didn't get so many from the library and I had them all on a bookshelf. The Perks of being a Wallflower was probably the best bildungsroman I ever read. Perhaps I'll add picks from more genres later.

Movies: A few picks off of my Netflix account include The Matrix, Inception, Lord of the Rings, Hotel Rwanda, Idiocracy, The Big Lewbowski, Dead Poets' Society, Crash, 12 Angry Men, Pirates of the Carribean (bad sequels), and of course I grew up on Star Wars (bad prequels). I also tend to like movies with a powerful soundtrack. Lately I've been watching more classic movies.

Shows: I don't watch much TV anymore, though I catch some of The Daily Show online and I watch some shows after the fact on Netflix. Firefly must be my most memorable TV experience. Lately I've been keeping up on Game of Thrones, House of Cards, and Sherlock, and recently discovered Twin Peaks.

Food: I like a lot of ethnic food. If you follow the coasts of Asia from China through Vietnam and Thailand into India and then into the Middle East, I'll want to eat the food from each country you pass through. Lately I've been into Indian and Thai food. I also like Mexican, Italian, and Greek, and am not opposed to "normal" food.
Six things I could never do without
If you're similarly perturbed by the nature of this question, we should get along well.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
At any given time I'm probably thinking about something I read/heard/watched recently, a random idea, or a conversation I had with some friends. Actually, that's usually all streaming through at once.

Lately I've also been thinking a lot about whether I want to stay here or move to another city. I recently passed a test for a professional designation, and given my profession I might be better off moving to Chicago, or New York, or maybe even London or Paris! If I stay here, I'd be better off buying a house, but I want to go exploring regardless!
You should message me if think of yourself as a mature, intelligent woman who is looking for a genuine relationship and think we might find each other interesting.

If you are interested in anything philosophical, historical, or scientific it is a very good sign. It would be very exciting to meet a grad student in a field I find interesting (which is almost anything). By now you should understand that I'm most interested in finding a good conversationalist with some interesting ideas to share; if you understand that the rest of this profile shouldn't be necessary.

Also, I would have thought that this would be the default assumption, but given recent experience on this site I'll say up front that I'm not looking for a polyamorous or otherwise perpetually open relationship. Best of luck to you all though; I'm just looking for something different.

I find too much text-based chatting prior to meeting someone a useless exercise, so I tend to ask people out on a date earlier than most would. In general, I know if I'm interested in someone after a few minutes in person, while internet conversations can go on for weeks without me having any real sense of who you are.

Finally, I spend more time looking to meet people in the real world, as sifting through people online has never appealed to me. I'm not necessarily going to look into you just because you viewed my profile or swiped my picture in the right direction, so you may just have to be a little unconventional and message me if you think I'd be interested. I'm generally not fond of conforming to gender stereotypes anyway.
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