25Dallas, United States
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My self-summary
Hey, I'm Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock (if you get that reference, you're already my favorite.) but you can call me Sione. I'd like to think that I'm a well-rounded girl. In theory, that means I'm just as excited in a museum or a lecture as I am in a bar or a laser tag arena. Thus, I have a giant personality and this section could honestly go from zero to a dissertation real quick! lol. Instead, here are some plot points:

• I love to laugh (at everything)
• I live to learn. ('bout everything)
• I am a Jacqueline of all Trades.
• I exist for adventure and experience.
• I love to travel. Everyone claims to, but I mean more than in the states, or a weekend here and a week there. I'm talking new countries, new cultures, new language, for extended stays. I hope to find someone who could be interested in that life, as well.
• Art and creativity are my drugs of choice.
• ... and also gin. can't forget gin!
• I am cultured, and intelligent, yet still able to be a bit uncouth at times. And that's OK.
i.) I say things like "thus" & "furthermore"
ii.) I also say things like "y'een" & "boffyaw"
• I hate gender roles, norms, & pigeonholes. Be who you are, not who you're told to be.
• I'm a ball of quirk with a nugget-y center
• A blank or skimp page is a red flag, to me. I love a fun/interesting conversation, and it's vital that we have that in common.
• "Hey (generic compliment)" won't get us very far. Start a conversation. I'll love it!
• Grammar Goddess Level: Expert
• I find corny jokes & puns equally as funny as high brow & witt. If you agree, then:
i.) I'm never gonna give you up.
ii.) I'm never gonna let you down.
iii.) I'm never gonna run around & hurt you
What I’m doing with my life
Everything I do is in pursuit of my goals and/or the interest of my happiness. I just moved to Arlington, TX to find more time to work on my writing and other endeavors. By day, I am in social work, by night I am doing only Christ knows what.
I’m really good at
being creative and spontaneous !
finding cool sweaters at thrift shops
fostering confidence in others
holding my own in any discussion
making the kissy face
getting babies to love me
proving you wrong lol.
spewing completely obscure facts
mastering a skill in short time frames
The first things people usually notice about me
In person: My hair, my smile, my fanny.
Online: My humor, my love for words.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sooooooo MUCH! I shan't type it all.

Movies: The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Fifth Element, ANYTHING TIM BURTON, most things by Tarantino. brain teasers and thought-provoking pieces are joy. cult/odd/satirical musicals are my weakness. Grease, Rocky Horror, Funny Girl, etc. Also, Sondheim is a genius . Partially irrelevant , perhaps, but true !

Shows : Steven Universe, Doctor Who, Glee, Orange is the New Black, New Girl, Community, the Big Bang Theory, Adventure Time, You're the Worst, The Mindy Show, Atlanta, Jane the Virgin, How I Met Your Mother, Once Upon a Time, Don't Trust the B**** in Apt 23, etc. Also there's all my anime.

Food: I like to master the preparation and shameless devouring of pretty much all types of eat-ables. I am currently working on learning more Greek and Filipino dishes :)

Music : I love anything that speaks to me. Neosoul, Jazz Fusion, Acid Jazz, R&B, REAL Hiphop, a little country, Pop, House/Electronic, Alternative, Indie, and a new budding love for Junk bands thanks to Dandelion Junk Queens :)

Books : anything fantasy interspersed with steady streams of reality and a keen reinventing of modern history/destiny.
Six things I could never do without
Lets make this into a game of five truths, one lie shall we ?

My family
My imagination
My faith
My wit.
Vanilla Ice's musical contributions.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Art, the future, the past, the universe, things I should do, things I will do, things I'd like to do, hypotheses, new theories, etc.


Isn't it funny that Drake is the only artist that really "gets" women, but keeps one for the shortest time span?


Is it more achievable, as a people, to abolish privilege, or to spread it more equally?
On a typical Friday night I am
...either into something new, into something fun, into my current piece, or into bed with a book. Yep, pretty much sums up life.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My thoughts sometimes translate into nonsensical noises/sounds instead of actual words (even though I'm really great with words)

I sniff things and people without thinking to do so.

I am a madman with a box
You should message me if
you are open-minded, eclectic, adventurous, and spontaneous.

you like to talk about things : life, love, all that other bullshit.

you wish to pose a question.

you have developed a hypothesis and would like help proving it a valid theory.

you want to tell me a story of a foreign land, or perhaps a forbidden one?

you wish to tell me my profile is quite expansive, to which I will undeniably respond "That's what she said" or "Not in comparison to the universe, my friend" depending on how douchie I'm feeling.
The two of us