66Naples, United States
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My self-summary
I guess some important things you should know about me are... I'm not into motorcycles, I'm clean-shaven & don't have any tattoos or body piercings; I don't shoot Bambi, get drunk or do any drugs (including little blue pills). Now, if I didn't lose you already ...

Quick-witted and funny, easy-going, kind and genuine, that's what I've been told of myself anyway. There's probably al least some truth to it as I can usually tell when people are either patronizing me or trying to sell me something. You'd probably discover that there is absolutely no end to my goodness! Now, do you believe that? Please continue ...

Romantic and affectionate, at times I can be "Oh sooooooo charming"! I can keep my hands to myself, or maybe not off of you, but in either case I have great hands!

I like contemporary jazz, classical music, some blues, soul & new age, good old rock n roll, movies and the arts.

More of an outdoor than indoor person; I like picnics, walking, hiking in the woods, boating, just being around the water, weekend getaways and I'm willing to participate in just about any other "stuff" you can think of that's nice to share with someone. If we're right with each other, anything and everything can be fun (btw, I haven't come this far jumping out of airplanes or off of bridges).

Born and grew up in Chicago, know my way around the city and love opportunities to take advantage of what it has to offer. Chicago is great place to visit but I no longer want to live there. I'm still learning about Milwaukee as where I live is between the two cities. I love doing things out in the "country" and I'm glad it's not all that far away.

Raised Catholic, however I'm probably more "spiritual than religious" as I seem to have recovered from most of that. (Heck, once upon a time I was an altar boy and I can still remember the Latin prayers). We're all spiritual beings having a human experience and I respect whatever path people choose in that regard. I've learned never to pray for patience because if I do I get too many things to practice it on; I really feel no need for "more balance in my life" - I've discovered that being flexible resolves that issue.

I play golf and also teach others to play (it should be simple because all you have to do is hit a ball that isn't even moving, right)? When I was a kid I lived and breathed baseball; I had a bike and I went everywhere that it did. I coached, managed and umpired Little League for a thousand years and often run into adults who say "Hiya coach, remember me?". Sometimes I get to meet their kids, it is so cool!

Either going out or just kicking back is fine with me. Games? Sure, how about poker, scrabble or cribbage, etc.? (Still play spin the bottle?) Beyond that, keep it healthy and not with anyone who doesn't want to play, where or when.

I try not to sweat the small stuff but I'll pay attention if it's not small stuff to you. Drama queen? Flash the lights for all to be seated before the next act. High maintenance? I don't know, definitions vary; it's probably not a problem if you have your own money. Superficial? Well, again I don't know, there's probably a cure for it though.

Chemistry? Is that chemistry as in pheromones? I don't think they are digital - you can't catch them over the internet, only in person. (Remind me before we meet - I'll bring Tinkerbelle along to sprinkle some pixie-dust). If you think you might be Barbie and are waiting for Ken to come knocking, it's not me at the door. Please, I'm not a BIG guy. If you're thin, average or a FEW extra pounds that works with me. Please, be d&d free and in decent health.

I'm in decent shape, passionate, sensual and have a healthy libido (Oops, can I say that? Everyone says that, right?). So, about sex? Ah, yes, the "S" word. Hmmm let's see, it's important or not so important, over-rated or under-rated, tantric for some, a duty for others. You think about it a) never, b) sometimes, c) often, d) all the time? There are Kama Sutra advocates and those who think it's a dirty book; it's ok or not ok, day or night, preferences vary from abstinance to frigid to prudish to insatiable to promiscuous, (I probably missed something) - but in any case we're probably not supposed to discuss it, in here anyway. Since we aren't discussing it, we know that it's neither a bargaining chip nor a weapon and that monagomy is a given, so we would probably lean toward being all for it! PDA would probably also work, then again, there's always the Sybaris. LOL. There's probably a proper sequence to all of it, you think? I might have lost a few more of you here, but that's ok ...

Someone told me once that I was a "visionary". Imagine the discussion that resulted in! I do see miracles all the time however, because I believe in them. To believe in them after you see them is to have it backwards!

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, not necessarily in that order. Fall is ok and every winter I wonder more and more what the heck I'm doing here. My favorite winter activity would be getting out of Dodge and laying on a tropical beach somewhere.

I'm fairly handy but won't tackle any jobs that are over my head or that I don't have the proper tools for. I can cook (I like to cook both with and for someone), clean, do dishes & laundry, shop, change the sheets, don't hire a maid service, my place is clean but I'm not OCD about any of it; I don't need you for any of that, all of it can be shared, and I'm sure you have much more to offer.

Catch me with my hand in the cookie jar I'll deny that it's my hand and I'll probably make you laugh. If it's raining outside I'll use an umbrella - unless I don't want to.

I have two sisters and a brother, gillions of nieces and nephews, 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. We are scattered all over the place and we don't get together much but when we do it's a blast. My life is also blessed with a network of very good friends for which I'm grateful.

I like myself and you'd probably just love me! All kidding around aside, I'm doing ok. If after reading this you think I'm really into myself then you've read me wrong. I'm not "Mr Perfect" but at least I'm working on it. It would be real nice if I could find a nice woman to spend quality time and maybe the rest of my life with. If you'd like to know more about me, we'd have to connect, I'm typed-out. (This prof was worse than a job interview or writing a resume.) Thanks for your time, ciao for now!

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You have to ask me this in person. I know, we could play 20 Questions !!
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Your head is on straight! LOL. :-)
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