31 Dayton, United States
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My self-summary
First thing first I love to talk and write.... you'll see. When face to face though I am shy for the first 22 minutes. And of course I like to listen and learn as much as I enjoy conversing.

I find myself Sarcastic & Witty and I thoroughly enjoy a good bad pun. I tend to be quite Outgoing & I use lots of random Expressions. I laugh at nothing and my voice is bouncy. Plus I do some great horrible accents. I am always thinking and will blurt out random sounds when I think of something genius, hilarious or story related for my novel. I dance and sing ( though not well ) but usually don't realize it until its happening. I am a Very open person. I am a nerd and a dork all in one! I usually put others ahead of myself. And I tend to challenge myself to be the best me I can be.

I cut my hair and shave my beard quite often, always changing it up. I wear dress shoes everywhere. I have tattoos and plan on more. I proudly rock a Tie or Bow-Tie. And I tend to be found wearing a sweatervest or cardi... I like to dress up even when it's not necessary. I'm also addicted to shopping and I am a Great helper too; just in case you wondered. ^_-

When I have free time I can be found writing, drawing or working on my novel. I like shooting pool and am currently Not very good. I also play and Judge Heroclix and other board/tabletop games. I was raised in a Restaurant and really enjoy cooking and baking!

I find randomly starting conversations with strangers is amazing. I talk on the phone for a living currently and enjoy the awkward things people say. I have been a teacher twice and am always happy learning new things. I have no children but I look forward to them in the future. Then I can have someone to watch My Little Pony with.

I like comics and superheroes. I owned my own comicbook company for a few years and did decently well and I am currently in the works of relaunching a new company and comic/novel. I also am working on a tv show to coincide with it. Some Fantasy makes sence. I wish every other day could be halloween. I'm prefer DC over Marvel but enjoy both. I am pretty sure I am Not a Muggle. If I hear someone mention a Road Trip then I'm ready to go!

I tend to take things slow with relationships so I can truly get to know the person. I am VERY Patient. I am also a huge Snuggle Bunny! I want to find some who makes me laugh every day and who wants a real Relationship rather the playing games... unless it's Board Games. I need someone who can keep up with my oddness. Someone who likes going out but is still happy just relaxing at home. I'm a fan of grammer and intelligence and I prefer we have at least some common interest.

P.S. In case you wondered the answer is Yes, I did hit the max limit of characters...
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment I am a Call Center Representative and I enjoy it very much. The things people say over the phone are so amusing. And when I am bored I talk in an accent to them because why not?!
I’m really good at
* Alphabetizing
* Listening
* Pointing out the Obvious
* Sarcasm
* Shouting "Giraffe" every time I see one
* Staying Positive
* Taking a long time to tell a story
* Witty Banter
The first things people usually notice about me
A big smile, random beards and my fashion sence.
The six things I could never do without
Well provided Oxygen is included:

1.) An Inhaler ( Asthma isn't fun )
2.) Witty Banter ( ^_^ )
2.) The Music in my Head ( I'm always on Shuffle )
4.) Paper & a Pencil ( To Draw & Write)
2.) Google ( it's great for researching )
6.) Oxygen ( I never risk having Oxygen)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I see a Mirror I HAVE to look in it. I cant help it. I am sorta addicted... I am not vein by any means, I think it's more an OCD thing. And I have to make sure I match, or mismatch depending on the day so mirrors help.
You should message me if
* Your read the whole thing