37Woonsocket, United States
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My self-summary
The body's a temple, that's what we're told. Well I've treated this one like an old honky tonk. With greasy cheeseburgers and cheap cigarettes. One day they'll get me if the ain't got me yet.
What I’m doing with my life
All day long just taking it easy. Laying in a hammock where it's nice and breezy. Sleeping off the night before cause when the sun goes down we'll be back for more.
I’m really good at
For me it's a beach ball or on a boat under either the stars, or with my band up on a stage for awhile everything's ok. For some it's a fast car, moonshine in a mason jar, but everybody has their way somehow to escape reality. Yeah sometimes life ain't all that it's cracked up to be, so let's take a chance and live this fantasy, cause everybody needs to break free of reality.
The first things people usually notice about me
He's an island boy, now he's and island boy. Living his life where stress is the enemy. Now he's an island boy, a stones throw from San croix. He's finally found his piece of serenity.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've read a lot of books, wrote a few songs, looked at my life where it's going where it's gone. I've seen the worl through a bus windshield, but nothing compares to the way that I feel when I sit in that old blue chair.

Jack and Diane painted a picture of my life and my dreams suddenly this crazy world makes more seance to me. I heard it today and I couldn't help but sing along, cause every time I hear that song I go back.

Big straw hat, banana drink, I can't remember what it is I think, my my my my keylime pie
Six things I could never do without
Big orange ball sinking in the water. Toes in the sand, couldn't get much hotter. Little umbrella shaped margaritas, cocoanut oil, tanned senoritas, now I know how jimmy buffet feels.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Sunny days seem to hurt the most, I wear the pain like a heavy coat. I feel you every wear I go. I see your smile, I see your face I hear you laughing in the rain, I still can't believe your gone. It ain't fair you died to young, like a story that had just begun but death tore the pages all away. God knows how I've miss you, all the hell that I've been through, just knowing no one could take your place. Sometimes I wonder who you'd be today.
On a typical Friday night I am
Staring out into the wild blue yonder, so many thoughts to sit and ponder. About life, love, and the lack of, and this emptiness in my heart. too old to be wild and free still too young to be over the hill. should try to grow up but who knows where to start. So I'll sit right here and have another beer in Mexico.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
You know that restaurant on highway 1? With the keylime pie, that song, sand and the sun. Where we ran in our barefeet, built a castle on the beach? Just the wind, the rocks, the waves, and you and me. I can't go there.
You should message me if
She hit the door at 6:55 sack full of groceries split Down the side, can goods scattered all the way to the curb. Look on her face saying don't say a word. So it's me and her and a can of beans, sitting on the front porch swing. A western sky all turning red, head on my shoulder she sighed and said "I've been go for and shoffur and company chairman. Coffee maker, copy repair man, any more there ain't nothing I swear man, that I don't do. Been juggling, struggling, closing big deals, dancing backwards in high heels. Just when it feels like I can't make it through" she said " it sure feels nice just to be the woman with you."

Dreams, sharing a life and a home. Dreams, never ever being alone, not even diamonds just alittle gold. Someone there to hold her hand when she gets old. Dreams, the kind you know will never end, forever lovers and forever friends. Someone really there, to love and care and share....dreams.

She comes from boston, works at the jewelry store. Down in the harbor, where the ferries come to shore. She never really knew, how good it would feel to finally find her self in a place so warm and real. She wears a Red Sox cap to hide her baby dreads, the girl she was in New England is different now and dead. In all the local bars, she flirts and tells the boys while their talking. She's from boston.
The two of us