40Bellingham, United States
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My self-summary
I've rewritten this so many times that I'm running out of material. I'm over-analytical, under-utilized, adequately funded, completely decaffeinated, well groomed, sometimes oddly dressed, healthily fed, reasonably fit, quirkily humorous, gainfully employed, fiercely intelligent, emotionally inexperienced, grammatically versatile, usually entertaining, and politically informed. 2016 turned me from a Democrat into a Berniecrat, and I'm deliberately refusing to pay off the last of my student loans until both Trump and DeVos are out of office.

I place more importance on being childlike (not to be confused with child*ish*) than most people; I think that knowing how (and when) to draw on one's youthful curiosity and sense of play is just as vital as knowing how (and when) to use one's experience and sobriety. I strive to combine these within myself, blending the wisdom & maturity of age with the imagination & eagerness of youth. On the whole, I think the world would be a better place if more people lived this way; I think love should be fun, and sex should be funny (at least sometimes), and marriage should be happy. I know, I know, that last one was a bit radical, but I honestly think the idea has potential.

I find contradictions intellectually chewy, especially when they occur within myself: I like orange juice, but not oranges. I love music, but can't read it. I work at a place that helps keep cable TV networks in working order, but I don't watch TV. And I know everything about OKCupid, except how to use it successfully. (Bonus contradiction: The word "left" is its own antonym. It means "that which has gone away" and also "that which remains behind".)

I am good-natured, and also powerful but low-key about it . . . kind of like a cross between Chewbacca and Amelie.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm the QA at an electronics company that (among other things) repairs telecommunications equipment. Not bad, sez I, I help keep hardware out of landfills, and help keep people connected to a form of entertainment that has a very tiny carbon footprint. My day consists of pressing buttons, writing about how nice things are, and sometimes playing with stamps & stickers. Then I come home & beat up my cat: Wooster's hobbies include collecting bottlecaps, licking plastic bags, and banging his head against hard objects. Some of you will balk at the fact that I live with my dad--but since I'm the one who pays the rent, it's more correct to say that *he* lives with *me*. Maybe that makes a difference to you, maybe not. (For the record, he's 79 & retired.)

In my free time, I play old-school video games (currently running a No-Reloads Solo game of Baldur's Gate I) and take on random projects (currently teaching myself wax carving, with the goal of making a rather nice ring).
I’m really good at
Try me. Seriously, try me.

I think it's more modest, not to mention more fun, to keep one's talents hidden, and then bust out your surprise skill when it's most appropriate. Besides, to flaunt your strength is to make it your weakness.
The first things people usually notice about me
The cell phone, car keys, beer, latte, crucifix, tattoos, piercings, gun, and ex-wife that I don't have.
The second thing is usually the hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hoo boy. Anthropology, archaeology, paleontology, zoology, philanthropy, philosophy, history, physics, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, classic literature, and humor. I like films that are character-driven, believable, scientifically accurate (looking at YOU, Batman Begins), complex, and cleverly written. I'm also a fan of silly, which is why you'll also find things like Shaolin Soccer, Shaun of the Dead, and lots of MST3K. My Windows Media "Play All" list includes J.S. Bach, P.D.Q. Bach, Loreena McKennitt, the Eurhythmics, Weird Al, Monty Python, Mannheim Steamroller, Danny Elfman, Simon & Garfunkel, Vivaldi, the Foremen, Flight of the Conchords, Spinal Tap, Respighi, Hans Zimmer, the Chieftains, Tom Lehrer, Leonard Bernstein, Sting, and the Beatles. I heart me my bread & cereal group, and try to consume only small amounts of meat, which is awkward as my dad is trying to be gluten-free and chows down on meats to make up for it. Yeah.

Ethics of semi-vegetarianism: I don't think eating meat is wrong in & of itself, what's wrong is how we treat the animal while it's alive, the guilt we (don't) feel about buying meat, and of course the volume we consume. I'm not too into eating fruit, either--honestly, I like a lot more vegetables than I do fruits. Lastly, I don't drink alcohol: To date, I've had a Mike's Hard Lemonade, a sip of wine, and half a shot of homemade peach schnapps, and honestly I didn't like any of them. This might change as time goes on, of course, and I'm not actually opposed to such change . . . but frankly, I'm quite odd enough *without* booze, so why bother?
Six things I could never do without
Justice, truth, humor, beauty, hope, and Grumpy Cat.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things that usually make sense only to me, such as:
Whether a series of historical events that may or may not have actually happened (an English nobleman named Humphrey illegally occupied a castle & held it against his king, then was captured & charged with treason, and finally was executed by being drawn & quartered) could have been the origin of the nursery rhyme "Humpty Dumpty".
Whether *bowed* stringed instruments should be considered appropriate for dwarves.
Just what a horribly idiotic movie Looper turned out to be. ("Ha ha! I freely admit that I don't make sense, even by my own rules! You just watched 90 minutes of stuff that *didn't* happen! You lose!")
Why/how Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks managed to throw their collective hat into the political ring BEFORE Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert did the same.
How I'm a sucker for quiet, brilliant girls with soft hearts.
And, of course, how to form babbys that can frigth back.
On a typical Friday night I am
A homebody. I am *a*social, but not *anti*social. True, my friends at work are exactly that: Friends, while I'm at work. And my other friends have developed a strong tendency to get married and/or move away. So, mostly it's just Dad & me, and he's no social butterfly either. But I'm not OPPOSED to going out & meeting people, I just need a reason to do so. I don't want to go to a bar (or whatever) to simply hang out by myself, just on the off chance that someone interesting enough to talk to *might* drop by if I stay there long enough. If you're doing a Thing and feel that I might like that Thing, feel free to invite me. I enjoy feeling welcome. (I've even been to TWO wild parties! I can't say that I *liked* them--not my thing, really--but I'm not sorry that I went.)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I gave up dating quite some time ago, because I learned that I absolutely suck at it. In my first several years on OKCupid, I tried to use the site for its intended purpose--and the unwavering consistency of my experiences thereby convinced me that romance was a treacherous terrain best navigated by the experts, among whose number I shall never be. I resolved that while love might some day find ME, I am well past trying to find IT. So, I hardly ever message anyone first, even if I find you both attractive & fascinating, and I will NOT ask you for a date. Besides, I wouldn't want to date anyone I couldn't see myself marrying someday, and I wouldn't consider marrying someone who wasn't already a good friend. So let's shoot for friends, and see where we go from there.
You should message me if
You think your library is bigger than mine.
You like to geek out in socially & environmentally conscious ways.
You'd like to rub prefrontal lobes with me.
You made it this far.
You'd like a response--I *always* write back.
You have additional questions.
The two of us