34Vienna, Austria
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My self-summary
I'm a father, a musician, a programmer, a scientist. I live and work in Vienna. I feel the way to God as my primary aim, though it takes many different shapes. From wholeheartedly doing my work through developing my talents to trying to live every moment in the present. I practice Christianity, though I am an avid fan of Tantra and I favor the reincarnation theory.

keywords: Christian Christianity Tantra God Jesus reincarnation

I spend a huge amount of time at the computer and have been doing so since elementary school. I love computers (particularly mine) and I use it to earn my lot and to spend a good deal of my free time. I am an amateur musician. I tend to like things that others do not.

keywords: computer computers music musician

I like to study (not always and not everything) and I'll need you to listen to mathematical crap when I'm fascinated by something in math, that I just discovered or understood. This of course does not just apply to math only. I like and even need to share thoughts. Which doesn't mean I don't like silence. I do. Being silent with somebody doesn't usually make me feel uneasy and I explicitly enjoy it with people I'm close to.

keywords: math maths mathematics

I have a fondness for weapons, knives especially. I am kinda obsessed with my ability to survive. Not that it would be very big. I am one of those fortunate enough never to have been through a real fight. I am not aggressive, I don't like to fight, let's make that straight. However, I have a militaristic side which makes me study the theory and collect the equipment for the eventual need to fight to survive.

keywords: weapon weapons knife knives survive survival

I say stories from my life, adding parts that never took place and modify real ones to flourish them, and then I feel really embarrassed when I say the real version and people tell me "It was different the last time".

I change a lot in behavior, in speech and in thinking with the company I'm with. When alone, I'm contemplative and often drifted out. When with others, I adapt massively and I often become a total extrovert and exhibitionist.

keywords: extrovert extroverted exhibitionism exhibitionist exhibitionistic

More about me is on my web page:
What I’m doing with my life
I do a lot of things, but the current highlights are: 1) raising my son, 2) pursuing my Ph.D. programme and 3) running a band, where I play the guitar and do most of the composing. Check us out: Fruit & Flower.

What I like to do with my life is to live in foreign countries. Like long-term tourism, where the main part is not sight-seeing but getting to know other countries on a deeper level. So far, I only managed to do this in Saarland and in Austria. My life-long dream is to live in Japan for a few years, and also in Australia. This will have to wait a few years though, now that there's a kid around who needs to have a home.

The most profound thing I'm doing with my life is that I'm giving it to God and trying to connect with her on a conscious level and do her will.
I’m really good at
I'm good at a lot of things but I really excel at none. Examples: playing guitar, programming, math etc.

keywords: programming programmer coding JavaScript HTML CSS Perl Shell Bash AWK

I have been a professional front-end web developer since 2009, mainly focusing on JavaScript programming, HTML and CSS, so this is probably my strongest skill.

I have graduated from computational linguistics, so I have certain knowledge and skill in parts of that. My particular interests lie in speech recognition, automatic syntactical analysis (parsing), named entity recognition and sentence segmentation. This also gave rise to one of my strongest skills: Perl programming. I like Perl a lot and I know that language fairly well.

One of my passions are pen-and-paper role-playing games. I like much more to play than to gamemaster, but I can enjoy gamemastering a lot as well.

keywords: pen-and-paper role-playing RPG Shadowrun TORG
The first things people usually notice about me
Sometimes my stuttering (when I just stutter).
Sometimes how extroverted I am (when I talk / play&sing).
Usually... no idea, really.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) - Books:
1) The spiritual ones that changed my life (in roughly chronological order): Margo Anand's The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, S. N. Lazarev's The Diagnostics of Karma, Anthony DeMello's Awareness, the work of Karel Makoň, the Bible, Barry Long's Making Love: Sexual Love the Divine Way;
2) Other: Perl documentation, Věra Chase's Vášeň pro broskve (Passion for Peaches); Some of my favorite writers are Terry Pratchett, Ondřej Neff.

b) - Movies: Ostrov, Strange Days, The Terminator; Michael Ninn's Shock (porn, but a really good movie); I also love movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger. What concerns shows, I don't follow any but I used to watch Star Trek, South Park, Sex and the City, MacGyver and some others. I don't like to waste my time watching TV any more.

c) - Music: Dream Theater and its members' side projects, Guano Apes, IQ, Rush, Devin Townsend, Ludwig van Beethoven and a lot of others. I tend to like one single band or interpreter from each genre. In house it's Fatboy Slim, in punk it's Chumbawamba and so on.

d) - Foods: Anything made with love and care. I eat very simple foods often, like oat flakes with water, salt and oil (and I love it). I'm not a vegetarian by policy but I don't buy meat because I don't want to support the industry in which the animals suffer so horribly. I tend to like sweets of white to yellow color. These include white chocolate, vanilla ice-cream and condensed milk. Another favorite tidbit of mine are olives. I hate low-fat things, as they are a mockery to the original taste of milk (or whatever was rid of fat). Drink-wise, I like beer (Czech beer, Budweiser Budvar for example), all kinds of my mum's herbal tea and I dislike carbonated drinks.
Six things I could never do without
There is no thing I couldn't do without. At least I hope so. But I really like having
  1. 1. peace of mind,
  2. 2. my computer or cell phone with my Anki decks,
  3. 3. a knife,
  4. 4. my guitar, amp and accessories,
  5. 5. a map of where I am and
  6. 6. my body
at my disposal.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
problems I'm just solving. Like the song I'm currently composing. When my emotions have been stirred up, I think about the matter, often hopelessly drowning in imagination (what I'd do, say, wish etc.). I spend a significant amount of time praying, or merely talking to the great God or singing to her.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I can't currently think of anything that would matter. If there's something that you think would disturb you, chances are I have (done) that. :-) Go ahead and ask.
You should message me if
You have something to tell me. I like being messaged from random people.
The two of us