59Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Salud, love.

I am urbane, educated, and a scholar of history and languages, and sufficiently intelligent that most find me eccentric. 'Bourgeois bohemian' makes a snappy tag for me; a writer with an angle on a new and different day job, 58 years old (although my birthday is a matter of dispute). I write poetry as well which I prefer to fiction, though a complex work of the latter is my present preoccupation. I live in Belltown in Downtown Seattle, and have been here 17 years, and nearly 30 now on the Northleft Coast. I've worked out actively for years, including power cycling, Pilates, yoga, I play squash, and especially I enjoy weightlifting, which puts 250 lb on my 5'10". I was raised a Quaker, and I'm politically radical. More find me attractive than not, though of course tastes vary. If you choose to meet me in time, love, you can confirm for yourself that I'm a very intellectual person, deep minded, passionate, and compassionate; an unusual person in many respects, and someone of integrity. I listen, I negotiate honestly, and I'm very fair. My friends would tell you that I have a sense of humor, one of style, that I make good conversation, and that I like children though I have none of my own.

I'm straight, unattached, thoroughly sex-positive, and a man of broad and non-judgmental sexual perspective. I have experience as a dominant, and in particular I enjoy spanking my partners, which I have done for years. Neither practice is a sine qua non for my companion at a given time. I would enjoy exploring tantric sexuality. Personal compatibility and, yes, love are far more important to me than any particular sexual practice or focus. I'm comfortable with polyamory and multiple relationships, and move in a milieu where others feel and act the same way both ethically and openly. Men do nothing for me above the neck or below the waist, but that said whatever gender imago turns up your volume knob this month is fine by me. I don't consider myself the 'World's Best' at anything; I simply try to make the world better two happy people at a time whether for dinner, for a night, for a season, or for keeps.

You: large of spirit and heart, and a woman who understands men; one hungry for the company of a masculine consort although a woman of purpose and the mistress of your own future. I value self-knowledge, intelligence most especially, social charm and presence of mind, and a knowing sexuality. The more you take care of yourself physically, the better. You understand the concept of quality time, and pettiness is beneath you. Your character isn't defined by where you grew up, what you wear, or how you earn a living: it's something you've built through desire, ambition, necessity, and through removing those things which limit you, though made as well with respect for others, especially those who taught you well, and who have loved you without reservation.

Be my love, and my reason, if you will, if you can.

I am just too smart, a gym rat, and a gentleman
What I’m doing with my life
I expect to have my first extensive manuscript posted on the web soon. This year or next, I plan to complete a manuscript on runic scripts, ancient constellations, and the populations which created them, although prospects for another long-term research project may pre-empt that if they themselves bloom. It is time to get my poetry in print as well, by whatever means. If things go well, I intend to visit South Asia next year, as a bookend to visiting Iceland in the recent past. Improving my forehand crosscourt at squash is a near term goal. Oh, and I'm looking for YOU---and I'd put the rest on hold if I find you before the Summer Solstice.

I am the author of The Flock of the Shore, beginning the series Tales of Tyrri. An accidental novelist, too true; but now it's in for the penny, in for the honey, in for the pounding ram. A Babel's Tower of a novel; quite an exercise, and new to me.

. . . I watch the sky; read a lot of news; seek to enjoy every hour, and bring harm to none. I'll be learning something new down to my last hour, as there's a curiosity and drive within me that is seldom if ever still. Money little interests me; knowledge very much so. Social justice matters much indeed, and I'm one to lend a hand to the Zones of Occupation and push the wheel of change in the Forward Movement. Power to the empowerment.
I’m really good at
Finding the hidden pattern in the known. Words, anything with words. Respecting the integrity of others. The volley drop. Forming a psychic bond with those I love. Seeing the laughing magic in the world with all child-wonder. I used to be more than fair with a cane, but I'm out of practice . . . They can keep the rest, though I'm open to acquiring new skills. What do you suggest? I'm quite poor at keeping secrets, be it said.
The first things people usually notice about me
My brown eyes burn dark. I'm fit, with honest muscle. I dress tastefully and am well-mannered, though no slave to fashion. Women who carry themselves well fix my attention noticeably.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Heart: Sleeping cats. Blossom snow. The northern sky in summer. High meadows in the mountains. Smiling children, anywhere, anytime. Fine buildings. Blooming roses. Giving the needed gift. Silver, bluish pure, or black velvet: who could choose? Splendid clothes of leather, for outside and for in. A woman of conversation. Clever, clever words. Silk against the skin. Tongue: Couple's first kiss, ending time apart. Port, pinot noir, and bourgogne blanc. First cherries of the season. Oysters on the grill or cracked crab, and wild greens salad. Tiramisu. Ice wine, then half-drunken kisses. Spanking a woman who enjoys it, then finding her pleasure, too. Coffee in the morning, notebooks to hand. Dreams: Hikmet, Rilke, Akhmatova, Hopkins, Elytis, Oliver, Hafiz, Du Fu, Li Bo, Li He, Li Qingzhao, Li Shang-yin, Anakreon, and Sappho. To smile, Calvino. To sigh, Borges. Mike Davis in dudgeon. Annie Dillard and Nadine Gordimer, for conversation. Garcia Marquéz for pleasure alone. Colette: no more need be said, just Colette. The sagas' nameless masters. Gandhi, just read him, there's a timeless cosmos of humanity there; Arundhati Roy, everything, amazing; and too David Graeber's apt perspective. Christopher Alexander's oeuvre. Bohm, Thom, Edelman, Prigogine, and Brian Goodwin, for tomorrow's breakthroughs today. Current preferred blogs and websites: Naked Capitalism, Library Thing, Los Angeles Review of Books, and This Recording; and Preferred art media: Photography and architecture, although anything with a sense of composition holds my interest. Ears: Frisell, Coltrane, Abdullah Ibrahim, Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Miles Davis's many combos, Correa and Burton, Paul Bley, Eric Alexander, Pat Metheny's permutations, and Dexter Gordon; Rachel Z has it cooking' too. Chopin, anything; Beethoven, the same; Liszt, Scriabin, Debussy, and Satie's diamorphisms; da Palestrina and de Lassus, Scarlatti the Younger is a force unto himself. Arrau, Roge, and Ashkenazy at the keyboard, though not the hyper-moderns. The Cocteau Twins, Stone Roses, and Sundays; Patti Smith, Jeff Buckley, and Bjork; Mazzy Star and alumna, Joanna Newsom, Snowgoose, Alexei Murdoch, The Tallest Man on Earth; Explosions in the Sky, The Album Leaf, and Sigur Ros of course. The Pentangle; Richard Thompson, Nick Drake, and Alain Stivell---I heard them new---Vashti Bunyan, Kate Rusby, Kate Wolf, The Innocence Mission; Harold Budd; Deuter. Mahmoud Ahmad; Boubakar Traore; Dalaras, Mouskouri; de Lucia (I'll miss your magic Paco, go easy on the Road), Núñez, Sanlucar, and Carlos Paredes; if it's bossa nova, I'm in the mood. Eyes: Visconti, Bertolucci, Scorsese, Tavernier, Imamura; Malik, Jarmusch, Burton, Van Sant, Miyazaki, González Iñárritu, Hou Hsiao Hsien, and Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Paul Thomas Anderson could make the best movie ever, we'll see. Eight favorite recent films: Across the Universe; Tidelands; Tree of Life; Knight of Cups; Mysterious Skin; 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days; Sita Sings the Blues; and Blue Is the Warmest Color. Favorite three films: Last Tango in Paris, Napoleon and the Revolution (couldn't make the Paramount shows . . . drat), and the Last Picture Show. Performers come and go, but: Alain Delon, Tony Leung, Michael Fassbender; Maggie Cheung, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett; and I'll watch Assumpta Serna do anything, Jon Voight too. TV?: I can't think in a box.
Six things I could never do without

Physical exercise.

A woman's skin against my own.

"It's good to see you."

"I love you, too."

The sun on my face.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Historical theory. Dene-Caucasian. How to make love stay. My fellow human beings, god(s) . . . bless 'em. Sixteen characters in search of a reason or some god's whim. A good wine under $60 a bottle. The way the sounds of phonemes bend into each other and away. How to shape the racquet for a backhand straight kill to the nick. The way a woman's body moves when she---let's talk about this later, hey?

. . . How to lift the sky upon my shoulders: I have, and I will again.
On a typical Friday night I am
Drunk on the moon. After going out for dinner, going to a film, or both.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm very goal-directed and autonomous, but not the best at finishing things. Your will find this vexing, I feel sure. I will never be what you expect: more; less; far, far off your map; these, yes. But what you 'think I should be;' that, no.
You should message me if
You are intelligent, confident, have an inventory of your personal baggage (and it fits in a rolling suitcase), and you well understand men. If the transcendence of discovery is your abiding passion, we'd enjoy ripping good dinner conversation regardless of any larger purpose. I'm more likely to take an interest if you are 40 or under, but if you're Béatrice Dalle or Oriana Fallaci, or a reasonable simulacra, you'll have my full attention.

If you desire to be turned over my knee and spanked to a charming hue, love, those parameters expand markedly.

"I'll be see-ee-ing you, . . . ."
The two of us