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Tests they’ve taken (41)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Sonnet (DGLD) Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 82 Take it!
The Attachment Style Test The Free Agent Take it!
The What Flavor of Chocolate are You? Test Dark Chocolate Take it!
The Your Real Horoscope Test ARIES Take it!
The Best Thing About You Test Intelligence Take it!
The What Kind of Girl are You Test Awesome Girl Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Machinegun Take it!
The Which Major U.S. City Are You? Test DENVER! Take it!
The Where in America Do You Belong Test Alaska Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Prankster Take it!
What's Your Price? I'm worth $1653 million! (33 dealbreakers.) Take it!
What Kind of Person Are You? Quiz Analyst Take it!
The How much do you Weigh? Test You are 120 pounds! Take it!
The Four Elements Test Fire Personality Take it!
The Which Chemical Element Am I Test Na... Sodium Take it!
The Are you a Morning Person Test Sleepyhead Take it!
The How Effective is Your Profile? Test A Bit Mainstream Take it!
The Cuddlability Test The Favorite Teddy Take it!
The Facts Everyone Should Know Test Stupid American Take it!
The smart or smartass test Very Smart! Take it!
Test: Could You Handle A Long Distance Relationship? Congrats! You're qualified to handle an LDR! Take it!
The Cookie Test Peanut Butter Take it!
The What Car SHOULD You Drive Test Mini Cooper Take it!
What color crayon are you? Deep Purple Take it!
If you were water... quiz River Take it!
The Canadian Slang Proficiency Test Almost! Take it!
The Which State Are You Test Illinois Take it!
What Branch of the Military do I Join Quiz? Coast Guard Take it!
What Breed of Dog Are You?! Labrodor Retriever Take it!
The Will OKCupid work for you test? 105% Chance! Take it!
The Color Personality Test Red Take it!
How astute are you? Fast-witted Fox Take it!
The Cuddle Test You are 88 % Cuddler. Take it!
The Excessive Cuteness Tolerance Test Cute-Indifferent Take it!
The Beverage Identity Test Merlot Take it!
What Career is Right for You Test Scientist/Mathematician/Lawyer (High Scholar) Take it!
The Things You Learned In School, But Probably Forgot Test 84% Brain Cells Left! Take it!
The Languages Test 100% French! 100% German! 80% Italian! 100% Spanish! 60% English! Take it!
The Outdoorsy Test Weekend Warrior Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test English Genius Take it!