28Glasgow, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I am not a douche and thats about the biggest compliment I will give myself, that being said I am an arsehole and generally very difficult to get along with if you have an overly good outlook on life and all the people in life. I complain bitterly about people every chance I get be it to do with how they talk, act or dress I just love to complain. When talking to me its best not to start a conversation with a complaint unless your goal is for me to go off on my own little rant. . . which my friends do often just to laugh at my opinions and I even end up laughing at myself after I hear half the crap I come out with.
Friend: "Sean check out those guys, the state of what they are wearing."

Me: "Jesus christ, you would think people would realise that a top that tight was not meant for a stomach that big. I dont need nor want to see a gross swollen feed bag of a stomach trying to escape your t-shirt prison"

Friend: " Sean you know you have t-shirts that do the same thing to you right?"

Me: "I have the sense not to wear them in public"

At this point I feel I must point out that this little section above is not a jab at peoples choice of clothing lifestyle but is in fact simply here as an example of something I may rant about even though I myself am guilty of what is it I rant about. It is simply a jest at myself more than anything else, I gather most people would get the joke but since I have had something of a complaint I think it best that I point out that I dont actually care about this issue but it seemed like a funny example to myself.

I am very shy at first but open up quickly and I can be a good laugh to be around at the best of times, I try to keep my rants to myself where possible and every subject matter can be made a joke when I am around. Now that I think on it everything being a joke with me can be good or bad, you would be amazed at the things people are offended by these days its amazing especially if you mention Nazis.

Love going to the movies, drinking at a quiet bar, nights in with dvds and my mates. A night in with mates can be fun but after a while being a third wheel gets very boring and repetitive. Hobbies are reading, drawing, video games just the usual geeky stuff. Self proclaimed geek though not exactly hard core, I am a geek that is a culmination of a group of lesser geeky cultures mixed into one. Video games, board games, computers, Anime, conventions, RP, tattoos, furry and many more all wrapped into one inconvenient package of hair, flesh and rage.

I reckon when people first meet me they will probably think I am a little strange (I say that like most of you dont already think it), but after getting used to my personality its easy to ignore, mainly because most people choose not to hang out with me any more (thats a joke, if you thought about that and agreed then you are a bad person). I like to think of myself as being trustworthy, I am also very protective of the friendships I have so I always try hard to keep the people in my life happy even if it is a hard fucking task some times with all the things that can upset and offend some people.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently working part time in a hotel bar, just got my new SIA badge so looking to get a full time job in the security industry again.
I’m really good at
Being myself, thats all I can think of really. I suppose I am good and listening and dealing out my opinions and advice when asked for. Wouldnt say I am good at drawing but I am not terrible either.
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends on the persons point of view. If you happen to be easily frighten by people then you will probably notice im a hairy, tattooed man with a mean look on my face. If you are a weirdo such as myself you may notice my anime geek tattoos.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My fave author has to be Terry Pratchett, I love the Discworld books I can spend hours just trapped in the pages of one of those books. The fantasy and magic scene is very much my main choice for reading material with a hint of sci-fi here and there.

Movies are easy, i love zombie flicks and musicals. This is not to say I dont watch most things but they are my top two types of film. Music is a very varied selection.

I love songs that can stir your emotions with the lyrics rather than just listening to something because you can dance to it or because its by your favourite band. Recently had phantom of the opera and repo the genetic opera as my music choices Guess I should list some of the more common bands I listen to then: Queen, Nickleback, Reel Big Fish, Barenaked Ladies, Foo Fighters, Poets of the Fall, SOAD, Bass Hunter, Disney songs ( dont call me sad ¬¬ ) and I also love 80's cartoons theme tunes lmao
Six things I could never do without
In no specific order:
1. My laptop
2. Waffles
3. Hugs
4. Drawing materials
5. Music
6. A comfy bed
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Mad things. A common place occurrence is my mind wandering to what I would do in a post apocalyptic scenario, such as the zombie take over. I plan out escape routes, think about what I can use for barricades and such, the kind of zombie proof house I would build if I had the money. Also I daydream a lot about scenarios I might play out in RP games and such, not that I will ever get around to them but its still fun to think over.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at home watching crap on my laptop or at a friends playing x-box. I am not a big fan of going out drinking mainly because I hate crowds and drunk people so I am much better off being home.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I listen to sad love songs because they remind me that other peoples lives tend to be shit too so I should cheer up.
You should message me if
You want to, your curious about me, you have nobody else to talk to and I am a lass ditch attempt at conversation before bed, there are many reasons so just do it because you got nothing to lose except a little dignity.

Also I would like to add if you looked at my profile, got this far and liked it please at least say hello because I can take it from there. I am not a fan of starting off conversations because I have little luck and I am fed up of having people look at my profile and never hearing from them. Maybe I am expecting too much but hell gotta have high hopes for something.
The two of us