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My self-summary
What is my Raison d' etre you ask ? does one go about describing one's self to complete strangers in cyber world ? Tis an odd thing, but I am up for the journey and will attempt to write something here that travels and is a foray into the land of the unknown for an opening to a potential connection.

Bored yet ? Need a break. A snack, glass of room stop > Do you like to read ? If not....I would stop now.

I am and will always be a student of the arts, music and nature. I adore art museums, galleries, sculpture parks, literature - reading, painting on canvas, drawing, creating art, viewing innovative and creative films ....( independent, documentary and the like), live- stage theater, writing, music - preferably live and I have an eclectic and diverse interest therein. I play the piano by ear - for personal enjoyment / therapy and would also like to learn some cords and songs on the beautiful acoustic guitar that just sits there in the corner....patiently.... waiting.....waiting.....waiting.

Animals are extremely important to me and an integral part of my life. My four legged companions are such incredible teachers of unconditional love.

A sense of humor is vital to me and I think that people who are- dry toast- in that regard - are a bit scary. No one should take themselves so seriously. Insults the psyche.

I live near a large body of water and the exquisite beauty of nature is all around me. It feeds me and is an essential part of my life : to be near nature and water. Especially water. Hiking, kayaking, bicycling, bird watching, rock and stone collecting, geology, astronomy, nature appreciation and natural history also integral and a continual educational endeavor for me as well.

My life passions and interests are wide and diverse. I am never bored and therefore hope to never be boring to be around. There is always something new to discover.

Activism plays a key role in my life. I chose to be proactive, participatory and involved instead of being an in-activist that complains about everything and does nothing about it. This seems to be the prevalent equation out there. In- activism and whining. Do something about it !

My activism manifests itself in many forms. I am careful about the politicians that I do or don't support. I enjoy the satire and comedy of Jon Steward, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and also connect with Rachael Maddow, Keith Olberman and alternative news sources.....The Huffington Report, The Nation, Mother Earth News, Truthout etc. NPR is also a regular listening experience in the mornings.

My politics are left and liberal. I am proud to say that I have never been a card carrying member of the republican party. I abhor and detest their big oil, Wall Street, corporate cook- greed based - agenda and will always champion the middle and poor classes...the backbone of this country.

Socialized medicine and services like that of many European countries should be the standard here. The only tea party that I will ever support, comes in the form of a favorite herbal blend accompanied by a ceramic mug with more charm, brains and character than the greediots that are trying to sabotage the rights of so many people and speices in this country.

I sign petitions, attend rallies ( if time off from work and location allows). Signing petitions on line and supporting environmental causes, animal rights, human rights, the arts etc. is part of my daily activism as well. I've also campaigned diligently to get the vote out for progressive candidates.

My activism extends out through my lifestyle and the consumer choices that I make each day. I support an organic lifestyle that attempts to stay away from man made chemicals and toxic goo.. My vegetarian diet - is also paramount and essential to me. Cooking is also something that I enjoy. I will not and can not support factory food farms or dairy farms that contribute to unethical, heartless, cruel, brutal, barbaric, unthinkable and unconscionable abuses and suffering to the animals,, while also contributing to severe and alarming deforestation and extreme levels of Co2).

I appreciate, respect and love animals.....We have so much to learn from them. Did some work - while at the university - with wild life rehab.....and part of my many studies in school, involved natural history and wildlife interpretation - preservation. Recycling, sustainable and alternative energy conservation, habitat and land conservation and a basic life style that lends compassion and care for the greater good of all species on the planet - is what I strive for.

Left handed and extremely right brained / intuitive and creative. Very observant and I don't miss much.

Passionate, kind, caring, honesty, dependable, timely, generous, respectful, compassionate, empathic, patient, civil, polite, good at listening and communicating, jovial, open hearted, silly- child like, whimsical and playful, serious and soulful, satirical, helpful, creative, even tempered, calm, methodical, careful, considerate.......humorous - witty, charming, intelligent ) emotionally and mentally - are all attributes and essential ingredients that I work at, strive for and expect in others. This is not unreasonable or too much to ask..... Is it ?

As Kurt Vonnegut Jr. says......... ' All I know is that you've got to be kind "
What I’m doing with my life
Working..... creating art when not at work, daily activism in environmental, animal and human rights. Championing women and children rights.....ending domestic violence- women enslaved as sexual objects in other countries, addressing child abuse.

Trying to find more time for play as an important balance. Would like to travel more. So many places to little time. Have time for playing music and adventures.

Visits and chats with my son ( grown and in college ) when our schedules allow.
Dog walks....kayaking, gardening, landscaping...........

Need more time to follow all of my interests and passions. There are too many to list here.
I’m really good at
Problem solving, listening and hearing what people are truly saying.........communicating in many mediums...writing, creative endeavors...the arts, designing, articulating my feelings and thoughts, eloquent and intuitive connections, picking up cues and perceptions, patient, kind and open hearted exchanges, humorous anecdotes and wit.............should I go on ? or is this enough ego batter.
The first things people usually notice about me
Is this a trick question ?

Are we supposed to elaborate here with compliments and self praise ?

Like.......I'm the best looking narcissist I know ?

Pretty subjective .....or not .......

I'll give it a try..........

My hair and eyes. Most people comment on those features..... Expressive face and warm smile...genuine persona....

I'll bet that most people struggle with answering this question ?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This is the easy part........

Movies: So many films, so little time. Enjoy film festivals and viewing new independent films. Would love to go to the Sundance film festival and Cannes some day.

It is hard to remember all of my favorites: To Kill A Mocking bird, Inherit The Wind, Citizen Cane, Casablanca, and too many other classic films to list...... Girl With A Pearl Earring, Bright Star, Huge list of foreign films...too many titles to mention - Cold Souls, Iron Jawed Angels, Michael Moore's Documentaries, An Inconvenient Truth, The Tourist, Avatar, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Harold And Maude, The Pianist, Mr Smith Goes To Washington, Recount, I Am, The Red Shoes, Midnight In Paris, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, Network, Annie Hall, Little Miss Sunshine, Ghandi, Pride And Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Reds, Koyaanisqatsi, Impromptu, Rachael's Wedding, Amadeus, Out Of Africa, Lord Of The Rings...Peter Jackson's -Tolkien Trilogy, American Beauty, Motorcycle Dairies, Burn After Reading, Beginnings, Braveheart, Dances With Wolves, The English Patient, ..........I better stop....I could go on and on and on and on here and this is only the short list.

Books: Diverse interests here : Love reading the classics and.....lots of philosophers...on this list. Plus some obscure reads like Watson's - Gifts Of Unknown Things,. Also like - Mutant Message Down Under, Jane Eyre,
Works by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. - When Elephants Weep, Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert, works by Teilhard De Chardin, the poetry of John O' Donohue, Keats, Maya Angelou, Alice Walker writings, JFK Jr's - Crimes Against Nature, Zadie Smith, Walden- Thoreau, Emerson, Shakespeare plays and sonnets, William James, Silent Spring and other works by Rachael Carson, Passionate Minds, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, The Artist's Way,
Short list. Too many to remember.

Music: My musical tastes are diverse, wide and eclectic. Classical......Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Barber - Adagio For Strings, List, Ravel ...too many to list here. ...Love Yo, Yo Ma and Itzak Perlman, Jazz -singers and musicians - Again..... too many to list, blues - too many to list........ Pat Matheny, Michael Hedges, Swell Season, Cathie Ryan, REM, Nora Jones, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and the old Motown singers, Cassandra Wilson, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, The Who - The best in 60's British bands, Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull, David Bowie, New Indie Bands, Eva Cassidy, Patty Griffin, Kasey Chambers, Shawn Colvin, Jonatha Brooke, Joni Mitchell, Patty Larkin, Seal's voice, Ritchie Havens, Pauline Scanlon, Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant - some folk music, international music...contemporary Celtic, strangled bag pipes please....... Not much into traditiuonal country. Love listening to pianists and percussionists, guitarists...... Tommy Emmanuel etc. Also love listening to strong, soft and transportive - women's and men's voices..... I know that I am forgetting many and this is my short list.

Foods : I Love trying out new ethnic restaurants that have vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Try to support ( local ) organic farmers as much as possible and grow some potted gardens on my porch.... I enjoy cooking. Love ethnic foods, Curry dishes are my favorite, spicy Thai, Spanish Tapas, Mexican - guacamole, black bean dishes, think and hearty salsas with lots of onions and veggies, Mediterranean - hummos etc. Greek dishes etc........kalamata olives, sumptuous marinades and sauces, stir fry veggies quinoa or brown rice - combos, salads.... fresh greens, creative soups, berries of all kinds..... all organic of course........... fall harvest veggies......apples, pumpkin pie, maple syrup, almonds, walnuts, leeks, morel mushrooms, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, fresh herbs, cucumbers, garlic.......on and on......... and I run out of space here.

Shows : Jon Stewart, Racheal Maddow, Stephen Colbert, Comedy Central, Bill Maher, Nova, Nature, Futurama, PBS programs, Masterpiece Theater, Curb Your Enthusiasm...I know that I am forgetting many here. I watch more films and am not much into big corp. republican - backed commercial television.
The six things I could never do without
You have probably concluded by now, that I would struggle terribly with editing this list down to six.

Visits with my son when time allows, love, sharing, holding, communicating and sharing ideas, my kayak, bicycle, special moments with friends, music and live venues to listen to great music, art galleries and museums, - painting, and creating art, films, books, dogs, cats, animals, nature, water, a piano and am hoping to learn the guitar to put that on my list, rocks and minerals, fossils. trees, forests, bird watching, ethnic foods and curry dishes, sun rises on smaller lakes and sun set walks along Lk. MI

This is the short list as well.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Creative ideas for projects. Problem solving.

Future travel to distant lands.

Daily events and future goals.

Time management in lieu of balancing work and artistic pursuits : playing more music, learning the guitar, creating more art, learning and discovering new mediums - sculpture. Time for reading, writing, activism and of course- connections with family and friends.

Deep concerns about for the current mess that this planet and entire ecosystem is in and the toxic impacts that all species that dwell within, are struggling with. How did we sleep through, deny, ignore and play away the problems that have compiled over the last decades and allow them to escalate to such an alarming and critical level ? How did we disconnect from these toxic realities so deeply ? Why haven't the people demanded more from their government since we are paying the bills ? Concerns for the out of control and rising population among humans and the impacts to the finite and dwindling resources.

Concerns about the fact that so many people are not wanting to get involved, take responsibility, or give anything back when given so much in the way of natural resources. Folks take so much from the planet and other much more than they ever give back to where the balance is out of control and unstable now.

This is not pessimism......this is realty ! Wake up people !

How have we become so neglectful, abusive, violent, blindly consumptive and not mindful of our legacy ? Preferring to negate and ignore the problems for the sake of remaining in a comfortable denial of so many inconvenient truths.

Huge concerns for what has become of the political process and so called - democracy in this country - with the two party system, the infighting and immature bantering that goes on between the parties and what will become of the fate of future elections.

Politicians have become puppets for lobbyists and big business interests and are backed, bought and manipulated by big profit driven corporations, oil companies and organizations that are some of the worst polluters. Add Wall Street and other lending agencies to the mix and the backing of the supreme court for excessive financing of candidates that champions their dark and greedy agendas and you have a recipe for disaster from raising cash crop politicians.

I appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the sun rises and settings over the lakes and realize how fortunate I am to enjoy, marvel, respect, appreciate, absorb and partake of this beauty on a daily basis.

Creative minds journey often.....................
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes tired and relaxing from working all week. Listening to, watching a film with a friend, attending an art event, walking with a friend and my furry, four legged companion,
reading, doing art and creative pursuits.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Funny question. Is this where we air our dirty laundry and our worst faux pas ?

Not sure how to answer this one. Hmmmmmmmm

I am a very sensitive - artistic- romantic type. Strong, resourceful and resilient on the outside and a real softy on the inside. Vulnerable and feel things deeply, but not afraid to cry. I have been tested in my life through navigating through some major losses, deaths, adversities and challenges that were in my path and out of my control. Just life.....Openly addressing these adversities nurtured an emotional intelligence in me that is also infused with a healthy level of compassion and patience.

Humor is everything....but in its proper place and not to use as an avoidance and hide problems behind.

I prefer to spend my time around folks who have a healthy depth of character and do not swim on the surface. Emotional intelligence is vital to me.

I live my life and love....just like a woman....but I break just like a little girl !
You should message me if
You should message me if : You are a non smoker and find a connection, affinity , camaraderie, and intrigue with what I have shared and elaborated on in my profile.

You should message me if : You love, enjoy, support and appreciate: The arts - visiting art museums and galleries, attending live stage- plays, watching creative films, listening to music - ( live or recorded and enjoy playing music yourself....singing) - symphony, concerts and many other creative pursuits- photography, carpentry, sculpture, creative writing, reading to yourself or out loud to a friend- or partner, appreciate old architecture and contemporary works,.....................the list is endless and the potential for harmonizing mutual and different interests is bountiful and exciting.

You should message me if : You love animals, enjoy their company and feel strongly about protecting their rights against the horrific and egregious abuses that humans exact upon wild, domestic and factory farm animals on a daily basis. Human rights are also paramount to address and support.

You should message me if : You are a vegetarian or working diligently towards that goal, like to cook and or prepare healthy, organic meals for yourself or with someone. If you feel that as a consumer, your food choices are some of the most important impacts that you can make in your life on a daily basis. Daily activism. Consumer choices carry the most profound impact to the animals, forests, climate change and the environment.

You should message me if : You care about the planet / nature / environment and want to do something about protecting/ championing/ conserving wildlife ...flora and fauna. If : you adore walking, hiking, kayaking and engage in other activities - exploring, appreciating, observing and appreciating nature.

You should message me if : You can go without being plugged into, umbilical corded, or tethered to - technological gadgets and electronic things all the time and that you can be present to the moment and openly listen and communicate when you are with someone. That you are not a techno addict and feel the insatiable desire or need to fill up some void with text messaging, tweeting and or preoccupying yourself with your cell phone all the time. Especially while engaged in conversations.

You should message me if : You love to travel and explore new places, cultures, cities, country, natural open spaces - and are open to new experiences, love the water and being on it -or in it, love good cuisine and are open to new flavors of different regions and ethnic foods,. When you travel, hopefully you appreciate, respect and enjoy the many gifts that are shared through cultural exchanges and taking in the beauty of new landscapes.

You should message me if : You are kind, sweet, friendly with others, loving, open hearted, educated, professional, fit and like to exercise, healthy goals and healthy lifestyle habits, humorous...funny.....witty, playful, creative, dapper, spontaneous, child like, easy with laughter and giggling, sensitive, adventurous, respectful, calm, affectionate, romantic, even tempered, balanced with the masculine and feminine sides of your psyche and nurture them both, into problem solving, intellectually and emotionally available - developed, mature and evolved, open minded, helpful, patient, reliable , best friend, comrade, compassionate, gentlemanly, polite, civil, good at communicating, charming, eloquent, jovial, generous, financially stable, employed, self sufficient, giving, sharing, creative, honest, dedicated, dependable, timely, organized when appropriate and warranted, not a type' A' personality, not controlling or arrogant, mindful, monogamous, sincere, interested in politics and current events, left and liberal minded, not into ridiculous dogma and traditional religious nonsense and can find inspiration outside of four walls, icons, guilt induced - lectures and crosses, able to laugh at yourself and admit mistakes, boast a humble and balanced ego.............

Are you : Interested in making wise and educated consumer choices, alternative energy, sustainability, landscaping, gardening ---veggies and perennial.... flower - water gardens. ... open to astronomy, bird and wild life observation, earth sciences, geology and exploring this exquisite planet on so many, many levels.

This is the short list, but what a recipe ! Hopefully you feel strongly about some basic ingredients that you are looking for in a friend / partner, connection on this site.

Thanks for taking the journey here and making it this far.

Writing a profile is not a fine art, newer to me and not something that I hope to do often enough that I master the craft.

Enjoy and be well !