38Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm mid thirties, have a good job that I love, and I like to blow steam during my downtime.

My last relationship, lasted for 16 years, so I can be stable ...
But right now, I just want to meet and talk lo other open minded people, who love to have fun, and can keep the drama at a minimum ,

! Cheers
I’m really good at
I love to cook. And I'm passionate about food. I love to invent original dishes or make classics with my own twist on it.

My favorite "game " to play is a twist on dinner impossible (tv show).
I try to make the best feast out what we have left at home, or what my gf picks at random.
Just for fun, what would you bring me, lets say 3-4 things to try and stump me?

I used to have party at home where people would bring stuff they loved or better stuff they had at home, that they did not know what to do with it.

A tous-s'qui-party

I think I'm a good problem solver, and that's what makes me great at my job. But it also gives me pressure to perform, that I'm getting more and more adept at dealing with.
The first things people usually notice about me
Kind of hard not to be notice, 6'1" large shoulder ...
Plus people seem to think I look familiar ... But every time, I remind them of someone they like , so I guess that's good
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: I'm a sci-fi. fan, And a trekki ; my favourite serie is by William shathner about the latter adventure of captain Kirk.

I'm also a big fan of the asimov inspired serie : robot city.

Love to read a Steven king novels, needfull things is my favorite.

The one that got me hook on sci-fi was
battlefield earth . great novel and a great sequel ( but, god did I hate the lame movie they based on it)

Movie: guess the movies I can never pass over when I see they are on are: shawshank redemption, the money pit, national lampoons chrismast vacation, space ball, )
I love horror movies , but I did not get a good spine chilling one In years , any suggestions?

Shows: I don't take the time to watch tv much, but when I do, I like to watch uncut version and complete season at a time on mtorrent or DVD .

Series I'm on now: walking dead, continuum , dexter, supernatural ...
I've got a few terra of unwatched shows , maybe someday ill get around to see them.

Music : I'm a very big music fan, I love classic rock, '90's music, ect ....
Been going to karaoke bars a few time in the last 2 years, and love to suprise people by knowing pretty much every song they choose for me : I never know what to sing, and it's a fun way to mix it up, by having people try to stump me. But they have to be able to sing the song if I can't ... Otherwise, would not be fun.

My current playlist as on it The black keys, Adele, maroon5, Mumford and sons , walk of the earth, skrillex, the black keys, weezer, ( got over 1200 song on my iPod, ) I still listen to my old albums by gnr, Metallica .
What's the music shameless pleasure : please don't laugh, you will stump your feet like everybody else , Garth brooks ...
Six things I could never do without
My iPhone, got a have my tunes and camera ready at hand.

A BBQ , I love to cook, I'm very good at it, and love the taste & smell given off by open flame cooking. On it, I can do miracle , even my vegetarian friends love what I do on it, and appreciate that I cook the meal respectfully of their lifestyle .

My king size bed, I feel so good having my long body fit inside without having half my body hanging out of the bed.

Parks and wilderness , I have to be able to roam free out off the paved roads once in a while.

Talk radio, I just love to get into an argument with my radio over what they said on air.

Meeting new people, I could not live alone or stuck in a very secluded part of the world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Humm, beside sex, ( WHAT!! ah come on I thought we were honest here)

Give me a few strong shots and i will try to change the world, politics and social commentaries is my love, I love to remake the world over a good meal.
On a typical Friday night I am
I usually go out for a bite to eat, meet friends, than we decide what we're gonna do, using Facebook or an invitation we received ... Or we just find a place and go with it.

We love to go to a underground bar in a shady part of st -Henry , to
Talk to people and listen to live punk bands.
Recently, we went to a few concerts, movies, bar openings, private party , even went to open minded adults spa... A story best kept for a more private venue.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
We never got replied or messages on this site, which i will admit confuses us.
We were on an adult site before, too many reply... Here , when no sex is implied, nada ,
Oh well , hakuna matata

And what else we could admit, we'll my gf admited she was also into Girls, more than bicurious.

As for me, I'll admit to having bicurious thoughts too, but I seem to not be attracted to manly types, and I've always been curious about trans and effiminated boys. Sexually.
You should message me if
Your just here to meet new people,

Wanna chat

Wanna exchange experience about being in a strait environment but being more of a marginal type.

Why not?
The two of us