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My self-summary
Ladies, next up we have this handsome man who is seeking the hand and heart of his future Queen and Priestess. You will find he is even tempered, easy going and very understanding. He seems to be smiling all the time and just soaking in his surroundings. It seems that most things do not bother him as he seeks for a happy and peaceful environment to live in.

One way he has found peace in his life is though his faith. His faith and lifestyle are intertwined and at the core of his being. Being LDS is a lifestyle that requires commitment to responsibilities and duties. It requires active church and temple attendance and fulfilling priesthood duties and responsibilities. He strives to do his best but of course he is not perfect and struggles with his imperfections and flaws. He expects his spouse to be accepting and supportive of these imperfections, just as he will be of her one or two minor weaknesses and flaws.

He enjoys time at home and with his family and when not at home he devotes much of his time to providing for their welfare, security and happiness. He has found a field of employment he enjoys and provides for the needs of his family. With wise management of finances, he has been able to have a single income family.

On a personal level, he will seek refuge from the chaos of the business world at home where he can quietly bask in the frolicking antics of his kids. Though at times their antics seem more like chaos than organized play. He loves to sit and watch TV or movies with his kids and finds most of the TV shows he watches are on Disney. Though his youngest loves to sit on Dad’s lap to watch movies on the computer as Dad tries to work/play but both end up watching the movie.

To relax, he likes to spend time at home, puttering around the house, watching TV with the family, play computer games and occasional reading among many other assorted activities. But when he gets time off and can, he loves to go camping to sit, relax and enjoy nature. However the kids are always begging to go fishing, hiking or doing some other activity which he finds enjoyable as well.

Ultimately, you will find his simple, honest, sensitive, caring nature delightful. He will place you as a top priority in his life and express it with romance, tender love, and loyal devotion towards you.

And here is a snippet from our interview with him:

Q: Do you have anything more to add to the introduction?
A: No, I think it is a good simple advertisement about me though it only touches on the highlights. But with that, let the fun begin!

Q: Do you have specific qualifiers for a partner?
A: Well, I guess my partner should be a woman. Lame joke aside, my ideal dream partner has dark hair, dark brown eyes, and great looking legs with the appearance of the average girl next door type with a little flair on the sexy side. But if you don’t have those looks, don’t shy away as the above is the best possible and I am not set on finding someone with those exact qualities. In fact I am quite open in what I am looking for, will accept those I find cute regardless of hair or eye color. The girl next door and good looking legs are still pretty high on the list.

Q: What qualities are you looking for in a woman?
A: I would like to find a lady that is laid back and easy going. Not always in a rush or driven to work every moment she is awake. Someone who will accept me as I am, but also willing to work with me to when changes are needed. Is kind, supportive, warm and loving. She should be comfortable with touching as the primary language of love I use, followed by small acts of service.

Q: What are the driving factors in your life?
A: There are three core ideas that I base a lot of my choices and actions on. The can be found in D&C 101:78, Moses 3:24 / D&C 42:22, Moses 1:39 / D&C 132:19-20. Free choice/action, devotion to the most important thing on earth and achieving my destined future. All other actions are based off of these three premises.

Q: Now that we know what you are looking for what do you have to offer?
A: Me, what else is there? Seriously, I can offer devotion, companionship, and a very understanding attitude. I will accept her as she is with no attempt to force her to change. Though if she leaves mud footprints throughout the house on a constant basis I will encourage her to clean off her feet before wondering the house. I am also very handy around the house fixing things and building projects that need to be done. While also being very low maintenance and able to be financially frugal.

Q: Why have you chosen to use Online Dating?
A: Where else is there? The local bar or coffee shop? Don’t drink and not interested in those that do. Church? Most are taken so very small pool of potential ladies. So online dating allows me to get out in front of more potential woman than I could achieve by visiting places. It also provides the advantage of identifying those who are interested in dating and not wasting time on those who are not and who do not have the same interests as me.

Q: Since you are just starting, what do you expect in communicating with others?
A: Well, all I can say is I am going to be as up front as I can. Unfortunately we are dealing with emotions here and sometimes a wrong word or misinterpretation can cause problems. I wish not to hurt anyone but I believe they deserve a straight forward answer if there is an interest. I expect the same, if I approach a woman and they are not interested, let me know, so I don’t continue to bother them. However I can’t read minds, so if you stop by and find me interesting but don’t make it know with a flirt, wink, like, message or whatever I will never know. Besides sometimes the informal communication is best to show interest but not risk a huge rejection.

Q: Since you have looked at the dating pool, what are your expectations?
A: Well, I would say it looks pretty good. I will probably send out many openers but receive back a few responses. But then again all I need is one, the right one and that is all that matters. These openers will be based on profiles and even though I do read the profiles, a couple of pictures of the person will go a lot farther than no picture at all.

Q: How would you recommend ladies to start communicating with you?
A: Well, there will be two types of ladies, the first is more old fashion and desiring the man to make the first move. Which is fine if the man knows they are interested. So if they are interested, they will at least need to make it know somehow that I should contact them. The second are those who will be willing to make the first move and will send out a message. Of course, then we have to deal with the dreaded opening comment. For me, just say what is on their mind. Say “Hi, I like your nose” or “Why have you not winked at me”. Even asking about my user name or how did I come to have seven toes will work. For me, it does not really matter what is said as I will assume that since they are sending me a message they are interesting in getting to know me a little more. And if not, say so.

Q: What would be your initial meeting be like?
A: Well, I would say that the first time we meet it might be like a get together at a smoothie shop or something that can be quick and open in what happens. That way they have to option of once seeing me to be able to turn around and run off screaming in the distance “never again” LOL. Seriously, the first meeting will be of the get to know you type, something simple that can be continued or if things don’t click, easy to end it short and part without feeling an obligation to stay the whole time.

Q: So far we have talked about you and possible connections, but what about your kids that were mentioned?
A: I don’t say much about my kids, not because they don’t matter, as they do. But I want to keep them as anonymous to the internet as I can. So I don’t say much about them. But suffice it to say they range from kindergarten to senior. The older ones are spreading their wings while the younger ones still want to be around dad.

Q: Anything else you want to add?
A: Sure, I wonder if anyone will actually read all this stuff. I know that I browse profiles based on pictures. Then if it catches my interest, I will read through their profile. If they have qualities I am looking for, I will go from there. Otherwise I will move on as I am not looking for a relationship based and looks or a quick meet up.
What I’m doing with my life
living it
I’m really good at
Avoiding sharing details in public
The first things people usually notice about me
I am a man and not dead
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Sci-fi, comedy, action, not rap and pretty much anything
Six things I could never do without
Let's see Air, Water, Food, Light, Shelter and Gravity
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What ever crosses my mind
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Most anything to the right woman
You should message me if
Message me if you find something of interest, I am willing to chat with one and all. Though if you drink, smoke or not LDS, a long term relationship probably will not develop
The two of us