42Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
I dance, design, create, write, sculpt, costume, construct, instruct, travel... (I've worked as a professional visual artist and professional ethnic dancer, and currently work full-time as a local government arts, environment & wellness programmer and facilitator. I'm keeping my passion for dance and art through instruction and movement as ritual, (mostly African & Middle Eastern). Creatively I'm currently working on another series of garments and a public art work. And ceramic vessels. And a costume! Something creative is always cooking!)

I teach yoga for the joy and the workout, (and I'm a better lead than follow). I'm just connecting with partner and Acro Yoga which seems natural & fun!

I'd love to connect with a complementary (metaphoric) merman for creative cahoots, lasting partnership, and certainly new dear friends too!

* Although I currently hang my hat in Lost Angeles and have for many moons, it doesn't own me. I'm open to the adventure. Nothing is tying me down! LA feels more like a base than a home.

I've had the privilege of growing up on my grandfather's land - farm and forest, in Pennsylvania, enjoying gardening and nature and would like to return to a greener, rainier environment when the time is right...
What I’m doing with my life
Co-creating, thought and beauty provoking, inspiring, liberating, keeping and rediscovering traditions... Dancing, moving, building, designing, art making, performing, culture jamming. Adoring my beautiful, hand-made, fun-filled life!

I live for European paced days, love to work & create in the world, yet savor delicious meals, relish a siesta, dance a Hasapiko. I love ripe salted tomatoes from my garden, power tool projects, night-time skinny dipping, silent walks on snowy nights...
I’m really good at
Wicked come-backs.
Scintillating conversation.
Finding a way out of no way.
Hitting a straight lick with a crooked stick.
Singing in harmony.
Drawing up the plans.
Coming up with a better scheme.
Winning the costume contest.
Sinking the shot after never having played.
Dancing with pure abandon.

Shooting from the hip.
Calling it like I see it.
Cutting through the red tape.
Remembering the ancient traditions.
Finding the words that heal our contemporary confusion.

Speaking volumes without a word,
with just my hands and eyes.

Reveling in the curve of my Love's jawline and clavicle,
hands and scent.
Sleeping skin to skin,
coiled in deep dreaming.
The first things people usually notice about me
(I asked!):
Fellow curator: "Wonderfully creative...".
Local Sherriff: "She looks like a prima ballerina...".
Dance Patron: "Every part of her dances...."
Desirous poetic man: "She has eyes like deer...curves like a mermaid...".
Soul Sister: "Apertura y entrega total a la vida".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Dance & Music: Traditional, Contemporary, Ambient, Electronic, Funk, Blues, Roma, Rai, Tunisian, Algerian, Afrobeat, Afro Brazilian/ Caribbean/ Haitian, Moroccan, Egyptian, Turkish, Andalusian, Transylvanian, Greek, Gypsy, Tanoura, Dervish, Russian, Georgian, Historical, Hula, Hokey Pokey, the Hustle! Aretha, Nina, Etta, Bessie, Emmylou. Pina Bauch. Whatever moves me.

Recommended Reading: Mario Martinez Mind Body Code, Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay, Robert Holden, Naomi Wolf, Harville Hendrix, Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth: Her Stories and Hymns from Sumer, The Way of the Superior Man, My Side of the Mountain, Women Who Run with the Wolves,Tagore, Rumi, Mirabai, Hafiz, Neruda, Nin, Brezsny, Jung, Campbell, the I Ching. I love to read up on psychology, science, cosmology, physics, metaphysics, archaeology, anthropology, gender, neuropsycho-immunology, bio-cognition, and on and on...

Art: arte povera, street art, folk art, installation art, environmental art, public art, interactive art, temporary art, performance art, Indigenous art & architecture, artful gardens, eco art, elements of BRC, Wilmarth's glass orbs inspired by Mallarme, Banksy, Doris Salcedo's wardrobes, Marina Abramovic's crystal brooms, the yearning spaces and poignant details in Andrew Wyeth's works, humming colors in early Rothko's, and mysteries of Maya Deren, Akira Kurosawa, Jane Campion.
Art that is a gift, not an imposition.

Cuisine: French everything! Carbonara, bolanese, gnocchi, souvlaki, perogi, bulgoki... Turkish kofte, Moroccan chicken with pickled lemon and olives, Cajun Crab boils, Tartare, platanos maduros. Basil, parmesan, olive oil, red wine, repeat. Anything made with pleasure and love. I hope you are a BRILLIANT cook and want to make me fat and happy!

Favorite outings, travels, moments:

New travels! with few repeats!
Roaming Powell's Books or SF's Brides of March, the Philae Temple or the Temple of Juno, steaming in a Turkish hamam or hot springs in the forests of Oregon, hiking the woods of Washington, Half Dome, or across a Roman aqueduct in the south of France, enjoying landscape, light and ancient architecture all over Italy, late night strolls through the colors of the Marigny, running barefoot in summer thunderstorms, sled riding, or making snow angels.

All of Italia, Switzerland, France, Britain. I adore the Rhone Valley and Cote d'Azure.

The remnants of Ancient Ottoman Empire, Persia, Greece, Rome, Egypt....

I've also done solo road & camping trips all over the US, 40 states or more, Mexico, and Canada, so enough with North America.

Travel is part of my bliss. An obvious part of my astrological chart, and perhaps yours if you know it well. Travel is a way to connect with my sense of being a global citizen and to nourish myself with difference. I'm not collecting travel trophies; I go out into the world to find our deep sense of interconnectedness and appreciate wild beautiful differences.

(For example, I adored visiting Montreal again in the beauty of Indian Summer. I'm somehow not mentally back yet... So hard to leave clean, green, tree lined streets, warm rain, tumultuous downpours and thunderstorms, cozy neighborhoods, considered aesthetics, preserved architecture, biking all over the city with ease, lovely parks, beauty, locavore businesses, community pride, cleanliness and the last gorgeous weeks of summer...
I miss dramatic weather and seasons...
More reasons to leave Los Angeles...
Any recommendations?
Six things I could never do without
Dance ecstasy & creating beauty.
Celebration, liberation, expansion.
Moonlight. Starlight.
Succulent food that makes me moan.
Elegant line & movement in art, dance, design, & music.
Travel that reminds me of the kindness, intelligence, and beauty of the world,
Relationships that make me laugh and LAUGH!!!
The wilderness, forests, and rain.
Love, the Erotic Arts & soulful sensuality.
Disregarding the (stogy cultural) rules...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My next art pieces, designs, choreographies, travels. New decor and improvements for the yurt I built. No I don't live in it, but I could. temporarily...

The invisible world (scent, data, sensations, spirit, synchronicity, pleasure, desire, joy, dreams, ideas not yet birthed), our inter-woveness with the natural world, solutions to seemingly difficult dilemmas, bio-mimicry, sacred economics, kindness in communication, but less time thinking, and more time living.
On a typical Friday night I am
Going Commando!

(On any night I may be creating, dreaming, soaking, shaking it, laughing, reading, writing, prowling the streets, roaming the hills, jumping bonfires, gazing at the cosmos, savoring it).
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Of course I'll wear impossibly tall sexy shoes for you.

As long as you carry me around all night.
You should message me if
You would be paradise to come home to.

You have some kind of daily meditation, mindfulness, chanting, singing, dancing, cooking, creating, praying, or centering practice that sets your head on straight. Everyday.

You are financially solid and work and commute not much more than 40 hrs per week. (Meaning you have the ability and time for a partnership).

You are happy and FUN!

And you have a mouth!
That makes complete wonderful intriguing descriptive sentences!

And you have muscles.
And you use them.
And hands
That want to hold me.
And you want to use them to work with me - to create something brilliant and beautiful: a design, a concept, an art piece, a garden, a travel itinerary, an action plan!

You are completely creative, collaborative, conversational, hilarious, loving and capable of having a lasting, dedicated, connected, passionate, participatory partnership.

You know better than to try to wrap your head around a woman;
You wrap your arms and your heart around her.

You are a pragmatic mystic.

You have your head in the clouds!
Feet on the ground!

(Translation: while you are delightfully creative, you have your act together physically, financially, emotionally, socially and soulfully, thereby well equipped to put your work and wonderful relationship into reality).

Your words are Golden.

(That means your profile is 100% true
and you keep your Word.

We know where you headed
by what game you playin....)

Your heart is Open.
Your heart is Happy & Light!

YOU are a Beauty and a Beast!
You look with the Eyes behind the eyes.

YOU don't want to kiss the mirror;
You want to kiss another.

You are not begging door to door for a cup of water.
You are standing with me, at the bank of the river.

You are a well traveled, well read, well mannered, and a HEALTHY, FIT, FUN, AND FABULOUS citizen of the world, planning another adventure abroad, learning & growing, dancing & camping, playing & creating.

You are as quick as a whip,
but would never DARE to sting me with it. Wh-tchhhhhh!!!!

You want to take me to, Funky Town!

You've got soul, and everybody knows, that it's alright. Yeah. It's alright.

You have your camping bag, ruck sack, and travel gear ready to roll!

You are living life as an ecstatic pleasure, an infinitely pleasurable game, not a finite game.

You do not want a charade of a princess!

You want a Chariot, a Lightning Bolt, a Robin Hood, a Creatrix, a feline, a falcon, a force 5, a fawn...

You want a Quantum Leaper and a Pioneer Heart.
You want Mardi Gras and Hallelujah.

You don't just "love" women: you - through your words and ACTIONS- respect, support, encourage, elevate, honor, adore, and inspire us.

You want to snuggle and love because you are a Lover....

You have a great track record.

You are smart enough to realize that I'm not interested in a casual anything. For this to work you need to be hi-fidelity & low drama. If you have an addiction to the adrenaline and cortisol of drama or any other crazy addictions, that will not work for me. I can't watch bad Latin soap operas, nor American ones.

You realize I need a devout, dedicated, steadfast, and lasting lover.
I cannot settle for scraps.
I am a woman that needs a feast.

You are a knowledgable sensualist. I need a passionate man that loves the erotic arts and who wants to make me ridiculously happy. I am a triple Scorpio (Sun, Venus and Mars). Sex is sacred. Sensuality to me is an oceanic voyage, a transformation, a psychological investigation, an ecstatic connection, and a near-death experience that we travel to the underworld for and return with the victory of resurrection.
(I don't do casual. I do intense intimate relating).

You have the interest, ability, self-worth, capacity, communication, relationship, and social skills to have a healthy, fun, lasting love relationship, and value others enough to create a lasting, secure, and dedicated partnership.
and from Harville direct:

(If you have not read my writing & question answers, not posted untouched head and body shots from this year and quite recent, nor done the simple math to ascertain your correct height, age, wage, work, and number of offspring (??!), perhaps you are not smarter than a 5th grader and have been automatically disqualified! :D

I'm open to relationships with souls who defy convention and who will continue to grow more wonderful, worldly, witty, and wise with me.
The two of us