40Smyrna, United States
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My self-summary
Generally, I'm a pretty humble person, which makes a task like this an exercise in cognitive dissonance - make yourself sound interesting, fun, and worthwhile, without coming across as an arrogant jack-ass! Oooh-kay. Lemme get right on that!

If I had to choose one thing that defines me, I'd say it's humor. I believe that with humor, we can get through anything (and maybe even maintain our sanity in the process), and one of my greatest joys in life comes from making others laugh. I love all forms of humor, from Chris Farley fat-guy slapstick, to dry British humor, to zinger come-backs, and everything in between. Puns are great. I like to think I wield sarcasm like a surgeon wields a scalpel - carefully, and sparingly, so as to produce maximum effect with minimal damage. A co-worker once described me as "the master of the dynamite drop-in," which, were I to guess, is a result of being the youngest of three children in a family with a bunch of talkers. To get a word in, it had to be inserted edgewise, with precision and a modicum of force.

Religion is an area that I've struggled with most of my life, primarily because I don't feel, deep down in my bones, the feeling that the devoutly religious have described to me. How do you fake faith? I've identified my religion in that neat little check-box as Atheist, and that probably comes closest to describing it, but really, it'd be better if they'd add a "/Shrug" category, because the truth is I don't know. And to me, faith is too important to mimic. That said - I'm accepting of other peoples' beliefs, and find intolerance to be unacceptable. But - with me, it's best not to proselytize. I am who I am, and I'll accept you for who you are.

Politically, I generally identify myself as being a moderate. I lean to the conservative side economically, but socially I skew a bit liberal. That said, I find the entire political system flawed, primarily because the people that we select to run our country are more concerned with getting re-elected than they are with actually *running* our country. I'd love to see massive campaign reform to allow lawmakers to focus more on doing what's RIGHT rather than doing what will get them enough money to get re-elected.

My interests are pretty varied, I think, and I'm always working to be well rounded. My work is pretty demanding, so I'm constantly striving to counterbalance that. I love reading, and movies, and music, but I also like to get out and be physical. I love that feeling you get when you finish a really hard run, and you slow down to a walk.... and it's like you're just floating. Or after a tough strength workout, that feeling of being utterly depleted. I like games (video and board), crosswords, sudoku, and logic puzzles. Keeping the brain stimulated is crucial to staying young at heart. I love sports of all kinds - playing and watching. I haven't had the opportunity to get out to the theater or the symphony recently, but would love to find the right person to do those kinds of things with.

However, I've also realized that I'd gotten a bit static in my approach to learning, and have recently worked on branching out. It's pretty easy to get caught up in the workaday world, and forget that there are more rows to cultivate in the garden than just the ones that yield cash crops. This has manifested in research into all sorts of random topics such as (in no particular order): combustion engines, new ways to tie a tie (ashamed to admit I've always used the schoolboy before now, but - now I know how to tie a double-windsor - not sure if this now qualifies me as cultured? I'm going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and go with "Yes."), a return to my favorite of all mythologies - Norse, and a little dabbling into documentaries (most recently, Guns, Germs and Steel, wherein I find the case presented compelling, to say the least).

Most of my friends have been friends with me forever (as in, grade-school forever). I've never felt the need to have a huge circle of friends, though I enjoy meeting new people. I tend to be a bit shy and reserved in big groups, but I love interacting one-on-one and in small groups and ultimately prefer small group gatherings rather than parties. I prefer to *talk* to people rather than shout over music. :)

In a relationship, I pride myself on providing "unconditional positive regard," and look for the same from my partner. If I'm with you, it's because I enjoy being with you, and want to be with you. And I will always be in your corner and ready to help wherever and however I can. It's probably safe to say that I suffer from "delusions of knight-in-shining-armor-hood," if you'll pardon the tremendous awkwardness of that turn of phrase.

I've always been drawn to strong, independent and intelligent women that, despite being independent, aren't afraid to lean on me when they need to. I'm not much for chauvinism or machismo - though as a guy, I'll likely have my moments, for which I'll apologize in advance. I do believe in being a gentleman, since that's how I was raised, so I'll probably open doors, and walk on the side of the sidewalk nearest the traffic (as though my body would actually prevent a runaway car from plowing both of us over, but whatevs - and also, yes, I do know that this isn't the origin of the custom, but it's the purpose I envision it serving in this day and age).

So - all in all, I feel a bit like a needle-in-a-haystack that is, itself, searching for a different needle (in a different haystack) - recently, I'm not even sure if that other haystack is in the same barn - or on the same planet, for that matter.

Oi. That's a lot, but I take this seriously in one respect - I am who I am, and don't want to misrepresent. There's a lot going on here, but ultimately, what you see is what you get. Hopefully, you get what you like. :)
What I’m doing with my life
March (Spring is upon us!) Update:
New developments, now that I feel like a grizzly bear (an only slightly grumpy grizzly bear) emerging from the cave of my winter hibernation: been working on getting back in shape - not that I was in terrible shape before, mind you, but... better shape. Starting to look for some opportunities to get out, and to get outside.
Wow, I didn't realize how much I hate the winter until spring rolls around. I think that completely colors my outlook on things, the gray, cold, dark bleakness of winter. But looking forward to spring (NOTE: I will be complaining about the heat, and especially the humidity, come summer. But spring, oh, glorious spring! And Fall - you're amazing as well.)

Another thing that I've recently committed to (that I'm very excited about) is volunteering at a local no-kill animal rescue organization. I'm a huge proponent of adopting rescues, and I've finally committed to putting my money (and my time) where my mouth is. My only concern is falling in love with another pup and not being able to adopt :(
I’m really good at
Being there when friends and family need me. Procrastinating. Playing games. Being snarky. Steering clear of cameras when they're about to snap a picture. Being serious. Being blithe. Using words most people don't use.
The first things people usually notice about me
Have no idea. I'd guess it's my irreverent sense of humor, but... that's just a guess.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love media - books, movies, music... yes! That's my stuff.

Books - Pretty much anything by Neil Gaiman. Guy Gavriel Kay is great too (The Sarantine Mosaic basically *crushed* me when I finished it. Seriously, I put that book down and felt like the world had imploded. Powerful stuff. Under Heaven - also amazing). Tad Williams. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline - brilliant. Patrick Rothfuss. Stuff that I'm further from but loved includes Vonnegut, Heller, Douglas Adams.

(BONUS: Just finished reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch - very good book. Now on to Playing for Keeps by Mur Lafferty)

Also - I suppose I can include graphic novels. Enjoyed the Watchmen. Y: the Last Man is one of my all-time favorites - the end of that was like a punch to the gut (in a good way) similar to the Sarantine Mosaic.

Movies - So I Married an Axe Murder - All. Time. Favorite. Groundhog Day. Austin Powers. Iron Man. Fight Club. Batman Begins. Shaun of the Dead. Zombieland. Bull Durham. Spaceballs. Uhh... I could go on. (I like movies.)

Music - The Fratellis. Ok Go. Florence + the Machine. The Prodigy. Mumford and Sons. Spoon. The Strokes. The White Stripes. The Hives. The Exies. Kings of Leon. Tchaikovsky (and classical music in general, though I probably don't listen to as much as I should.) Anything with unusual instruments (e.g., bands that feature brass or classical strings, or banjos, etc.) or with a nice driving beat, chances are good I'll like it.

TV Shows - Changes a bit, but currently: Lost Girl, Arrested Development, Castle, Arrow, Archer, Warehouse 13, Eureka. Probably a few others worth mentioning that are escaping my memory at the moment. My DVR is chock full o' stuff to watch (not to mention my Netflix queue).
Six things I could never do without
1 - My friends & family.
2 - Laughter.
3 - My pup Charley (but she's a she! Yes, my dog is a tom-boy).
4 - My DVR.
5 - My MP3 player.
6 - Georgia Tech Football (and College Football in general) and Chicago Cubs (and Atlanta Braves) Baseball - and no, that's NOT two things, it's my list, dammit! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Turns out, most of the time, my brain's going to town on any number of topics, like a hamster spinning in a wheel. And it really can be anything. What's that noise my car started making - should I be worried? Ooh, there's that movie that just came out that I want to see. I've got to talk to the Owner's Rep on my project about a delay to the project... Really don't want to do that, but I damn sure am gonna have to. Sent a message to a girl last night... did I say something dumb, or could I have worded it better? Oh look, a prehistoric forest!
I'm the KING of rehearsing conversations in my head, which is kind of funny, cause conversations are kind of like battles: No plan survives contact with the enemy. Except, you know, remove the whole conflict denotation out of that similie, since I enjoy conversations.
Also, I love metaphors, and love coming up with good ones. Yeah, think about that sometimes too.
I like to self reflect - what am i doing right, what could I be doing better?
A lot of times, I'm thinking about perfectly trivial things, like what kind of new car I'd buy (I love driving, so that's one of the things I like to ponder - unfortunately my practical side keeps getting in the way of my fun side. But... soon...). What's the next book I'm going to read. When does baseball season start again? Is this year "Next Year" for the Cubs? College football is *how* far away?
So - I have my moments where the brain wants to shut off (read: the end of a twelve hour day where I've been arguing with subs, dealing with offended architects, and managing recalcitrant engineers), but... that's generally the exception as opposed to the rule.

SECOND EDIT: I also tend to think about random odd-ball things that occur to me. For example, yesterday whilst out and about, I ended up stopped at a red light. On my right - a Dollar Tree. On my left - a Family Dollar. On the opposite corner - a Dollar General. Seriously? How many dollar stores does one intersection need? Furthermore - do they have price wars with each other like gas stations do? "Everything's.... Ninety-nine cents!" "Ninety-eight!" Alternately, could I go in and bargain in one of them? "Hey - the Dollar Tree is selling this for ninety-nine cents... do you price match?"
On a typical Friday night I am
Probably chilling out at the house, by myself or with a few friends, at the end of a long week. Haven't been much for the club scene in years, but I've never met a patio on a nice spring evening with a cold beer and good companionship that I didn't like.
Basically - low key and easy-going is my style for Friday night. If you want to go climb a mountain or run an obstacle course - let's do that on Saturday. :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
So - if you've stuck through this far, maybe it's no surprise, but: I'm a geek. I like geeky movies and shows. I play video games, and love board and card games (Bonus points for you if you're familiar with Settlers of Catan or Dominion, or the like). Poker is the stuff. I have an abiding weakness for gadgets. I'm the guy everyone in the office comes to with computer questions. Not because I'm the computer guy. Because they all know that if I don't outright know how to fix it, I'll putter with it until I figure out how to fix it. And yes, yes I did build the computer that I'm typing this on.
You should message me if
... you like nerds? Any of that stuff above looks interesting? Is this a trick question?

So, been thinking about this one too (see, there I go - thinking again! Such a bad habit), and realized that, up there (^^) is a bit of a cop out. So, here you go. I think you should message me if:
- You're intelligent and independent, but want a man around and aren't afraid to lean on him for support. I'm no chauvinistic man-child or anything, but I want to be needed and don't care to be superfluous to your life, like some box that's been checked ("Yup, got a boyfriend") or a plaque on the shelf ("I earned the boyfriend achievement!").
- You value loyalty, compassion, honesty, and... quirkiness... in a significant other.
- You have a sense of humor and can see humor in most - if not all - things. Laughing at me is fine (I do it all the time myself), and being able to laugh at yourself is a plus. If you've ever laughed until you cried / almost passed out / nearly died.... we'll probably have a good time together (survival not guaranteed, however).
- You care about your mental and physical health, and work to maintain both.
- You understand that sometimes, I'm going to need my "at home recharge" time, but you're also perceptive (and stubborn) enough to know that sometimes, you may need to prod me out of the house to go do something fun and new.
- You can put up with someone who occasionally goes off the nerd deep end.
- You can deal with parenthetical statements (cause I tend to get interrupted mid-thought with adjunct thoughts a lot), in text, and in conversations. <-- SEE?

Finally - and this was pointed out to me by a friend - you should message me if see that I visited your profile, and I didn't message you, but you think we'd be a good match. Send me a note and prove me wrong. No where, up there, in ALL of that did I ever imply I was infallible. :)
The two of us