31Columbia, United States
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My self-summary
(Just looking at old messages, consider me inactive)

My profile is detailed, because I am detailed.

Life is like a story to me. I want my story to be interesting. I'm not ready for my tales to end, there is so much more I want to have and do and see and feel. If I fail, I want to turn my narrative around to be a story of redemption. If I love, I want it to be magical and not just another read. I want to go on adventures. Want to write part of our stories together?

I laugh easily. Small things make me excited. I am incredibly thoughtful, and will look first at why I can't live without you before trying to find why it wouldn't work between us. I am very passionate about everything I do and value close friendships. Usually that means I focus on a smaller selection of interests and people so that I can make those endeavors the best they can be.

I love nature, I don't get to see it enough. I'm hoping for someone that likes to spend time outside with me going to a park or a beach or a forest. Growing up in Maine, I spent a lot of time outside and my lifestyle is becoming more active again. The ocean? Lets go there!

I'm a nerd at heart, and a gamer. Don't worry, I have my priorities straight. I know exactly what I want in life. Gaming is an activity to be with friends for me. I will say, I am kind of good at them, and I enjoy leading and coordinating my friends. We fight to the end, develop strategies, and research game mechanics to get ahead. I also appreciate things like super heroes, zombies, death rays, castles, potions, D&D, monsters, scrolls, magic, spaceships, and surviving an apocalypse.

I am an idealist in many ways. I wish the world was a better place, therefore I am going to try and act like I'm in that world. I strive to treat people better, hold myself to higher standards, and be more interesting. Today that meant I looked beyond what my celery stalk was, and saw what it could be. It became a spoon for my yogurt. If you appreciate fearlessly clever goofiness, you will love me.


"Many that live deserve death. Some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. Even the very wise cannot see all ends."
- Gandalf

To me, this one makes me think about the possibility that I could be wrong. I am not perfect, the majority is not always right. I always strive to see things from all sides, and to be careful when making decisions. Plus it makes me feel like a sage.

"You have a heart of gold, don't let them take it from you." - Demons Souls

Sometimes, life is sad. This one makes me want to keep going, fighting, not change who I am and continue to wear my heart on my sleeve. If you have a heart of gold, don't ever change. Those are the people in the world I want to surround myself with.
What I’m doing with my life
I have recently decided to become a personal trainer. I'm not in tremendous shape yet, but I found my new calling. It combines being active and helping people. My fitness journey is so fun, I want to pay it forward. In a past life I went to school for game development, and made some bad career choices about the jobs I targeted. Now my story is taking me somewhere new, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

I am aggressively working on my own fitness, nutrition and studying for my personal trainer certification.
I’m really good at
• Becoming an expert and teaching others
• Opening up to you, I feel close when you know all about me
• Being punctual
• Adapting and keeping an open mind
• Taking risks for what I truly want
• Finding joy from being silly
• Prioritizing the important things and not sweating the rest
• Writing in my own voice, you'll be able to tell if we meet
• Showing you new technology you didn't know you wanted
• Being creatively excellent to you through slowly learning all your secrets and using that knowledge to surprise you and make you happy
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Games: Huge gamer, this hardly covers it
Bioware anything
Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Left 4 Dead
Anything co-op

Books: Lots of Fantasy and Sci-Fi
Chronicles of Narnia
Mass Effect: Revelation
Angels and Demons

Movies: All sorts!
Good Will Hunting
Lord of the Rings
Boondock Saints
Spirited Away

TV: A sampling!
Game of Thrones
Big Brother
Dead Like me
Adventure Time
Ancient impossible

Music: I dare you to listen to all of them!

You've never heard this before, you're welcome

Finally settled on the right song

Let go of your fears!

I am eating extremely healthy these days. When I get my fitness goals in order, I'll be able to cheat some days. On those days I love Italian/Mexican/Asian/seafood. Especially pizza, sushi, scallops.
Six things I could never do without
1. A close friend
2. A dream to follow
3. A clear mind
4. Gaming
5. MyFitnessPal app
6. Internet access because everyone needs that and would die without it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
• How to make things better. Not just for myself, but for anyone.
• If I'll ever find someone that makes my heart sing again
• Strategies to beat opponents in video games.
• How to improve my diet and exercise habits(still learning)
• Figuring out what makes new people I meet tick
• Discovering new music to inspire and influence me
You should message me if
I will be more attracted if you:

• Are fully single, no current attachments
• Have a deep and interesting profile
• Are the sweetest girl in the world
• Communicate well and seem smart
• Don't insult anyone in your profile
The two of us