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My self-summary
I like the song "Cupid" by Sam Cooke: It expresses the energy of what most of us are here to network in - with the hope that the arrow will strike true.
Welcome to my section on OK Cupid. I must say this is quite the system they have created. Hopefully the information presented herein helps you decide if I am the soulmate for you and you for me.
Who is Mark? Youthful, very spiritual on a path of Love, a self employed entrepreneur, a friend and go to person who enjoys putting the fun into life. With both my parents having passed on I truly am my own person and would like to meet a woman to explore friendship that will positively speaking evolve into a special best friendship (the union of being in oneness together demands great mutual respect and admiration)..
More about me is presented below in the question and answer section.
What I’m doing with my life
Finding the balance between being self employed (flextime) and social / recreational times. I enjoy building my friendlyville concept of business - we've got to get back to barn-raising in our Communities. Have many things happening (lots to talk about if you want). Update 07/2014: perhaps there is no balance and the balance happens when our earthly existence ceases to be. Of late it seems as if I am driven to build my business presence that is in itself driven to help build a better world - perhaps with a Family or with the melding of a vision with another if it be important to her / them I could choose to take a less active yet still influential role (since it is my business' lifeblood and reason for being - Shine Love) and build on a vision promoting the vision and mission focused on being and sharing in being a good provider for a Family or 2 or more

In terms of how my reply pertains to the above question in a way I see this as an opportunity to live out the modern day Prince Charming in the quest to find his Fair Maiden. My twist is that I have a pair of fine glass slippers. With OK Cupid and my other modes of marketing (personal selling, networking, etc.) I am presenting an image of these slippers. When you like what you see and read then hopefully you are inspired to communicate that you would like to further trial these slippers: e.g. write and then talk by phone. When your confidence is there that these slippers would be worth trying on we can meet in a public place.
Of course our mutual goal should be that you would never want to take those slippers off and dance the rest of your life in them with your newly found "Prince Charming" - for I would surrender them to you and be there to inspire you never to take them off. I believe fairy-tales like this can come true. As such a part of what I am doing is meeting up with people for a coffee / beverage.
I’m really good at
This question was made for me lol. Suppose apart from saying Business and Marketing I will just add: Modesty is letting others figure it out for themselves. Oh yes - I have to add: Being a good friend. (And of course leading a smile revolution - I believe it is impossible to skip and not smile.)
The first things people usually notice about me
My height, my smile and my positive demeanour / demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I treasure my collection of books: fiction and non fiction. All time favourite: James A. Michener. Have to include The New Testament and all the writings by the late Dr. Leo Buscaglia, whom I consider to be my modern day prophet: "Go out and do something good for someone - and if you can't do this, then at least don't do them any harm."

Favourite movies: Since I love to laugh (and do haha yoga with the children with special needs) comedies are my favourite. Oh yes and since I like horses and horseback-riding, I'm always pumped to watch a western. Will watch any movie. One of my favourite "movies" is driving north up airport road to Collingwood in the autumn daylight.

TV shows: I GAVE UP TV - yes over five years now, and as my TV series favourite growing up: Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 of Get Smart would say "and loving it". I do watch events online: Olympics, Leafs etc.) online. I do catch some TV at friends places sometimes. I like ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - I grew up liking Hogan's heroes (do some good impressions), The Beverley Hillbillies and of course Get Smart (more impressions).

I love music: Have an extensive collection of record albums - yes the old vinyl is making a comeback. The Rolling Stones have to be my all time favourite band. Must be the radical rebel in me lol. Usually have the music on when I'm working at my web work.

I enjoy all types of foods. It's fun to cook in the kitchen together with a friend. I make an excellent spaghetti sauce and my breakfasts are full course meals with nothing but the finest ingredients. Must add though that I can handle some mild hot spice yet prefer not the super hot spices so if those who want it hot will have to advise ze chef accordingly. Being of German descent I do love wiener schnitzel, bratwurst. Oh yes you'll find me often munching on almonds, pecans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. so if you have a nut allergy I'll have to be grateful for that which I have had.
Six things I could never do without
God / Christ / Love, Friends, Family, my positive attitude, Freedom & Democracy and positively thinking my soon to be Special Best Friend.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to further the vision of my business so that it continues tp pump loving actions as a human heart would pump blood. How to make the world a better place and how to further strengthen our Communities. Looking for ways to be helpful to others (which includes earning revenues). Of course there is the time I think and strategize how to get myself out there to meet my one special best friend.
I am looking forwards to when I will also spend my time thinking of ways to add smiles to my special bests friend's day.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no typical Friday night - If this is important then we can make it so,
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Can't answer this because then it would be a public thing versus a private thing.
You should message me if
... you want Cupid to let your arrow flow in my direction.

You can also message me to share a smile and or if you want help with the SEO for your website or sales, marketing and business counsel. You can also contact me if you want to join in our international crusade to remove wifi from our schools (In Canada our wifi warrior champion is Dr. Magda Havas and in the USA Dr. Devra Davis - - definitely worth Googling them). Then of course if you need some least toxic building products and or information / knowledge.

Smiles and happy thoughts for you all.
The two of us