28Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Like most people, I find the self summary part of this awkward. So I outsourced it to my friends :D. When asked to say something about me, these were the results:


"fine-ass geek lady with a doctor, cat and general zoo passion that can paint a mug or two"

"Likes cats. And tea. Won't murder you in your sleep. Probably."

"A wonderful person who will light up your life? Or is that too cheesy"

"7.8 out of 10 - too much water"

"...I'm not a "madam" myself. I'm not a crazy cat lady either although I love cats and I'm not perfectly normal either (who is, anyway?). If you know what's the difference between Pokémon and Digimon and reading a text that long doesn't make your eyes bleed, we share a common ground already. I'm not a full-frontal geek but I appreciate finding hidden gems in simple things."

"Much good. More better"

"may or may not provide cake"

What I’m doing with my life
Working away at a business to business call centre, whilst studying for my Open Uni degree and volunteering. Also training to be a crazy cat lady. The crazy cat lady bit is going quite well.
I’m really good at
Talking about nerdy things like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Pokemon, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star stuff in general.

I'm also amazing at Spit and Shithead (just don't ask my friends to confirm - they'd lie from jealousy of my skills).
The first things people usually notice about me
Not sure anymore, as it used to be the rainbow mohawk, but now it's just short and varying colours...probably still what people notice first though :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've been enjoying Mr Robot, Preacher and Westworld, as well as classics like Doctor Who and Star Trek.

I like a group of YouTubers called The Yogscast, so you get bonus point if you know them :) And, if you like weird theories about games or films, you should check out Game Theory or Film Theory (Also on YouTube).

My favourite film would be V for Vendetta, but I also enjoy the marvel universe films a lot, and space films.

I'd say my favourite games are the Kingdom Hearts series (I have a set of keyblades I wear as earrings), and Final Fantasy 9. I also love a good Pokemon battle (not a euphemism).
Six things I could never do without a Zombie Apocalypse! Excluding food and water, and a bag to carry stuff in, cause that's boring :p

Also, as a sidenote, when I first wrote this I didn't have most of this equipment. Now I do, so I am very prepared for the eventual apocalypse.

1) My Doc Martins - Zombie proof, water proof, and pretty snazzy looking :)
2) A smartphone - Might sounds odd, but whilst internet and phone signal was still running, it would be immensely useful for meeting up with survivors.
3) Medical Supplies - painkillers, bandages, even cough medicine. It's all useful, and lightweight enough to transport. Which brings me to my next point...
4) A Bicycle - I only realised when a friend pointed this out, but you never see bicycles in apocalyse movies (except that one, that I can't remember the name of). It would make sense to use them though - faster than walking, quieter than cars, and you don't need fuel for them.
5) Stuff that burns - Candles, matches, lighter fluid and lighters, camper stoves :p Okay, cheating with the camper stove, but it's all important. Society has probably been destroyed, and a hot drink or a fire can be very comforting and good for morale.
6) Entertainment - this can be a book, a pack of cards, just about anything that can keep you remembering that it's not all about survival. Assuming you meet up with survivors, a pack of cards is going to be incredibly useful.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Whether I'd suit the fashion style of whatever fictional character I've seen recently.

What documentary or show I should watch/binge next.

Whether I'll ever finish any of *those* games.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching Netflix/YouTube, playing video games, or visiting friends. Its a good life :)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a digimon tattoo, of the crest of knowledge. Can't really ever take myself too seriously now
You should message me if
You can debate the finer points of Dr Who, you're not rude to waiters, fundraisers or call centre agents, and you're not allergic to cats.
The two of us