49Woodland Hills, United States
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My self-summary
Athletic, Adventurous, Entrepreneur, Fun
What I’m doing with my life
I run a small financial business. NYC transplant 11 years ago.

I'm still loving SoCal. Trail Running, Mountain/Road Biking, Crossfit, Motorcycling. Snowboarding, mountaineering, day/weekend/week trips. I love to be outdoors. But I also love going out to small clubs and listening to all kinds of music. Blues, Jazz and Reggae/Ska are favorites, but almost anything is worth seeing.

I have my daughter 50% of the time and I love it.

And, of course, since I live here, I do a little acting. Very little. Ok, a little more than very little lately, but still, its more of a hobby. No aspirations of being the next DeNiro. But I got me my SAG card. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

I'm enjoying life. Life is good. Very good.
I’m really good at
I'll make you laugh (or cringe!). I'll keep you busy doing something, whatever that something is!

I'm very good at lots of things, and, well, probably great at nothing. And I want to try more. But I also do like to have a little Sunday Football cooking/couch time. And I can do the cooking! Or the ordering in. Or the sitting on the couch wondering where the food is.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm athletic and muscular. I'm pretty darn outgoing. Go out with me and you will laugh. Guaranteed. You may not find me the love of your life, (or you just might!) but we will have fun either way. And I have a prehensile tail. And horns. Wait, those last two things may not be true.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read a lot of fiction. Good diversion from a day of work. Vonnegut, Murakami, and anything else I can gobble up. I have too many self help books that are unfinished in my Kindle.

TV? Not a lot. It seems to be on, but as noise. But I like the HBO shows, Like Game of Thrones. I also love Top Gear (UK version). All the Anthony Bourdain shows. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. (Its on Crackle - Makes me sound like I'm hip and cool and understand the interwebz, right?)

I love movies. A lot of the ones I see are Animated, 3D, and have something that appeal to a eight-year old girl.

But I do love a good flick for grown ups too! Whiplash, Birdman, Fury werer all pretty darn good last year. Fight Club is amazing. Terribly dark. Usual Suspects. Pan's Labyrinth (rent it. watch it. Then be depressed for days), yeah, and those Hobbitt movies. And the new Star Wars movie. Soon. So shoot me.

Music and Shows??? ANYTHING! I love music. I just saw Lake Street Dive (don't know em? go check em out. That girl has a set of pipes!) at the Troubadour. Lana Del Ray, Bonnie Raitt, Snoop Dogg (or is he now Lion?), Prince, OAR, The Who, and a lot more in the past year or so. Know a music place I don't? I hope so! Take me!

Food. Well, I eat anything. I love sashimi and creative sushi. And a good steak. But I'm a NYC transplant, so a good steak in LA is tough. and if we are out late, plan on something greasy and unidentifiable from a truck. Them meaty bits is tasty! We can go trail run it off tomorrow.
Six things I could never do without
Bev Mo 5 Cent Wine Sales
Red Meat
The 8- year old brat
Plaid Polyester Leisure Suits
Ladies Lingerie (on you, not me, well, on my floor is ok)
Other Stuff
Lots of Other Stuff
Probably Other Things Too
But Maybe Not
The Ability To Miscount to Six When I Want To.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to balance. (As in, on one foot. With my eyes closed.) How to stay happy and healthy. That too much of anything is well, too much. And why counting to six was so hard.

I also think about how your past helps guide your future choices. What is settling and what is being realistic? Why are my shoes untied? Why am I asking myself so many questions? Did I leave the iron on? If white is bad after Labor Day, and you can't wear suede before Labor Day,then when can you wear white suede? Why I would care, since I own no white suede......
On a typical Friday night I am
At a jazz club, concert, dinner, Or trying something new. Or I'm driving to Mammoth. I would also rather spend Friday night resting up for a big Saturday day adventure, or even traveling to that adventure, than getting drunk at a bar. (although a few glasses of wine/beer/single malt are good too)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am amazing in bed. Particularly bunk beds. And I can fly. And whenever I fart, butterflies sing and unicorns dance. (or vice versa, I can never remember) And I am Santa. (or is that Satan? I can never spell it right...)
You should message me if
You live somewhat nearby and are genuinely active, athletic, and accomplished/satisfied in life. Fun is a big part of life, but also you have to have some professional/career focus. We need something to talk about, right?

And sorry. Don't lie about your age. Dumb. I'll find out eventually. Then you just started things off as a liar. Or it didnt work out and it didnt matter anyway.

Back to the fun stuff.......

I like to trail run or cycle or some type of exercise on the weekends. (I run slowly) And I like to do it with my partner. (yes, yes, yes... coffee and morning nookie first!) So if you don't consider that a part of your weekend morning routine, I will annoy you. It wont work. Period.

And don't message me if you are drunk in all you pictures. Unless I took them. Then you probably aren't drunk, I'm just a terrible photographer. But if I took them, why are you still on a dating site?

Oh, and no trannies. Fool me once..... (ok, not really true either)
The two of us