30 Long Beach, United States
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My self-summary
29 year old currently stationed in Puerto Rico but I fly home to socal frequently enough that I'd rather look at building something back home than where I am stationed for the next year (Fall 2016 new adventure ahead!) plus who doesn't need an excuse to visit the Caribbeans amirite? Blue eyes, white, non religious, fit, english and spanglish fluent, could use some sun but that whole white part gets in the way, and lover of general geekiness. Love meeting new people and learning about their past, ambitions, and what drives them while maybe learning something new about myself in the process.
What I’m doing with my life
I've graduated with a BA in sociology (yay basket weaving!) thankfully it was accepted as some form of proof for pursuing a higher education and I was able to enter Active Duty with the air force. I do want to come back to CA afterwards and build a life here outside of the military... just not today. But I am exploring options.
I’m really good at
talking about nothing unfortunately (as a military officer it is job essential) but I do like more intimate one on one conversations over small talk in large group settings hands down

coming up with combinations of cards against humanity that would make my sociology professors hang their head in shame- I know I'm going to hell and I'll be laughing all the way!

Otherwise, contemplating the threads of fate while quoting Archer or Rick and Morty in my head the next minute. Life is a miracle but too short to take seriously. On that note, I like to think good at analyzing situations, and amateur therapy or atleast towards my own inner workings... so I guess you could say I'm an analrapist?

And making jokes at inappropriate moments, and I will out cuddle the fuck out of you but only with your given consent. I'm a gentleman first damn it.
The first things people usually notice about me
I've been told its a toss up between either my blue eyes, or supposedly shit eating grin. I have been mistaken for Jesse from breaking bad by a bagger at the grocery store, and my former nanny who I still talk to on the grounds of her mastery of Guilt-fu if I fail to keep her appraised of my life and continue to be a good boy thinks I look like Ryan Gosling so I have that going for me.... -_-
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite books and movies range all over. I enjoy cheesy scifi books or comics, fantasy and comedies within TV or movies, music interests range from classical, electronic/techno, rock, pop, and anything other than rap and country. Food wise, I enjoy healthy food (like spinach straight from the bag) but my weakness is bbq chicken pizza, chicken , and gummy snacks (not together though).

Just to mix everything together, Community, firefly, Star Wars, Park and Recreations, Arrow, home made turkey burgers, Lindsey Stirling, Avengers, Captain America, One Punch Man, modern family, awolnation, game of thrones, step brothers, Linkin Park, movie scores or anything by Hans Zimmer, chill carrier, lego movie, house/dubstep, archer, daft punk, venture brothers, electronica, green day, puscifer, ghost in the shell, bojack horsman, guardians of the galaxy (LOVE their soundtrack!), and walking dead. Oh and movie scores from the sound track are AMAZING to listen to while driving.
The six things I could never do without
My car loaded with my long list of outdated music I keep skipping through, internet to remain connected to friends abroad, my spirit animals in satirical brotherhood that is Ron Swanson and Stephen Colbert, chicken pad see ew or pho, and self discipline/fitness as my vice is either a toss up between sloth or lust so the discipline part keeps both at bay.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Besides this crazy phenomenon we call existence.... current events in the global community (probably not covered by fox or cnn), planning out new things to build or paint eventually, when will I work piano back into my weekly schedule, would tomorrow be a good cardio day, weights, insanity session, body weight circuits, or should I just watch one more youtube video? Also how hilarious people approach sexuality as something taboo though it is ingrained in our nature, talk about avoiding the elephant in the room. Like, 'Lets just be civil and pretend that its not at the root of our being and society's continued existence' and try to dance around it rather than have a frank, judgement free and honest conversation about it. Moderation, openness, respect and safety folks, enjoy life to the fullest. I don't drink, smoke, engage in illicit drug use, so my one vice is pretty set, so here's to finding someone whose demons can play nicely with mine!
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not hermiting it up on the computer or catching up with a book, either wandering on my own trying to speak in broken spanglish or wave my hands in the air attempting to charade my way around the island. Most likely reddit.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I eat spinach from the bag like chips. Its funny what a deployment away from everything will do to you.

Current top go to subreddits:
/cosplay, /getmotivated, /blackpeopletwitter, /gonewildstories, /aww, and /bodyweightfitness
You should message me if
you are the kind of girl to message first? Otherwise I'd message you cuz thats how this thing works right?

OH, and if you want to exchange shitty pick up lines beyond 'netflix n chill', lets make some internet magic happen.

Or if you want to engage in thrilling conversation while we go through the motions that is this online phenomenon until one of us gets distracted by something shiny.