70 Santa Rosa, United States
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My self-summary
My friends say I am sincere, even-tempered, socially adept and generous. My sense of humor can be irreverent, bordering on the ribald with provocation. Passionate about helping others reach their full potential, I enjoy the role of mentor and facilitator. I consider myself to be an honorable person with integrity, and enjoy the respect of my colleagues and friends. I have enjoyed a measure of success and now prefer to exercise my own options. My professional activities include international travel to some of the most interesting places on our planet. Care to join me? I enjoy engaging people in conversations that increase my understanding of human experience. I am committed to furthering equal justice and access. I am fiscally cautious, socially compassionate, and concerned about the tone of the current dialog regarding national and international policies, their effect on individual rights and personal freedom, education of children, human trafficking and slavery (really the same thing), the ability of women to exercise self-determination, international trade in toxics, and the state of the global environment. I pursue life lightheartedly. I'll sweep you off your feet for a weekend trip, an elegant evening or cook an exquisite Mediterranean repast while you relax in a bubble bath. I only ask for reciprocation. I am seeking to develop an uncommon life with a partner of equal resolve. I refer to it as an Amalgam of Spirit producing a Conflagration of the Eros. I will be your best friend, your harbor in a storm, and your co-conspirator. I will reveal the soul of my vulnerability, revel in our mutual affection, and charitably receive your secret longings. I am ready to engage you to create something that many say doesn't exist; a Shining Citadel, a Fortress against all threats - Oh, but it does - And it's the best thing there is! Shall we explore further? If this is what you seek, please respond. I will reply to you promptly and with sincerity. Let's begin our assignation with the confidence that life can proceed directly from that which we choose.

I am kind, creative, and responsible
What I’m doing with my life
As founder and CEO of the RainTree Global Initiative, a non-profit that builds the academic and research capacity of universities in developing economies in various environmental fields by partnering them with a "big brother" institution from the U.S. and other developed regions. In association with our participation, the university partnership team agrees to develop a graduate-level (masters) program in the specific environmental study emphasizing leadership and advocacy. My work provides many interesting opportunities to travel to culturally diverse and geographically interesting situations. The RainTree Global Initative is working in eastern and southern Africa. My personal endeavors include digital photography, travel, hiking, cooking, theater and music. (Yes, you can dress me up and take me out in public. I promise not to be too offensive.) I have been studying lingua d'italiana for several years. I'm not fluent, however I can get along fairly well when I'm in Italia. A favorite way to challenge myself, albeit minimally, is to fly into Rome, take the Leonardo shuttle to termini (the central train terminal), choose a destination off the train schedule and get on board. Upon arrival, I just figure it out - eat in the local trattorias, find a small hotel and hang out with the locals - admittedly, a small adventure. Helen Keller said, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."
I’m really good at
A good listener and a conversationalist, most people find it comfortable and interesting to communicate with me. My responses are measured and appropriate. Oh, and I'm good a breaking rules - you know - the ones your mother warned you about....but then, she was all about keeping you from having too much fun!
The first things people usually notice about me
Most people seem to like my smile. I feel good about myself; who I am, the choices I've made, how I relate to others and what I'm doing. I'm told my demeanor communicates that perspective.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have diverse interests and my reading reflects my preferences. Right now, I've been re-reading Tolstoy's "Anna Karennena" and another of his short stories, "The Death of Ivan Illych." Also, "The Time of the Gypsies," and John Grisham's humorous little work of fiction set in Italy, "Playing for Pizza" have provided opportunity for reflection and diversion. I routinely read "Foreign Policy Magazine," the international news, several professional journals and, of course, the comic strips - "Alley Oop" and "Nonsequitor" being on the top of my preference list. (Who could survive without a little comic relief?)
The six things I could never do without
Good company, laughter, intelligent life, charitable demeanors, great conversation, wonderful Mediterranean food, vino rosso in moderation, routine exercise, travel, learning new things... (Is that six already? Ten! Rules are meant to be broken...) Oh yeah, and definitely, the comics section of the newspaper - even before the world headlines!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to improve the lives of others less fortunate than those of us who were serendipitously born into a world of abundance and comfort when the vast majority of people on this earth aren't nearly so fortunate - a billion people go to bed every night hungry. That must change. I think each day how I am able to work to facilitate the intentions of others by empowering them to do what is in their well-considered best interest.
On a typical Friday night I am
That depends upon what we decide to do together.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Unlike so many on this site, I do not find this question to be either outrageous or offensive. It's imprecise as written. Instead, I interpret it to mean, "The most private thing I'm willing to admit" ...(in public). The original author lacks clarity and specificity in his/her language. The question isn't fatally flawed....just fuzzy. I'm not sure why people are getting so wigged out over it. My response to the question, as I've rephrased it, is as follows: I have known ecstasy and bliss in a past relationship, so I know it's possible. I wish to share that loving state again with a similarly disposed loving and compassionate partner who is competent and capable of sustaining an exquisitely caring life with someone of like mind and disposition.
You should message me if
If you recognize yourself in the following: With the realization that you're not perfection personified, you're always a lady (except when you're not), accomplished, with an assertive and confident demeanor. You possess a gracious sense of humor, preferring the pleasure of frequently shared laughter to sarcasm. Activist, lobbyist or advocate, you are articulate and open, and know how to further your intentions, influencing others with a positive manner and integrity. You enjoy being fashionable but are not a slave to designers. Tastefully flamboyant while confidently revealing your personality with panache, you are the designer label. You are beguilingly charming while radiating self-assurance and sincerity. You already know you're a winner. The only games you play are the those in which everyone wins. You prefer collaboration to confrontation. You travel eagerly, seeking out the natural beauty of our planet and interesting people of diverse cultures with equal zeal. You communicate your delight in people by your warm approach, maintaining a diverse circle of friends. You possess an uncommon curiosity, pursuing diverse interests, embracing new quests with enthusiasm, thriving on newly acquired knowledge and experience. You are emotionally balanced yet expressively responsive, and maintain a healthy lifestyle with no dependencies as reflected by your silhouette. You pursue good nutrition, exercise moderately, and present a feminine countenance, and can be enticingly debaucherous when moved by the moment. You are a calculated risk-taker, acknowledging that nothing is guaranteed except the sensible pursuit of free will. You are ready to accept your measure of responsibility for a relationship that will eclipse the experience of most people. You love yourself so you may return the love of others. You are ready to engage me in an uncommon level of intimacy that provides us with intellectual stimulation as well as intense sexual gratification and emotional proximity we will both cherish and protect. I'm waiting for you. We have a bazillion things to do!