27Idaho Falls, United States
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My self-summary
Getting out of the AF... lived with my mom and dad till they divorced when i was 7... then lived with my dad for about another seven years... moved in with my mom for five years... MY mom, my stepdad and i don't get along to well... (too bad) graduated high school on January of 09... joined the USAF went to boot camp in feb... graduated basic in April... went to Sheppard AFB(TX) to train as a crew chief... I meant a really good friend of mine named Jim... got a loc for missing study... started smoking because of money stress, fighting with mother, and Bull Shit on base... felt like i was going to explode...... graduated from Sheppard august 21... flew to Tyndall AFB (FL)... (got coach seats from Dallas to Memphis)... found out i was getting discharged from the service about a 4 months ago. got an Honorable Discharge on 10-15-2009. Lived with my sister for about a lil bit over a month. My phone broke then my laptops hard-drive crashed. Got into a fight with my sister. Moved over to my dads house. So far since i got here i have spent a week in total nights getting drunk. Waiting for my VA benefits to kick in, and my school to award me. Currently Im taking a associate for business. But I'm debating if i will or will not change it to something dealing with computer. Going through personal revelations. Lately I have notice that a lots changed in the last nine months. Lately a lot of things have been eating me alive. Death by self mental cutting. Here my facebook page have a look. my aim id is angelofdeathgods. My windows live id My yahoo messenger id is stephen.seiber. Good luck everyone. Maybe i can find forgiveness. wow lol been so long since i updated this thing... well in may i dropped out of ashford and applied at ISU... started school here at ISU august 2010. had to sell my xbox 360 to pay off the 150 security deposit... had trouble with funding when i got here... couldn't get my books till bout 5th week then had to drop most of my classes... got a 2.7 gpa... upgraded to a macbook pro 17'' in February. working on a computer science degree... been talking with my mom a lot more... got my new cellphone also ... rumor 2... number 208-380-3466... got and xbox 360 shortly after my b-day. turned 21 like 2 mondays ago... met a few ppl in my club lgbt... (((the club doesn't belong to me im just a member lol))) the leader was more physical than i was used to kinda made me feel weird and oddly comforting... met several good ppl since i started going to sick starting that same wednesday... ended up going to the er thursday. was really freaking sick... I'm finally getting over it... I support ISU faculty senate... fyi i had memory trouble so i forget about like everything all the time... well my personality and even some of the concept of me as a person is kinda fluid... future... get well maintain this gpa and transfer to BSU... will be buying a tv for my new xbox this summer. OK update I arrived at BSU last Friday. So far its Better than I expected except the beds make loads of noise, AC doesn't have any force and we only have one ethernet port. I live in university Suites building A. I hope I don't fail in this as well. I was approved for the post 9/11 GI bill this summer so will be getting like 450 $ every month for 36 months .I bought a PS3, 55" LG LCD TV, and will be getting and iPhone in about a month when iPhone 4s comes out. I do Currently play WOW now and again so if anyone wants me to play with them please email me @ I am a priest and a Mage. I am hoping to Get at least a C in English (my worst subject) a B in physics, a B in Art, and a B in theater. Jus FYI to anyone reading this if you meet me in real life I have a very Strong personality so I might seem to be a little too much at first sry.

My goal is to get out of lower class, I want someday to be able to walk into best buy and be able to buy anything there knowing that i can, and I won't suffer because of it, I want to be able to spoil my nephews and nieces. like take james to the store and be able to say "hey james I have 1000$ to spend on you, you can get anything you want." that is my aspiration.

Physics book quote "‎"Art is about cosmic beauty.
Science is about cosmic order.
Religion is about cosmic purpose.""
{physics book}

Sorry if tense is weird this was wrote over time... Kinda like a journal
What I’m doing with my life
Going to school
The first things people usually notice about me
I dnk I'm not them lol
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love loads of movies books and shows... And I like food
Six things I could never do without
My phone
My Brian
My Heart
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
At home doing something
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm bi sexual. Interested in relationships with women interested in fwb with men
You should message me if
You're awesome
You don't do illegal drugs
and if your not an complete idiot...
Also if you can answer these questions
Or almost all of them without googles help
What is a gigabyte used for
What does LCD stand for
What do you do when you have a grease fire
What is google
How many feet are there in a mile
What 123 times 100
What is a clone
What is anime
What is manga
Who was the last president of the united states
Who was the first president of the unites states
Who was president during the civil war
Where is India
What language does Britons speak???
What language does the French speak???
The two of us