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My self-summary
In the beginning, when rocks were soft and rainbows came in black and white... something happenned. I guess. I dunno, I wasn't there.

Me? I'm kind of a geek, but with enough self confidence and diversity of interest as to not really have any cult affiliation; neither Scifie nor Rennie, Gamer nor Nerd, though close to all. I suppose I could fall under the jurisdiction of SCAdian, what with all of the fencing and other Renaissance reenactment related activites.

(update) OKCupid has this percentage at the top of my log in page letting me know that I am failing to introduce myself properly because the "my self summary" section isn't long enough. Come on! So much for brevity being the soul of wit. They wanted a self summary with other sections below to fill in details. What do you think?

I also have recently taken a more serious interest in playing music. In addition to being a passable Doumbek player, I like to tootle on woodwinds. My noodling around on the recorder and learning to play songs by ear has been fun, but after a 20 year break, I am picking up the Clarinet again and trying to teach myself to read music. My ear is still better than my eye when it comes to picking up new songs, but progress needs to start somewhere. Since my wife is a super-fantastic belly dancer (focus on Turkish Romani), much of my limited oeuvre is Middle Eastern.

I am obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant (Now that OKCupid has gotten rid of the "Three Words at the top of your profile", this is even more obtuse and out of place. C'est la guerre.)
What I’m doing with my life
Formerly, a freelance graphic designer/photo retoucher and advertising director for the mostly dead Vermont Renaissance Festival.

Now, more than half of my weekends are taken up with my small business, Tea and Absinthe ( ). My wife and I travel around the Northeastern United States (and beyond) to Sci-Fi cons, Renaissance Festivals, Steampunk Soirees and belly dance events as purveyors of excellent loose leaf tea, absinthe accessories (we do not sell alcohol, sorry), and belly dance and Victorian themed accessories and clothing.
I’m really good at
"I find it difficult to recommend myself to strangers."

Skills: Fencing, quoting obscure movies (see above), graphic design and photo-retouching, designing beaded jewelry and men's Renaissance costume, memorizing song lyrics (sea chanteys, et al.), puns, playing music for belly dancers, making lists (no, wait, I hate making lists...)

I am moderately good at DDR, aka Dance Dance Revolution, which, along with my trusty PS2, is my home aerobics system. "Moderately" here means 6-8 foot difficulty songs I can do more often than not, even if I've never seen it before.

And, I am a font of useless knowledge.
The first things people usually notice about me
My best friend says "odd sense of humor", but she thinks people notice me at all, whereas I feel the jury is still out on that.

(leftover insecurity from my misspent youth (see below))

People often comment on the clothing I wear when working: the Elizabethan slashed doublet and poofy pants I designed.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything by Samuel Delany: Dhalgren, Stars in my Pocket Like Grains of Sand, Babel-17, Trouble on Triton, Silent Interviews, etc.
The Dan Simmons' Hyperion sci-fi series
Jhonen Vasquez's Jonny the Homicidal Maniac (and Invader Zim and I Feel Sick and stuff)
Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
RPG books, espeically Ars Magica, Mage the Ascension and Unknown Armies which I don't get to play due to my strange schedule :-(
Guns, Germs and Steel
Anything by Neil Gaiman: American Gods, Sandman, Snow, Glass, Apples, Good Omens with Terry Pratchett of Discworld fame (also good books, but only one or two at a time)
China Meiville's Perdido Street Station
Ursula K. LeGuin's A Wizard of Earthsea books
Neal Stephensen's works, especially Snow Crash and Anathem

Brazil by Terry Gilliam, Mystery Men, the BBC Pride and Predjudice, Phantom of the Paradise by Brian DePalma and Paul Williams, Danny Elfman's brother Richard Elfman's movie Forbidden Zone starring Herv� Villechaize, the list goes on and on (I also like Steve Martin's early stand-up comedy work, which is where the "three adjectives (that describe you)" come from - I do not much resemble any of them (Obsequious, Purple or Clairvoyant)) (update) This list would be incomplete without saying: Joss Whedon Is My Master Now. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (especially the musical) and Firefly are works of genius where Joss touched them. Not that he's perfect. The last season of Buffy suffered (I am told) because of all of the effort going into Firefly (which Fox tossed on the garbage heap with such loathing that not even the Sci-Fi network would touch it- and the world is a darker place because of it), and I cannot honestly say many nice things about Angel. But still, yay Joss! (more update) Dollhouse took a while to get going, and this is one of those stories where it is difficult to like ANY of the characters, but I am looking forward to the 2nd season.

Styles: Rock, Folk, Sea Chantey, Renaissance and other historic music, Alternative, 80's, Goth-Industrial, Classical, Punk, Swing music (and dance), Middle-Eastern Music (and dance), and more*
... * It's not that certian styles of music are "bad" or "good", its that my tolerance for mediocre music is greater or lower for some styles. For example, most country is as crappy if not worse than most rap and teeny pop, but Jonny Cash is great, NWA were artistic geniuses (although they started a trend which fast became worse than crap), and even Christina Agulera's song "Beautiful" lives up to it's name. Likewise, I fully accept that much of the 80's music I like is just as good as the crappy Hip-Hop and R&B I hate, but that doesn't mean I will ever like Janet Jackson (meh) or Celine Dion (barf) as much as I do Adam Ant... ...
a few preferred artists: Brian Eno, The Smiths, Moxy Fruvous, The Vines, Charlatans UK, The Beatles, Smashmouth the earlier the better, The Toy Dolls funny, original era punk rockers who are still better in concert than on their kickass albums, Talking Heads, Donovan, Soul Coughing, Big Bad Voodoo Daddies, They Might Be Giants - I also love their educational songs like "Science is Real!", Squirrel Nut Zippers, Bouncing Souls, Cake, The Stone Roses, Dead Can Dance, Turku, Khafif, Devo, Elliott Smith, Elvis Costello, Fleetwood Mac, Steeleye Span, Next Tradition, Water Sign, Indigo Girls, Glen Miller, Decemberists, World Inferno/Friendship Society etc.
showtunes especially: Little Shop of Horrors, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Music Man, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode, Hair, Top Hat, anything by Cole Porter and Irma and Ira Gershwin, The Muppet Movie
The list would be longer but I'm getting hungry, so here's

(d) Favorite Foods
Japanese - both Sushi and cooked foods...
In fact, there isn't much I don't like in terms of style and ethnicity of food; it's all a matter of quality of ingredients and prep. Never the less, Ethiopian is my favorite.
also... Strange and unusual Cheese
Six things I could never do without
books, fencing, making music, computers/internet**, good shoe inserts*, friends/lovers

Actually, except for the last category or two, I can do and have at times done without every one of those; once the basic hierarchy of needs is met I will survive, but I'd fight to keep these "luxuries"

(BTW: I lived in Vermont long enough that "24-hour delis that stock Ben & Jerry's" is no longer on this list - yet another thing I don't really need after all)

*(update) Dansko brand shoes ROCK! This is the first shoe since the start of the 21st century I have been able to wear off the rack. Highly recommended for sufferers of plantar faciitis (by me AND the American Podiatrical Association - I think this is the only shoe they officially approve of for anything).

** I bought a lifetime subscription to Lord of the Rings Online, a MMORPG, and it was a great purchase. Since I'm not paying a monthly fee, there is no driving need for me to get my money's worth and waste my life away, but it's there when I feel the need to lose a few hours.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typical? hmmm... During Ren Faire Season it's "working", but the rest of the year it's probably "hanging out with friends" or "travelling to this weekend's festivities (SCA event, hafla, place to sell jewelry, visiting distant friends and family, etc)"
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't really know much of anything about Artaud and the Theatre of Cruelty.

(update) OK, really the most private thing that I'm willing to admit here is that I care more that I think I should about not being willing to make public the things I'm not willing to admit here. So much for my laid back facade... Shame and embarrassment remain left over gut reactions from my misspent youth.

*misspent, as in, I didn't do perhaps as much as I should have because of the probable (i.e. potential) embarrassment

(strangely enough, I am slightly uncomfortable posting this)
You should message me if
A) You want to teach me how to cook Ethiopian food

B) You are interested in starting a character, plot and theme driven tabletop RPG in easy distance from Brooklyn - perhaps Ars Magica, Hero System, Unknown Armies or something else interesting, AND don't mind that I'm unavailable for months at a time

C) You would like to become a part of the Vermont Renaissance Festival community - yeah, I'm always on duty, but I work with the faire because I love it. No soulless wage-slave, I. (EDIT: Um... with the faire on hiatus, any one need a slightly used soulless wage slave? I am a graphic designer and high end photo-retoucher, amongst my salable skills.) (Edit 2: Although still accepting freelance work, the business is taking up more and more time, since it keeps doing better. Yay!)

D) You are interested in getting to know me better for potential dating - i.e. you are polyamorous, female, probably on the East Coast, who can accept my itinerant lifestyle as well as my not being bi, and might get along with my SO of the last decade-plus. (EDIT: For our 15th anniversary together, I gave my gf a wedding (and she gave me a clarinet - I win on both counts!). As such, we are mostly taking some time off from seeing other people, so probably no dating us any time soon, unless you can convince her that you are the best thing since things started being compared to each other.)

E) You feel like it. Open minded, nice people are welcome to send me messages, especially if you are not offended if I don't get back to you immediately: I travel a lot, and internet access isn't always readily available (also, I don't log in as much as I might).
The two of us