62 Palo Alto, United States
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My self-summary
I have a healthy mix of kid and adult sides and an active sense of humor. I spent a large part of my life involved in music, and am totally into wordplay. I tend to be very open, easy to talk to, and a good listener. In fact, I talk to people wherever I go.

My favorite things in the world are rushing water over rocks, kids, mountains, playing games (board, card, whatever), Pachelbel's Canon, square dancing, ocean life, huge salads, my fantastically gorgeous nieces, making strangers laugh, and the breathtaking variety of trees here in Palo Alto -- sigh. I try to walk among them several times a week.

Nowadays I've slowed down a bit from my younger years. I'm not globe-trotting and engaging in outrageous adventures at the same pace as I used to. Of course there are still many places I'd still love to see and things I'd like to do, but it'll be much more "andante" versus "presto."

I'm the same way with getting to know people. I feel no hurry, and would rather we take our time and be comfortable. In the words of a famous friar, "Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast."

But for all the people in my life, I have a truly profound ability to love. I'm extremely affectionate, both verbally and physically, and have made it my personal goal to make sure the people I care about feel it in spades. (They do.)

Finally, if I send you a message here, it's nice to get some kind of acknowledgment in return, even if it's simply to say, "Thanks for writing, but we're not a match. Best of luck!"
What I’m doing with my life
I'm not currently involved with any venture, but am open if one comes my way.

Indoor activities I enjoy include playing games (card, board, word, number, etc.), watching a movie, or simply chatting about anything ranging from string theory to what Bert and Ernie do in their spare time.

Outdoor activities might include taking walks, exploring nature, eating out, going to the theater or symphony, etc.

And I'm open to other things, of course!
I’m really good at
• I can pronounce the alphabet.
• I own some rubber bands from outer space.
• I once made Bill Gates laugh.
• I'm an Excel fanatic, and have created a magic trick within Excel that so far no one has been able to solve.*
• I once did PR for the International Laughter Society.
• I have sung on TV in Chile, and laughed in a documentary for Japan.
• I've spent time developing a new skill. You name any country in the entire world, and I can instantly tell you its capital.
• I have enough money to last me the rest of my life. (Well, that is unless I buy something.)

* Darn it! My friends Chris and Steve solved it. Now I can't say that anymore. :-(
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my silly sense of humor and love for wordplay.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Zeffirelli's "Romeo and Juliet" is my all time favorite movie. I also love most all musicals.

If I could have the career of any celebrity, Carol Burnett would win hands down. I most identify with her.

If I could have lunch with anyone, it would be John Lennon and Harpo Marx. (Ha ha, what a funny combination!)

Favorite book is The Da Vinci Code. I also love the phone book. There are some awesome characters in there!

As for music, Pachelbel's Canon is my favorite piece, and "Healing Touch" by Nadama my favorite CD. I am moved by many classical and new age pieces. John Lennon's "Imagine" has my favorite lyrics, with "Time in a Bottle" rating a close second.

I'm a huge fan of the Beatles, and music from the 70's. I simply don't have enough ink to list them all here.

As for food, my diet is a modified Paleo (I eat organic, but no beef or pork).
The six things I could never do without
The numbers 1-6. I use at least some of them every single day!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Let me answer instead: What am I most passionate about?

• Paying it forward and acknowledging the good at absolutely every single opportunity.
• Letting gays marry! Gosh, why should we ostracize people for having loving committed relationships?
• Kids. I have none of my own, but if you have any, I will bond with them like flies on flypaper.
• The environment. By far my favorite cause for yearly donations. Also, I frequently vote based upon environmental issues.
• Alternative healing. Laughter, music, and mild exercise are the most powerful, non-prescription healing modalities I know.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's hysterical how 99% of the people here misunderstand this question. It's asking about something private that you're *willing* to admit. What's something that you're willing to share?

As for me, the most private thing I'm willing to share is that I really have a nerd side to me, and I have to say I love programming!
You should message me if
• You are easygoing and outgoing.
• You have tons of compassion.
• You're patient and gentle.
• You're friendly to strangers.
• You can send me into gales of laughter.
• You love games and puzzles.