29Donaueschingen, Germany
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My self-summary
Well will move to cologne next ✌

I really love music. I couln't live without. Especially I listen to Jazz, some Classic (Bethoven Sinphony No. 9 is my favourite), Rock and some Japanese musicians.

Now what else? Yes I also like to read books. I have got a lot of books, but well I should finish it. I think it's that way with me, I see an interesting book in a book store and feel like 'You need to have it, ok you have enough of others you have to read Faust for example but you need this!' So I buy it.
And now there are this E-books. But common, what is this? . When I'm home or staying at someones the books in the bookshelf as well as the CDs and DVDs are telling something about the personallity and if it's empty, what is it than? So I'm quite old fashioned about that thing.and a Book you also can put into your bag and carry it with you. Girls have mostly a big bag with all the things we don't need, right?

See you
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a lot of books.
Helmut Schmidt
and some vampire and comedy love books
Movies. I really love action movies. Such as Die Hard, Tube, Too fast and too furious, Pelham
Others with Johnny Depp: Pirates of the Carribean, Sweany Todd
some Horror movies especially Japanese and Korean such as Cello

What's on TV:
Grey Anathomy (final season ... -.-"). Yes of course. It's great
Supernatural. I absolutely love Dean
Vampire Diaries.
Bones. I love Bones she has an amazing sense of 'humour' If you can call it that way..... But sometimes she does not get it - she is pregnant,
And there is Dr. HOUSE.... (ended....)
I guess it's all for the mom.

Now to food:
I like the Japanese cooking
the Italian
some Chinese food
and those what is tasting good, right?

Ah, by the way there is music.
From Rock to Jazz up to Classic.
and Japanese Rock, some Japanese RnB, yeah that works.
and some Korean Pop/RnB

And that's the only one I like Eminem.
Six things I could never do without
-good conversation
-politics (are important too, so go and vote!)
-good food
- my notebook
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Going into acting ✌💓
You should message me if
If you think wow, she's intersting. Just for talking.... Up to you.
The two of us