39Jensen Beach, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an open book. Granted that book may lie dust covered in some corner as still as a dead pigeon.. but still, it's quite open..
What I’m doing with my life
hmm.. I guess I'm like most folk. I work a lot, I travel when I can and I've always enjoyed my trips but I don't feel compelled to see the world. I'm just as happy at home making some music or reading a book. I'm anything but a weekend warrior, and if I spend a warm sunny day holed up in a dingy theater watching an old black and white, I'm as content as if I were trying live out a Corona commercial. I'm sure most friends would say I'm entirely ambivalent and my closest friend would say amusingly so. I'm notorious for existential mood swings through which I can talk myself out of doing anything, only to wake the next morning having laughed the night away after being grudgingly dragged along.
I’m really good at
Wow, and existential me is kicking in right about now..
I think it's safe to say I'm medium good at things I have an interest in. Really good??- that's a toughy
The first things people usually notice about me
Maybe my eyes? They're sometimes blue, sometimes green, and sometimes grey I'm told if it's raining which I think I like because it reminds of all the villainous Arthur Conan Doyle characters who had pale grey eyes. Now if I could just be villainous on bright and sunny summer days.. that'd be something unique
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Wow, Jesus take the wheel on this one...
Lets see..
Books: J.P. Donleavy, Vladimir Nobokov, Oscar Wilde, The Bronte girls, Dickens, Aldous Huxley, Patrick Hamilton, Evelyn Waugh, Denton Welch, Thomas Hardy.. Anything Victorian, but there's some new fiction that I like for instance David Sedaris, Douglas Coupland, and Chuck Klosterman.
Films: Massive lover of French and Italian New Wave.. Truffaut, Godard (esp. Breathless, Band of Outsiders), Rohmer's Six Moral Tales is fantastic, La Collectionneuse.. love these films. New(er) Directors like Guy Ritchie, Jeunet, Jeunet & Caro, Michel Gondry, Gaspar Noé, Sofia Coppola, Wes Anderson, Jim Jarmusch, Michael Winterbottom's The Trip/Trip To Italy, loved Pranzo di Ferragosto, Il Postino, La Strada, The Bicycle Thief.. and the more I think about it, anything with Steve Coogan e.g. Saxondale, 24 hour Party People, Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
Moth Radio Hour.. not sure which category this fits..
Music: This Would be a massive list, but safe to say Indie, Britpop, Madchester, Miserablists, electro (excluding Dubstep, mashup etc), folk, alt country, Ryan Adams, Josh Ritter, old Pete Yorn. I think The Clientele is the only band one needs for whiling away even the most perfect of days. some metal, American Standards, Old Italian Love Songs, Classical (I kinda love Mahler, but I only ever learned of him from the last vignette in Coffee and Cigarettes. Does that make me a fraud? who's to say..).. Merde it goes on and on..
Six things I could never do without
Chocolate Cake
Rainy Days
Masterpiece Theater
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what makes the world go 'round?
what makes the Office UK bucket-loads more funny than the US version.
what I'll do when Downton Abby ends?!
If I'll ever get around to visiting Fair Isle and others ?
When Boards of Canada will put out some new tunes? (they did)
Save for the lack of antibiotics and assuming I wasn't a street urchin, how cool it would be to live in Victorian England
On a typical Friday night I am
possibly working, maybe reading, probably listening to tunes. Maybe being shoe-horned out my front door and into a pub?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love a woman who curtsies...
though it seems (heavy sigh) women no longer do..
Incidentally it annoys me when people answer this question smugly! There's an obvious irony in admitting something private in a semi-public place.
You should message me if
we're similar? I don't know.. They say opposites attract, but I fear my opposite would be some crazed crossfit, rock climbing, holding up all fingers-athalon doer who more than likely has some generic astrological tattoo on their back, or worse something like "breath" or "strength" on their wrist.
And please don't catfish me..
The two of us