32 Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Originally from Louisville, KY and made my way to NYC via Nashville, San Francisco, Berlin, and Amsterdam. I have met amazing people, made a million memories, and have learned a lot about myself along the way. Learning to embrace NYC for everything it is! Been here since Sept 2011 and proud to say that I still enjoy walking (and BIKING!) to most places and don't consider an "avenue" or 2 that far... srsly?! Killin' me smalls!

Me? I think I'm funny. I'm definitely sassy. And I love to laugh. I'm good at being inappropriate when appropriate and I enjoy capitalizing on awkward moments. I wear my heart on my sleeve... I don't know how NOT too. Sometimes it bites me in the butt but I'd rather be honest and open with both the good and bad and not waste anyone's time or energy. I get pretty passionate about my relationships, work, friends, etc. and can adapt to pretty much any situation. I'm a giver, loyal, compassionate, laid back/open minded (like the for reals kind) and am trying to be more spontaneous. I love to travel and learn about/explore other cultures/foods/experiences.

Sometimes NYC eats my Southern spirit for breakfast but I try to take those times to do something for myself or find new reasons to love it (or remind myself) why I'm here. I would say I have a pretty healthy lifestyle (gym, kettlebell training, biking, weights, mobility, movement etc.) I eat healthy most of the time, but I'm definitely not super annoying about it. :) I have a borderline sexual relationship with peanut butter lol

I like guys who make me laugh, are confident with who they are, motivated about their futures, still think fart/poop jokes are funny, family/friends are important to them, are expressive with their emotions, aren't afraid of communication, and know that chivalry is not a lost art. Big Bonus points if you take care of yourself physically in some sort of way! I need a partner that will only inspire me to continue to be healthy and would be amazing if we could so some of it together-- and of course, drink a few beers and eat pizza along the way. duhhhhh.

Fight vs flight, apparently I choose fight:

I once got pick pocketed and then promptly stole my phone back from the guy.

I also awoke one night to a guy climbing in my window at 4am, but thankfully fought him off with my quick thinking and sass. It was recorded on my phone via a sleep app. #truth

Hope that stuff keeps turning out in my favor... Haha Anyone out there teach self defense?
What I’m doing with my life
Creative in Advertising. I've been lucky in the fact that I've always known it's what I wanted to do. I try to keep the best life/work balance as possible. I don't stay out too late during the week these days because I work out in the AM before work-- so getting up at 530 means I have to have like a 9 year olds bedtime... LAME!!! But it's always worth it with how I feel walking out of the gym- good energy and feel accomplished. I love being outside, riding my bike, learning about nutrition and how the body works. I secretly like a bit of math/science in my life... But not too much, I'll black out.

I also like going to concerts/shows as much as possible (but oddly need to do more of), FOOD, always down to try new things, good conversations, photography, traveling, art (mixed media/collage/pattern/painting) when I can, etc. and so on... and so fourth.

I want to do more of: art, museums, spontaneous adventures, GETTING OUT OF THE CITY!!, trying new restaraunts, dog kisses, hanging out in parks, watch movies (see below!), volunteering, cuddling, laughing, learning, traveling... Perhaps you can join/assit?! :) LET'S PLAY!
I’m really good at
Laughing, loving, functioning on little sleep, making friends, Southern sass, being a loyal friend, listening, empathy, giving.
The first things people usually notice about me
First, I'm probably wearing something purple. Then my $$ would be on humor or mah southern drawl?!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
oh man. I love a lot of different types. Here goes:
- Kings of Leon - The Black Keys - Fun. - Mumford and Sons- Penguin Prison - LCD Soundsystem - Amos Lee - Disturbed - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - The Shins - Yaesayer- The Local Natives - Broken Bells - The xx - Bon Iver - Miike Snow - Empire of the Sun - M83 - Chromeo - Grizzly Bear - Florence & The Machine - The Police - Earth Wind & Fire - Metallica - Stones - Zeppelin- Adele - Sleigh Bells - Lil Wayne - JayZ - Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, etc etc. etc.

Really just to name a few.

- Breaking Bad - Mad Men - Arrested Development - Always Sunny -Orange is New Black - Key & Peele - Happy Endings - Modern Family - HIMYM - Family Guy - Full House - Freaks and Geeks - Family Matters - Mork N Mindy - Clarissa Explains it All - Wonder Years - In Living Color

I currently don't watch these that often (LAME and currently working on this lol), so lets take a nostalgic POV shall we:
- Ace Ventura's - Dumb and Dumber - Little Monsters - Flight of the Navigator - Never Ending Story - Nightmare Before Christmas - Tommy Boy - The Princess Bride - Stephen King's IT -

ALL- Let's go food exploring.

Throwing Shade - This American Life - Nerdist - Joe Rogan Experience- You Made It Wierd - Radio Lab - Doodie Calls
The six things I could never do without
A creative outlet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- What I'm going to eat next lol
- Where I should ride my bike to this weekend
- What I would do if I won the lottery and how I would divvy up the $$
- trying to remember to have good posture at work... lol never works
- Universe/Spiritual progression
- Where are YOU!
On a typical Friday night I am
You know, the usjh/yooj/yujsh : winding down from the busy week at home watching tv/movie/reading/art... or out to dinner/drinks with friends.

I like to get up early-ish on Saturdays and go to kettlebell class/ get stuff done/ day drink/enjoy the day!

Satur-day/night is where it's at.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to be able to do a mean Fire Marshall Bill impression.

Oh. And I used to like Creed... A lot. As in I can sing all the words to all 3 albums... lol deal breaker!?
You should message me if
- You think you're ready fo' 'dis jelly
- You like to laugh and you have something to talk about
- You have passions and dreams
- you have high communication standards
- you know the way to be treated like a king is to tret your lady like a queen
- You are open minded about health and spiritual/universe stuff

- dive bars > trendy lounges
- jeans + shirt > fashion show
- productive > lazy
- bike > MTA

- some sort of fitness and eating healthy are a part of ur lifestyle.

- are like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother (TV husband)

- If you're open minded to meeting new friends too. I love meeting new people. If we don't have romantic chemistry, but we still have a good time, that doesn't mean u have to delete my number for good... Unless you cray. :P