33Redmond, United States
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My self-summary
I don't believe in Jesus; instead, I surrender to Him as Lord and savior of my life.
I don't follow the "teachings" of a men in a pulpit, I go directly to the Bible.
I cannot make it on my own and will never be good enough to get into heaven on my own merit; my faith is in a God whose mercy calls me to Him in spite of who I am that I may gain Him and His likeness.
What I’m doing with my life
yup, that's a first date question. if you care, ask me then.

Seriously, these things should help you figure out two things: is this person safe? and where should we meet?

You cannot determine if I'm good to date without dating me =/ I promise, your powers of condemnation....I mean ESP are not that strong ;-) For the record, my ex's all fell in love with me quickly. I'm simply one of those relational people.
I’m really good at
hm, non-threatening things I'm good at? Well, as long as you can talk about things more important than Kardashian hair styles, I'm a pretty decent conversationalist ;-)
I'm sometimes accused of reading people's minds, which is great in mafia or resistance (games)
I like to think I do an amazing job of playing host and making people feel welcome, whether in my home or at my church
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoyed both Harry Potter and the Dan Brown books. I don't think a love for fiction interferes with my love of theology, but if it does yours, I can find other books to talk about ;-)
Movies? I'm sure I would love almost anything I see with you =)
Music is somewhat more difficult. I love the old hymn, especially when they're correctly updated with modern instruments (something usually botched for a quick buck); but I also love hard rock and metal. So, thanks to google news, I know who many of the modern pop singers are but have never heard them.
Let's not speak of food =/ We're both Americans (or at least in America), we probably both eat all kinds of amazing foods with few restrictions (health, conscious or preference related). Though, if I should brag, I did learn an amazing pulled pork bbq recipe when I used to live in Virginia ;-) Your family will love it
Six things I could never do without
1) God
2) binary choices
6) gears in my car (counting reverse)

I'll have to come back to this....oh, the truth? I grew up poor, I don't need things to be happy. People on the other....I'm an extrovert, I love people
I spend a lot of time thinking about
just deleted a dark humor response to this....I like dark humor, but only in a crowd I know won't misunderstand that it's dark for humor not dark because I'm dark. I'm actually proudly quite skin cancer for me. Good thing I'm in the PNW now, right?
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, this is a silly question. If we're not together, it doesn't matter what I'm doing on a Friday night. How about we fix this, start dating, and come up with an answer that is meaningful to us both ;-)
You should message me if
if I send you a message, it's only polite to respond and see where the conversation goes.
If you message me, your best bet is a conversation starter. "hi" and smiley faces typically get deleted.
The two of us