28Melbourne, Australia
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My self-summary
I just turned 25 I've quit my last job as a train driver and walked away from $150k per year. Sold almost all my stuff and moved into the woods to live off the land.

Well that was the idea anyway. The first part is all true. I did just quit that job and got rid of almost all my goods. However I'm still in the transition of moving out to the woods.

Take from that what you will, however I don't regret it. I didn't like the capitalistic world we live in, where the earth is a machine and people are slaves.

I was raised with the mindset about wealth and making money and having a "good" education and just didn't like any of it. I couldn't work out why I had to go to a job so that someone else doesn't. In which I have to make money, which I now need because I've become dependent on the grid. I didn't have time to just grow my own crops or hunt my own food or establish my own water supply or solar power ect and pick where I wanted to live and not be dependent on a government, which quite frankly is a joke.

Maybe then the world may not be such a messed up place. Whatever reason it's done for in the end, I'm happy and hurt no one.

For the most part I think I make a pretty good person to meet in the real world. Most would agree I'm honest, kind, intelligent and open minded. However that just makes me good. I'm also quirky, odd and just what can only be described as a special way of looking at things. I can only hope any person I meet on here would share a similar mindset and or traits.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently negotiating for a lease to 28 hectares in the middle of nowhere, near a town called Laang in Victoria, (Google map that yo) and, yes I love the name. Trying to ensure I don't just get kicked off and obtain some rights to claim, for example the right to hunt on private property. Ultimately my goal to be self sufficient and live as efficiently off the grid as possible. See more of the world, reconnect with what's actually important and live the life I see fit.

Keeping an eye out for that special person that might just spark my interest. However as much as I would enjoy a relationship, I'm in no rush to get into anything and have no plans or expectations and would rather just see how things go.

Job wise. Well according to the government I'm unemployed. Which is funny because last time I checked I'm self sufficient. I grow and hunt my own food. Dispose of my own waste. Obtain my own water and generate my own power. I don't claim any benefits. I wake when I want, sleep when I want and I'm not a slave to savings or economy. I'm happy, healthy and fit. Remind me again why I have to go to a job?

I'm constantly questioning my sanity.
I’m really good at
Finding the funny/good side of everything. Odd when you consider that I'm actually quite a cynical and sarcastic person a lot of the time.

I'm pretty darn good at archery. Which is handy because I don't use a gun and hunt with the bow which is a very beautiful handmade piece from 1961 which I cherish.

Picking the right presents for people.

Blackjack. I've got an odd talent for it with crazy luck always.

Trivia. Explaining how things work, be it in science, natural world or random facts in general. Not surprising when I read through around 5 Wikipedia articles a day.

Simplifying my and everyone else's problems.

Finding the most logical, efficient or visually appealing option for everything.

Being OCD over little technical details. I like to arrange things symmetrically, numerically ect.

Being a clumsy fool. Seriously gravity is my mortal enemy and fragile objects my curse.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm pretty short. I prefer the term compact myself but unlike your other compact items I don't fold flat for easy storage.

I have a skill for being confident and cool under pressure. This is mostly from years of learned experiences so not much phases me anymore. Even in a stressful situation you'll rarely see me break from cool, calm and logical.

I'm partly deaf so I can't hear how loud I am a lot of the time. Let's just say a lot of the time they hear me before they see me...

I dance like a spastic. Most times it draws positive reactions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not much of a novel reader because almost all the things I read are non fiction so for arguments sake I'll say Wikipedia for that.

Movies: Think anything horror or sci-fi. That usually does the trick for me. But I can be quite flexible in what I like.

Documentaries. That is all.

And the list changes so often it's almost pointless updating it.

Food: ANYTHING I FREAKING LOVE FOOD. I am however trying to eat more vegetarian.
Six things I could never do without
Since I doubt this really needs me to point out the vitals like food and water I'll add in these things in no particular order based on the simple fact my life would suck without the following.

1. The ability to be mobile.
2. Lessons learned from past failures.
3. Internet.
4. Sex.
5. My bow hunting gear.
6. Being close to nature.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where my life is going. I'm at the stage in life where I've worked into a good job, have adult responsibilities and things expected from me. I'm working out how do the adult thing whilst not missing out on what's left of my youth.

What's the next thing that will change my life? Will it be good, bad, small, big. Will it be new love or a new friend.

What to eat? The never ending battle against starvation never takes a break.

If I will ever settle down and be more "Adult like".

Am I really the insane one?
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm a single 25 year old guy who lives about 20km from the nearest person in a shack in the woods. What the fuck about that is typical okc? Heck people probably think I'm something out of Wolf Creek by now. (I'm not I promise)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a very flexible person when it comes to relationships. At this point I have a few open relationships going, none of which are secret and I like each person for who they are and we just take each day as it comes. More like friends with benefits really. I'm not saying I won't ever be committed to one person I just haven't found one to do that with. We all know what we are doing and are ok with it and do things safely. If you can't handle that then there's not much to talk about sadly.
You should message me if
Well most of you won't message me. That's fine with me as having nothing to say or nothing in common and not messaging is better then messaging for the sake of it just to say "Hi" or "How's your day?"

Keep in mind if you do message something along those lines don't expect a reply. People who have little to talk about and message simple responses just plain annoy me. It's already quite hard to strike up a decent conversation with a stranger online at least try to put some effort into responses.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have to the best of my ability so feel free to get creative on what you want to ask.

If you're open minded and enjoy talking to real people. Instead of a monitor.

If you just want to. (You have nothing really to loose after all)
The two of us