40Montreal, Canada
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My self-summary
Let's do this in english (mais je parle français aussi)

I am the droid you're looking for.

I'm french (but I have canadian permanent residency),
shy, intelligent, quiet, respectful, honest...
A bit of a nerd, with a nice fun nerdy job (video games programmer)
I'm an amateur musician, reasonably good on the trumpet, and I have various other instruments at home that I try to play when I'm motivated (e.g. accordion).

Are you still reading this after seeing the word accordion?

I enjoy life, I tolerate human beings, I enjoy bad taste humour and sarcasm...

I have a beautiful and cuddly feline flatmate who I rescued from the SPCA.

No children... after many attempts, I have come to the conclusion that I can't make them on my own.
Jokes aside, I think I'd probably enjoy being a dad, but it's not mandatory.

I'm a bit of a scientist and environmentalist,
I'm interested in what is happening on the planet,
My passport is always up for some more stamping and stapling.

I'm fully autonomous, no family or ex's nearby.
Vaccinated, microchipped, ready for adoption.

For some reason, this website keeps trying to match me with bi women who don't want to meet men..
I must have some kind of political affinity with bisexuals, but I'm not one.
I'm a bicyclist, not a bi cyclist.

I won the 2012 Nobel Peace prize, although I must say it was a bit overdue and I'm sharing it with 500 million people.
What I’m doing with my life
eating nuts,
practicing the trumpet for the next concert,
exercising ( mostly crossfit at the moment )
experimental vegan cooking and baking,
planning to take over the world,
sorting and fixing stuff,
thinking about various projects.
I’m really good at
giving massages,
making musical instruments out of junk,
lighting a fire,
chopping onions (though I it makes me very emotional)
making a cat purr,
spelling, physics, probabilities, logic,
keeping a woman warm in winter
eating indian food
hosting a dinner party
raising my left eyebrow without raising the right one,
making a woman fall asleep by caressing her hair,
cycling downtown faster than those who run the red lights, without running any red light myself
The first things people usually notice about me
My cat. She is the cutest.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
music: everything except rap. When it comes to dancing, I'm a bit fussy, I prefer 70's or 80's stuff... though I can make an effort.

food: I've been vegan for 3 years, mostly for ethical reasons (most farm animals endure systematic mutilations without painkillers and lifelong extreme confinement, and there is no shortage of tasty alternatives to abused animal products in this town).
Also, I put sriracha on almost everything.

Shows: I can go weeks without turning the TV on.
( In fact, my TV is broken, thank FSM for Netflix ! )
When it's on, I usually end up on Discovery, Discovery Science, the Daily Show, the Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, House of cards, or a movie.
Note to self: get started on Better call Saul.

Books: Who cares, reading is a solo activity, so it's irrelevant here.
Six things I could never do without
pens and papers for my neverending to-do and ideas list
my glasses (I was born with glasses),
my bicycle,
my instruments and various useless gadgets,

yes, that's five things. There's something missing. You get the idea.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the things on my to-do list,
what will humans do when the sun starts dying,
what kind of animals and plants will live on my big property in the mountains when I retire. ( Goats. Definitely goats. )

Also, buckwheat.
And cargo bikes. They are awesome.
On a typical Friday night I am
Drinking a pint of cider with colleagues, ex-colleagues and future colleagues, playing board games,
complaining about work, reminiscing past achievements and dreaming of future success...
or chillaxing at home.

( I'm not a drunkard, don't worry )

I enjoy going out for a pint, a curry, a gig or an improv comedy show,
or just seeing what's happening downtown.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When a girl says "I don't bite", I'm a bit disappointed.
You should message me if
Each of these reasons is valid for messaging me:

you need a partner to take dancing lessons or you want to teach me,
you are outgoing, imaginative, playful, passionate,
You enjoy life.
You need a skiing or a traveling partner.
You're very hungry right now.
You fancy a glass of wine,
You want to play Rock Band,
you are cold and want to warm up in front of the fireplace,
You won't ask me what my star sign is,
You can teach me to cook an awesome vegan dish
You need another player for a board game.
You want to try tandem biking .
You want to keep my cat while I'm away on holiday.
You won't delete your profile a couple of days after writing me (which seems to be the trendy thing to do. Seriously girls, please stop doing that.)
The two of us