29Bellevue, United States
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My self-summary
A magician wandered along the beach, but no one needed him.

I'm a programmer. At my finger tips I have the power to traverse linked lists and create clickable message boxes.

Getting better at cooking is something I've been working on and I find the experimentation involved to be exciting. Writing short stories is an occasional side hobby of mine. I'm fascinated by the science behind things and learning about the the why's and how's of the universe. I'm starting to get into fitness. I like to read and listen to music and watch movies and play board games other things normal people like to do.

Finally, hilariously bad sci-fi movies are the greatest gift given to man.
What I’m doing with my life
Programming all kinds of things. As a programmer I get to be a part of rather unique creative process. There's an interesting flow and thought process involved with being a programmer. You get to watch your planning, your logic, your algorithms slowly come to life as you tackle new challenges. Plus its totally sweet when I press a button and things explode and I can go "I coded that!"

And then it crashes and I'm sad.

I spent three years doing contract work with Microsoft and now I'm at Amazon. Go figure.

I've been working pretty hard at getting fit. It's been a long road and will continue to be one, but I'm getting there. Spent a good chunk of my life being really unhealthy, but I've realized that was stupid and I'm working on fixing that. So I pick up heavy things. Then I put them back down. It's very exciting.
I’m really good at
Having random factoid knowledge about the topic at hand.

Having awesome debates about video games and their surrounding industry.

Losing my car keys even though I was just holding them.

Making people laugh.

Playing devil's advocate. I truly enjoy having a good discussion.

Dancing poorly.
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

The Warlord Chronicles, Shogun, Malazan Book of the Fallen, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Gates of Fire.

I tend to flop between fantasy/sci-fi and historical fiction. I like things that are character driven. So give me a nice cast of characters and I'm all set.


Oh this is hard, so here's a random selection of the movies I've rated well on Netflix:

Dr. Horrible, Ip Man, anything Pixar, My Name is Bruce, Zombieland.

I can probably spend the next year filling this out. I like a good movie. And I know that is an easy answer. But wait! I also like a bad movie. Seriously, have you seen Sharktopus? Its a shark combined with an octopus. How is that not awesome?

TV Shows

Doctor Who, Firefly, Arrested Development, Community, Futurama, The Walking Dead.

Why does everything I like get canceled?


Rock, metal, punk, classical, bitchin video game remixes. Honestly anything with a solid melody that I can hum along to I'll listen to it.


Things that are delicious. Spicy food. Thai, Italian, Portuguese. I've started cooking for myself, so I like to throw spices at things and hope it comes out tasty.

Also buffalo wings are my weakness.
Six things I could never do without
Hot sauce. Frank's/Sriracha/Tapatio, spicy delicious ambrosia.

Turtle, my cat. He's so soft and fuzzy!

Hugs. They're fucking awesome.

Learning. I couldn't live without discovering something new each and everyday.

Flailing. Its the secret solution to all of life's problems.


A calculator because I can't count.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Batman. And intergalactic space robots. And intergalactic space Batman.

I have an ever growing list of things one should and shouldn't when in a horror movie situation. Don't read from the book. Especially if its written in Latin. Double especially if its covered in blood and bound with human skin.

Writing. Or the things I'd like to write if I wasn't busy not writing. Even more specifically, I think a lot about the setting of the things I'd like to write. The reason I haven't sat down and written these ideas is because I'm way more interested in building the world - the people, the places, the myths and legends, the history and culture - than I am in writing a narrative. Somewhere in my head floats three fairly realized story ideas that I strive to one day have on some paper.

I think a lot about varying hobby programming projects. Things like what they are, what I want from them, how I'll implement them, what sort of challenges I'll face. Most of my projects are games or game related, so I draw a lot of inspiration from the video games I play. I like to think about what features I think I could improve or what new idea could really work.

The stegosaurus that fights the T-Rex in Fantasia is a champion and doesn't get the respect he deserves.
On a typical Friday night I am
I like to pick a direction and drive somewhere.

More often than not though I am out with friends, sometimes a bar, sometimes going on an adventure in Kirkland but always fun times.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I own a really green shirt.

Millipedes are terrifying.

Sometimes I look at answers I've given on questions and go "the fuuuuuck?"
You should message me if
You want to kill aliens and not afraid of anything.

What's your favorite dinosaur?

Because why not.
The two of us