34Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
Hopelessly romantic, hippie doctor seeks hopelessly romantic, lumberjackish ___________ (fill in the blank).
What I’m doing with my life
Finishing my third of four years of Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency at Penn. Planning to go into Integrative Medicine (the combination of conventional Western medicine with alternative therapies). Dreaming about moving to Hawaii, New Zealand, Cali, Arizona, or Colorado (but could be convinced to change this plan, or better yet, bring my man ;-)

Also: Running, reading, guitar/singing, yoga/reiki/meditation, an assortment of well-intentioned creative “endeavors,” and maybe Crossfit (I’ll let you know after my free on-one-on consultation).
I’m really good at
Re-purposing OKC sections to convey the info I actually think is important. So, let's just call this one "More About Me." This list is dynamic so bear with me. I:

• Am passionate and emotionally intense. This does not mean “needy,” thanks for asking :) It means when I fall, I fall hard.
• Am pretty certain that house music is God’s way of talking directly to me.
• Am not your typical girl. If a guy ever buys me a diamond, I will probably look kind of ill about it. I don’t give two craps about a proposal, engagement, chivalry in general, Valentine’s Day, or even weddings that don’t just feel like the best party you’ve ever been to after some solid talks about feelings.
• Believe that when someone touches or inspires us, we should tell them everyday.
• Have been in five serious relationships, and spent the rest of the time in equal parts dating and doing me. Have broken as many hearts as times I’ve been brokenhearted.
• Have my life together. My mom would want you to know I’m “smart” (Stanford undergrad, Penn for med school and residency, etc.). I wasn’t that worried about it ;-) but it’s more info nonetheless.
The first things people usually notice about me
Let’s restructure THIS section to tell you how my friends would describe me. I asked four friends, plus my sister, and a guy I dated briefly from OKC to describe me in a few words, and didn't tell them what it was for. Here are their verbatim responses (I’ll let you guess which are whose).

• Free passionate thinker with a gooey lovey heart and a beautiful elfin smile.
• Selfless, compassionate, witty, patient, creative.
• Free spirited, lover, hopeless romantic, caring.
• Whimsical. (I can come up with a lot more, but wanted to follow the rules of the question.)
• What is this.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
• Books: Tiny Beautiful Things, The Alchemist, The Dirty Life, and Farmacology.
• Music: House, bluegrass, plenty of other stuff.
• Movies: I admit I watch like two per year. But: Avatar.
• Food: I've made a deal with myself. I can eat whatever and however much I want as long as it's from a farm, or else a fruit or veggie. Or bacon.
Six things I could never do without
Let's call this one "The Eight Things We Have in Common." We both:

• Are ready (but not desperate) for the Relationship of Our Life.
• Want our significant other to be most of our world. Not all of it. But most of it.
• Are looking for a lifetime of passion and adventure.
• Love engaging in daydreams and fantasy.
• Find our religion in the outdoors rather than church, synagogue, or mosque.
• Prefer staying in a cabin/tent/B&B to a condo/Ritz/all-inclusive when traveling.
• Are capable of slowing down and appreciating how mind-blowingly, insanely lucky we are to be alive. Think of the odds!
• Fall more toward “adventurous” than “comfortable” on the sex spectrum. (Hola, work colleagues!)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
• How I'm going to cobble together a schedule that includes the extracurriculars listed in Section 2 with a motorcycle safety course. I'm really spending too much time on this one.
• Moving to the mountains or beach. Spending the vast majority of my time adventuring/skiing/hiking/surfing/planting plants/breathing that fresh air, and maybe sometimes taking care of patients.
On a typical Friday night I am
Jamming in my apartment to the sweetest music I can find, reading, or hanging with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't like my feet and have a lot of food allergies :(
You should message me if
at least a few of the following describe you. You:

• Are skeptical about online dating.
• Like having deep conversations on the regular, but without bullshit or pretense.
• Are super manly and capable, but don’t feel the need to prove it. Sorry, but I really do like outdoorsmen and sporty-ish types. Eh, we all have our attractions.
• Can teach me something about nature, the outdoors, camping, a practical skill, etc. from personal experience.
• Have a passion in life, and you’re spending the majority of your time (or free time) pursuing it.
• Know who you are and are in touch with your feelings ;-) I realllllllly mean this one.
• Don’t watch, or even necessarily own, a TV.
• Are fit, and the biggest way you’re a sports fan is that you play one yourself. Life is a participation sport, and watching ESPN doesn’t cut it for you.
• Have only a moderate-to-minimal amount of clothes and belongings, and haven’t set foot in (insert whatever store is fashionable in menswear these days) in AWHILE.
• Are curious.
The two of us