44 Van Nuys, United States
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My self-summary
Hard working...check!
Microphone...check! Oops, I got carried away!
Mellow, fun, and always able to laugh at myself...check!
Loves conversations on any topic...check!
Professional, educated, Ivy League graduate (Columbia University in New York)...check!

If your check list requirements are met, then please read on.

I am consistently trying to learn about things that intrigue me such as architecture, design, film, music, politics, technology, etc., i.e. contemporary culture. These interests are also shared by a close group of eclectic friends, from varying countries that I have known for the past 15 years. We all studied architecture, and consequently we all learned about each others differing cultural standards. Besides my architectural education, I feel very fortunate for having been exposed to so many cultures, but also for having had the opportunity to travel throughout the world to experience them for myself.

I have an incredibly supportive family. I am extremely close to my parents and my only brother, but also very close to my extended family throughout Mexico. When my brother and I were children, my parents sent us to Mexico for our summer vacations to visit our families, learn their customs and be exposed to a different way of life. I realize how important those formative memories have been in making me who I am today.

My search is a simple one, to find someone who can add to what I briefly described about myself and interests. I am looking for someone who is passionate about her profession, her family, and her life. Someone who is willing to teach and learn, and to ultimately grow together.

I could write forever and try to describe her. I hope she actually exists, but that's part of the process as we try to find one another.

Good luck....