28Portland, United States
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My self-summary
First off I did not name my profile >.> crazy friend did that one for me. . .

I am just a guy, one of the billions on this planet. What makes me different is the fact that I am real. I dont sugar coat anything and I am rather bluntly honest. Actually people hear me say a lot "If your not being blunt your not being honest" and I believe in that. Now this can trun people off from talking to me or being around me but all one has to do is have a little patience and one will see what I am all about.

The two biggest thing you will learn about me is that if you ask me a question I WILL answer with the truth (now Aes Sedai truths count but I am not very good with those) the second thing is that I keep my word. That is just who I am.

A bit about me is that I joined the US Navy on my 19th birthday (yay P1 day on my birthday) I stayed in for 4 years and had a great time! During that time I was able to vist most of Asia. I have been to the Philipines, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Bahrain.

It seems that after taking the Keirsy Bates test I am a ENTP personality. . . interesting. . .

I work security and many hours in it so I don't always get the same days off. I am currently working on a business plan for something amazing in Portland.
What I’m doing with my life
I am living life the way I want to. Having a cat like personality I tend to want to do things in my own time rather than someone elses time.

I am a security officer and I enjoy it but I do have a business plan in the works for something amazing!
I’m really good at
Reading in general. I read people, books, actions, life. If you look at it one can read anything.

OH and I am extremly creative. . . hence owning my own chainmaille business. . .

I am great with my hands. I have worked with soldering on computer mother boards as well as heated wood carving.

I am a gamer, I have done most every game that one can come up with (if you think other wise message me so we can find out! I am curious on what you come up with. . . just don't suggest "Kiss the Maiden". . . *shudders*)

I have the imagination that believes the sky is the limit (honestly I go way beyond our sky but there are worlds out there with skies as well so it fits) I love coming up with new things and new ideas. I tend to bounce ideas off of the people around me and love doing so!
The first things people usually notice about me
GREAT question. . .I have no fucking clue. . . You tell me. It is a great way to start a conversation!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Wheel of Time sage, Ender Games Series, Sword of Truth series. There is not much I have not read. Currently I am reading the Mistborn Sage by Brandon Sanderson, the Kingmaker Kingbreaker series by Karen Miller (she is good!), I am loving the Storm light series by Brandon Sanderson. . . They are being released so slowly!

Movies? . . . I watch pretty much everything and like making opinion. I have watched almost everything form Casablanca to The Hobbit. I love seeing movies and love talking about them to people.

I love music, it is something I can not live without. From my Pandora channels I love listening to comedians, but more than that I love listening to things that make me ponder life and give me insperation! Go Masterplan and their song "Spirit Never Dies" or we can look at Sick Puppies and "In it for Life". I have recently found Take Heart by Adeleine which is amazing!

Food. . . I was in the navy and have been around most all of Asia! (WHAT A BLAST!) There is not many foods I will not touch and I am willing to try everything (except Balut!) at least once. Oh I do love to bake! MMMMMM baking. . .
Six things I could never do without
What could I not live without?. . . god what a question. . . Honestly after reading another profile on here I have to agree, I can live without these things but would be sad if I did not have them.

Well the first would have to be Books. I Have used books since I was a kid to escape my shitty reality of an abusive step dad and a druged out mother. I could not live without books.

Then Music because it soothes me and makes me think. (WOOT MASTERPLAN! Or Powerman 5000!) My music is like my books, something motivational that makes me think about myself and my life so that I can improve it in all aspects.

Third would easily have to be experienceing new thing! I love to try new things and they make me excited to learn about new things. After living in Hawaii for 14 years my grandpa said something profound to me. He told me that my world was tiny in comparrison to the rest of the what the world has to offer. Since then I have wanted to experience new things. This also led to me joining the US Navy a month later. I add to experiences to include learning AND traveling.

The next thing would have to be Friendship. Growing up I had few friends so I believe in true friendship. One thing you have to learn about me is that I am blunt and I speak my mind. Some take this the wrong way but those stick through it have learned that I use that as a filter to find who my true friends really are.

Whats the fifth. . . hmmmmm. . . OH I KNOW! My tablet (or computer) I like to be intouch with the internet so that I have access to learning whenever I am curious (which is way to often) Now you can tell me that Curiosity killed the cat but you should know that sastifaction did indeed bring him back.

Sixth would likly be meeting new people. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people. It is something that makes me happy. I have Asbergers, now this is a High Functioning Autism disorder. This is a social disorder that retards the person with it when it comes to learning social skills early in life. Later on in life (around their 20's depending on the person) the person with Asbergers can learn more about what they did not pick up early on in life. They also see the world in Black and White and are shrouded in logic. The point of me telling you this is because I am using the people I meet to help me create color in my life instead of living in a Black and White world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This is really a trick question really. . . any thought that comes to mind. I am fast and the thoughts come faster.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out wishing I had something to do. . .
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am insecure and just want someone that can help me feel secure again.
You should message me if
You are looking for someone to talk to intellectually, someone to date casually, looking for someone to have a good time with. Casual sex, really I dont care I just want to meet you!
The two of us