28 Colorado Springs, United States
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My self-summary
I'm from Detroit originally. I love to hike, camp, climb, and ski, and try to ride my bike around town. I wish I got out more, but there's not really a lot to do in the Springs. So instead I spend a lot of time cuddling with my special lady and our four cats.

I also like going out dancing, but feel really stupid going by myself.

Mostly on here looking for new friends or good kissers, or maybe a little bit of butt holding.
I’m really good at
Caving, backpacking, sailing, canoeing, baking, science, dumpster-diving, washing dishes, not getting lost, thrifting, camping, plant identification.

You know, the usual.

Apparently being able to cook became a big deal at some point? I can do that for you. I used to cook professionally.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: A Sand County Almanac, Vonnegut, Carter Beats the Devil, classic Sci-Fi, history books, Hemingway, The Thirteen Clocks, Asterix & Obelix, the Foxfire series, Cyberpunk

Movies: In Bruges, The Big Lebowski, Ghostbusters, Blade Runner, Hot Fuzz, Gosford Park, The Thin Man, The Terminator, Robocop, A Shot in the Dark, Dr Strangelove, Drive, Highlander, The Guard, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Metropolis, Bringing Up Baby, Pacific Rim, I could co on and on and on. MAD MAX: FURY ROAD

I actually really like movies, I just never find time to get to the theater.

Shows: Arrested Development, Archer, Game of Thrones, Red Dwarf, How It's Made

Music: Honestly, not really picky. I guess reggae gets on my nerves sometimes because there are a lot of covers of the same few songs. I usually listen to NPR classical in the car, and 30s/40s jazz or techno/electronica at home. Tend to go to bluegrass/folk shows and festivals.

Food: Pretzels, beer, bourbon, interesting vegetarian dishes, grilled cheese & tomato soup, wild game, homemade popcorn, pretzels, hot cocoa.
The six things I could never do without
Caving, hummus, big thick books, spooning, kissing, and art musuems
On a typical Friday night I am
Drunk and happy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like to pretend that edm stands for "euro death metal" because it makes the world sound way more badass.
You should message me if
Not looking to message back and forth for weeks and never meet in person.

You want to go out and get dirty.

You have a fluffy kitten I can hold & pet.

You're okay with non-monogamous relationships.