38Santa Rosa, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an adventurer...I once took a semester off of Berkeley to travel about the country in a way that really let's you know what;s out there...no itinerary...no schedule...no plans. I've been extremely lucky to have met some of the best girl in my life at an early age and grown closer and closer to them over the years through honesty and great appreciation of life in general. I've recently become aware that destiny may be a true fact i the sense that things may actually happen for a reason. I really would have never believed that even a few years ago but people seem to wonder in and out of my life but some people really stick and they always have some aspect of life or even being a sole that really resonates with me on a level that I would have never believed a few years ago. I'm an absolute people watcher...it's interesting when I go out to a coffee shop or walk around town when I love to look at individuals or couple and try to imagine what brought them to the point in life where I'm actually trying to think of what brought them to this point in life where we are at the same place at the same time in life. I was brought up to appreciate the consequences of being Irish. I'm the last double Irish guy in our family (Having the last names of parents being Shannon and O'Bryan) so really being in tune with Irish ancestary and geneology has been a true passion of mine. Loving classic rock and currently Morphine, Morcheeba and Infected Mushroom have been my music of choice although Nightmares On Wax and Beats Antique are great to relax to. Cooking is another passion and I've been both in the industry and been a chef/nanny for a family of five for many years. I'm interested to learn about you and have great games and silly notions that will truely teach us about each other. So write me and let's go out and laugh at the world...well...and people watch too!
What I’m doing with my life
Ya know, it's funny. It's so hard to put me in a box and say this is who I am. I love finding out how things work or operate. Intellectual conversations excite me...I'm so tired of people trying to have the same conversation with me...i'd rather give you a fake palm reading or ask you about ghosts, play the strawberry game (I'll show you) or test you on what kind of girl having all those rings/ tattoos/ how long your fingers means about you then tease you for the rest of the night about it.

So, I've been a kindergarden teacher, sous chef, surf teacher, web developer, painter, construction builder, bartender, personal cook/nanny, grower, travel writer, artcar inventor/ builder, Da Boss, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, and currently I'm a travel writer for musical festivals. I clearly don't do it for the money...it's the love of travel. I've made enough money early to really do what I want right now.

I'm a graduate of U.C. Berkeley and really miss living there.

I'm thrilled that summer is coming closer...I can't wait to start night swimming again... floating about staring at the stars with all the lights off...something about swimming in the dark that is so quality...especially with good friends. I love outdoor stuff... I hike annadel regularly. ..camp whenever possible...and love camping music festivals.

....let's go out and laugh all night...have quality conversation and be truly adventurous all while people watching.
I’m really good at
Waiting for things to happen to me instead of forcing them.. I always get broadsided, usually right around when I give up focusing on it.
The first things people usually notice about me
I like to wear hats, ties, affinity for argyle, vests, rings, and necklaces.
I go by Spense.
Six things I could never do without
My Closest 6 Friends
My Morning Coffee
Laughing Till We Cry
The Outdoors
Books, Music & The Arts
Being a Gemini
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why Gemini's get such a bad wrap. So I'm a perpetual flirt...flirting is so much fun...however, I'm even moreso loyal to the one I'm with. In fact, you go flirt too...it makes it even better knowing we're going home together. I know how to keep a secret...I know some great ones and have some great ones as well. My 5 best friends know 'em all.
On a typical Friday night I am
If it's a full moon I'm hiking/ swimming.
Traveling to go camping/ music festival.
If I'm stressed I'm listening to music/ w/friends/ swimming/BBQ'n.
Feeling dorky we're bowling, playing pool or night biking.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
~I always laugh when my dog farts, wakes himself up and gives me a dirty look, instantly blaming me for this dilemma.

~I've knocked my front teeth in twice...once surfing...once skateboarding
You should message me if
You actually read all/ most of that and seem like we might just have fun...or we can just help each other pick up others.
The two of us