49 West Bloomfield Township, United States
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My self-summary
~~~ I'm a sassy, playful, energetic, and affectionate woman. I'm not seeking to change you or to be changed, we're both the people we've developed into. Age gaps work for me... do they also for you? I'm not a 20 or 30 something breeder trying to baby trap you or looking for the house and marriage thing... so no pressure there for you.

~~~ Please don't waste my time if you ignore our distance then become logistically challenged or have issues with age gaps. I am not seeking hookups or fwbs, but a man who will make some time to see a woman (and no not every day!). If you want to talk on here weeks and weeks before meeting, then you're not what I'm seeking. No matter how much time you talk or text before you meet, only the actual face-to-face meet determines if there's actual chemistry or not, so why waste time talking forever? I'm a realistic person and can easily spot men who mislead women and just hide behind their keyboards.

~~~ I'm positive, straight-forward, genuine, confident (but not arrogant), and independent, with a true sensual nature, soft skin, long blonde hair, pretty nails, expressive eyes and a smile I show often. I have the full hips and curves... a true feminine shape. If you like stick women, you need to keep looking. I date younger as well as closer to my age (which is a little beyond my age listed here).

~~~ My kids are grown and live on their own, so I have time to spoil that special guy. I have no crazy ex-husband or ex-boyfriend coming around causing issues. So no drama. I do like kids though if you have pre-made ones, but I don't want to start new seedlings... just to practice! I'm creative and passionate.... you'll wonder what I'll come up with next! I'm seeking a genuine connection.

~~~ I prefer a democracy with both people having input, rather than a dictatorship. I like to learn about and experience new cultures and ages... I feel you can learn a lot from other people. I'm not looking for a text buddy, a married man, or one in a relationship already (open or traditional). I've never cheated and won't go there to help you cheat. When dating a man exclusively, intimacy is very important. Also I can't be with a daily smoker (allergies).

~~~ Let's laugh and enjoy life! I'm always ready for a new adventure! Are you?! Go ahead...take a chance if you think you can handle it.
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I appeal to you and you want to know more about me. A first meeting is usually easier planned. I won't text or email forever because in texting, things can get misunderstood and it's ruined before we even have a chance to meet. Physical attraction is a necessity, so you have to be willing to meet in person, to find out if we mesh well or not. Chemistry has to be felt, it can't be measured totally through endless emails, texts or talking on the phone.

We can meet for a drink, a simple dinner, or something different and fun, with no pressure or expectations, and see where things go from there. You can't define chemistry between two people... you either have it with someone or you don't. No hard feelings if it's not, we can't each be right for everyone.