38Tucson, United States
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My self-summary
This is the stuff about me song... Stuff about me! Yeah.

I feel the need to preface my summary with the following three things;

Thing the first: important to read!: I am in a physically open relationship with the most wonderful man in the universe. I love him more than anything, and that is important to know, and no this is not going to change. Ask me questions if you are curious about this. I love talking about it. That said- fun times can be had. *points to open relationship again*.

Thing the second- The unicorn I'm looking for wants to play with both of us. ;) This could be a lady or a man, but I'm leaning heavily towards a woman or a couple. His name on this site is OutlawTorn223

Thing the third: I like odd numbers.

I am nerdy, bugnuts, and round.
Read: Not a tiny person. :)

Though, slightly less round lately. It's a pain in the arse, but I figured this is the year I make changes. For knees!

I am easily amused and fascinated by almost everything. I love documentaries and learning odd bits of trivial information. I am a foodie and can cook a mean cabbage roll. This cabbage roll has no friends and is wanted in several states. It will beat you up, take your lunch money and mock your hairstyle.

I giggle at puns and sniglets, take photos of everything and listen to streaming Jpop. This is not what I listen to exclusively. I also enjoy and own bits of just about every genre of music that there is. If my ipod is on shuffle, there is a very good chance that something that ought to embarrass me will blare out of the speakers. Most likely what will happen is that I will sing along with Bill Nye the Science Guy without a shred of shame. Whenever the song Tank! comes on, I cannot help but bounce around in a state of near-bliss.

I make things. I'm crafty and artistic and will probably never finish that project I'm working on. I don't watch a ton of movies, I cannot name actors and I am losing my mind with the anticipation of the new Doctor Who.

I'm attempting to learn how to play the guitar, prying myself out of the house with a crowbar and doing that whole socializing thing I'd somehow gotten out of the habit of doing.
What I’m doing with my life
I have so many plans. It has been mostly planning up until this point, but everything is falling in line now and becoming reality. Following through on dreams, that's what I'm doing.
The first things people usually notice about me
"You're pink".
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) Blankets, Transmetropolitan, Post Secret, Pressed fairy book, Shel Silverstein, Anything by Terry Pratchett, Harry Potter books, Captain Underpants, Gashlycrumb Tinies, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, The Long Dark Tea Time of the soul, Hitchhikers guide series, Lord of the Rings, People's History of the United States, Chronicles of Narnia, The Art of Happiness at Work, The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom, Maus, The Rabbi's Cat, God - the Ultimate Autobiograpy (makes me snerk a LOT), Squee's Wonderful Big Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors, Encyclopedia Idiotica, 1984, Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange, Lord Of the Flies, Series of Unfortunate events, Excel Saga, Bone, Dilbert, anything by Dave Barry. I pretty much like to read anything. Although it occurs to me that this list does not reflect this. I have found one book I cannot seem to read and I'm sure that saying this is going to get me a lot of flak: I can't seem to get through House of Leaves. I'll read a few pages and lose interest or get frustrated with the book. I'm sure if I power through it, it is just as amazing as everyone says it is... I just don't really feel like it.

(B) I'm going to toss in a couple of series here as well as movies because it is visual media. Ponyo, QI, Blackbooks, Dead Poets Society, Breakfast Club, Gamers, Free Enterprise, Versus, Stargate, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Excel Saga, Read or Die, Fruits Basket, Ong Bak, The Hogfather, Dr. Who, What Dreams May Come, The Princess Bride, Legend, Labyrinth, Secret of NIMH, Andalusian Dog, The Green Mile, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Aragami, The Protector, Fearless, Monty Python stuffs, Freaks, Revenge of the Nerds, One Crazy Summer, Better off Dead, Sin City, Evil Dead series, Chicken Run, Tank Girl, Heathers, Clerks, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mallrats, Empire Records, Office Space. A lot more than that, but to listing it all would be laborious to read through.

(C) Mylene Farmer, Imogen Heap, Deep Forest, They Might Be Giants, Maaya Sakamoto, Daft Punk, Atom and His Package, Operation Ivy, David Bowie, Air, Wumpscut, Oingo Boingo, X-Japan, Richard Cheese, Willam Shatner (lol) he did a great cover of common people, Regina Spektor, Jem, Jude Dugan, Pink Floyd, Gershwyn, Zakir Hussein, Depeche Mode, Stravinsky, Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, The Beatles, KMFDM, David Bowie, Gorillaz, Eminem, Bjork, Blumchen, Fiona Apple, Johnny Cash, Cure, Yakov Kazyansky, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Duppies, Cake, Da Vinci's Notebook, Daler Mehndi, Barenaked Ladies, Boom Boxx, Enya, Duran Duran, Murray Head.

To get a nice slice of music, I'm going to put my Spotify on random and write down the first 10 things it plays. (I always kind of liked that on those dumb survey posts people used to do all the time)

1. Dervishes - Bobby McFerrin
2. I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord
3. Scatman - Scatman John
4. The Moment I Said It - Imogen Heap
5. Excuse Me - Shirley Bassey
6. 1/2 Forgotten Drink - Hgh
7. Nightmare - The Pillows
8. Delicate - Damien Rice
9. Low Rider - War
10. La Cumparista - The Spanish Guitar Colección

(D) Thai, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Curry of any sort. *I love rice balls. mmm! pretty much anything except natto.

Six things I could never do without
I never agreed on this number.

1. The love of my life
2. The internet.
3. Curries. Because they are delicious.
4. Laughter
5. Conversations
6. Music
7. Books/Movies
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing pathfinder with friends. If it is canceled that night, I can be found at home watching a movie or cooking or playing a video game or chatting with friends on the internet or driving around aimlessly. Or doing a mountain of homework.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I was once working in college at a Circle K. Two youngish type people come up and plop down a six pack. I ask them for their IDs and they are both over 21... Which is the appropriate age to buy... a six pack of Sprite. I could come up with 437737 things to talk about.

I am occasionally very bad at noticing the obvious.
You should message me if
You really and truly are looking for friends, I've got a shortage of them and I dig company. If you're looking for more than friends and you fancy me. You saw me stalking your profile and think you want to talk to me. You know of a really great recipe. You want to get a beer sometime. You are being attacked by weasels. You want a conversation and I'm online. You are fond of sporks. You have something geeky to talk about. There are lots of reasons you should message me.
The two of us