33Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Hmmm...I'm a pretty easy going person....drama free, sarcastic, semi-traditional. I say traditional because I'm not one of those damn banana white pussy chasers that say they only date so and so, and that they're not the 'stereotypical asian'. Man those chinks are hi-larious. I'm poor too. and I'm not really married, but ooooooohhh someone is out searching for married men :)

I'm not really 3' 10", I'm 180cm. I started working as a busboy at the age of 12, so I know how to appreciate a dollar. I like kids probably because of my little brother and sister, makes me think back when everything was so innocent and playful. I'm open minded and goes with the flow. I can be a couch potato or a gym rat. I'm drug/smoke/alcohol free.. Doesn't bother me that my friends do whatever though, except for smoking. I try to get the smokers to quit :\ Smoking is a huge turn off for me. not a grammar nazi-.,~as~if@@? I guess I'm a happy-ass with a dark sense of humor too. No, I'm not on roids. Career focused. I have a pretty commanding voice, when I scream...so I've been told. Not artistic..probably because I can only draw stick figures at best. >_< d(@_@') <~see. Not very religious either, but more so spiritual/karma....yeah...don't try to convert me. I'm an ISTP and Type 5, 8/9 enneagram.

Yes, my stalker settings are on. No, not here to look for anything, so no worries about me messaging people trying to get my nerdy on. Don't mind me if I appear on your stalkers list, just whoring through. *waves* Oh and I'm not an A-list user, so I can't see who rated me :|

This was first a test taking site only but whatever, here's a little insight if I was looking, guess my heart just isn't all there anymore....or should I say I'm Happy by myself? Reclusive(moi was bored). I (can only/only want to) put up with so much :\ Damn it!!1! They took away the join date! Noooo, now I have nothing to validate my registration from 2006. Guess it was bad PR for them from people that long ago still using this site, ha!

Co-independent. A best friend. A woman who knows what she wants. Little girls need not apply. Got the partying thing out of their system. I'm not gonna lie, there has to be some kind of physical attraction at first to get things going, but you have to be conversational to keep things going...for me at least. Light/no clown make-up, please...aka no face cracks when smiling. Can't be looking pretty all the time,natural is fine with me. I already know you're not dressing up for me, those other woman don't have anything on you, you're already the brightest star in the room, okay?

Don't try to test my love in relationships, it'll just backfire. Don't care if it's a year or 10 years, I won't hesitate to throw that shit down the drain if you do me wrong and I expect you to do the same. As in should anything happen down the line, know that either will be strong enough to move on. I don't put up with that high school drama crap. Don't do things that you don't want me to be doing. Yes, I've dated outside my race. If I'm attracted, hey...I'm attracted. Also, must be content with themselves. How can you love another person without first being happy w/ yourself? If being in a relationship is the only time and place one can be happy, then life is destined to be an unhappy affair. Have some self-fucking-esteem damn it! Please, no suicidal tendencies.....say you'll kill yourself to me and I'll hand you the knife and turn on some Linkin Park music for you. I can melt a heart as fast as I can leave it out in the freezing cold.

oooooo..Most of my 75%+ matches(200+ questions) seem pretty artsy-fartsy haha. Sad to get my hopes up when I see a 90%+ match, and to see them having only answered 50 questions. I dunno, I think any guy/girl that is seriously looking for something would answer more questions to filter/fit their type. After all my time I've been on this site, I've only come across a handful of women who've answered 2000+ questions with a 90%+ match, that I've been 'swooned' by each one. It's just a cool feeling knowing that someone like that exists/is out there. Of course answers change over time, that's the fun in resetting and answering them all again! x_x

I have cat allergies. I love dogs though.

I am lazy, obese, and inconsiderate
What I’m doing with my life
Working on it so I can make it easier for the people around me to enjoy life. I think they deserve better. They're working too hard to be living the life they're living. Also to get rich so I can travel around the world and eat all the crap I want!
I’m really good at
Massages...seriously. Even my guy friends ask for them from me, because it just looks oh so pleasing. Plus it leaves them all smiling afterwards -no homo....sounds pretty gay, though I'm sure about my sexuality to say it. Word gets around, even to mom and dads. Then the dad asks "So you gave my daughter a massage like this eh?" "Wow, you stay away from his mom and sister" x_x

Cutting my losses.

Being master of the oblivious. "What's this phone number for?" also resulted in "I hope you burn in hell, I'm wasting my time with you." *ding ding ding* that should be your signal to hit the back button ladies. Opening doors for me doesn't mean I'll step thru.
The first things people usually notice about me
is that I notice them noticing me. I'm able to see with my built in widescreen vision that they're checking out my ass. Yeah that's right, pretend you're cleaning your shoe/heels.

nothing really. I try not to attract attention. I keep to myself.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Don't really have a favorite for anything. Regarding this stuff, I keep my standards low so I'm easily pleased.

Books? I honestly don't read much. How to get laid for dummies. CNN. I like business/charting related books. Maybe reading some fundamentals, but mostly obeserving technicals. Day trading books. Not that I've read it, but can a guy even list 50 shades of grey here? |

Movies - Anything goes. I'm Asian.....I've seen a lot of messed up films. Aznv.tv! Dystopian type of movies, Pirates of the Caribbean, LotR, bits and parts of the Star Wars movies?, Zombie movies!, Saw, Adam Sandler movies, whatever. Dave Chappelle's "Block Party" was a scam! That was probably the only 'movie' I ever expected anything from.

Food - Some people eat to live, but I live to eat. Anything! Sushi (eaten so much at a buffet once that the waiter didn't want to come over to serve a friend and I), Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, whatever, no Indian though (._.'). Not too much red meat. Sometimes I'll go a week/month or so without eating meat, depends I guess.

Music - No country/death metal, heavy metal, metal metal. *shrugs* Ranges from Enya, Mannie Fresh, Wisin y Yandel, Tchaikovsky, Hands up Happy Hardcore Reggaeton Eh, guess you can say I don't listen to much.
Six things I could never do without
Family! = Father And Mother I Love You*. Computer. Bench. Foreman Grill. Food...meal...a nice home cooked meal, you know what they say "The way to the man's heart is through his stomach". Water. I drink a lot of water.... boiled, then filtered. Plus the 3-4 cases of bottled water. I can do without friends and love, but not my sweet thirst quenching water. ahhhhh I drink enough to notice differences.

*points if you know where that's from. >:)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What's my next target? What do I want to do now? Time to eat yet? How my little siblings will grow up. They're in their teens now! I am doing it now.....the overprotective brother that beats up all my little sister's boyfriends. They grow up on you so fast :'( What's a brother to do when he catches his sister doing inappropriate stuff on the computer? :\

Tomorrow, just to be cliche.
On a typical Friday night I am
relaxing, a circle jerk with the crew....masturbating furiously to myself in the mirror while lifting weights...isn't that why we all work out? Right?...Right?!! That's right! I do it for me!

I keep my integrity by doing some nerdy shit. *Puts on wizard's hat and robe*

Clearing my mind of the week, at work sometimes, whatever. It's flexible. I like my options. Not much of a club-goer/bar-hopper.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I passed my hepatitis test with one A, two B's, and a C. Woohoo!

...... ...


A 100lb asian girl drinks more than me. I get second hand drunk. Crack open a bottle and the fumes will get me, so my friends call me a cheap date.
You should message me if
you're not easily offended. your idea of a relationship is based on how silly and goofy you can be with one another. the sillier we are, the happier we are. enjoys the simplest things of life that means if you're looking for a "smart, educated, funny man" then I already know the first thing that popped into your head of what you want. Not going to find that here. Sorry.

or you know what it's like to be poor (n_n)

or if you have a question that's not in the 3500+ ones I've answered.

or if you have food.

or if you want to grow old, fat, and wrinkly with me.

or just don't and thanks for taking your time to read!
The two of us