68London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm a level headed professional guy still with ambition to seek out, develop & reap life's opportunities. Extremely loving, caring, supportive,loyal and responsible. Exceptionally creative. Great sense of humour & witty. Many interests - lots of sports, cinema, reading (mainly non-fiction & biographies), theatre, museums, architecture, classic cars, some eating places, travel. I have discovered live music at my local drinking establishment (pub) where musicians jam together, which is truly amazing!
MY third pic was taken at the Olympic Beach Volley Ball @ Horse Guards Parade Central London. It was a fantastic event & venue right by No.10 Downing Street but it rained all day (and hasn't stopped since)! UPDATE (i) Eight months later it's still raining! UPDATE (ii) And now its snowing! UPDATE (iii) The sun's shining - really! UPDATE (iv) It's snowing today and its April 4th! UPDATE (v) I'm stopping all this weather stuff now. People keep asking me if it is going to rain or snow? What am I a Weatherman? I'm a Surveyor - I know about buildings !!!! UPDATE (vi) I've changed my mind -- it's raining & it seems like it's forever! UPDATE (vii) And now its cold! UPDATE (viii) It's more of the same!
What I’m doing with my life
I have reached the age where i am looking for new & different opportunities. For me now it's about sensible diet, fitness, Life Long Learning, seeing the world and giving back to Society. Nearly forgot - I have an opinion on most things too.
I’m really good at
Solving other people's problems!
The first things people usually notice about me
A rather large mop of white hair (thinking of getting a hair cut - watch this space)! UPDATE (i) - I'm still thinking! UPDATE (ii) - I may decide to speak to the barber as my sons are hypercritical! UPDATE (iii) Its all chopped off !!!! UPDATE (iv) And now I have bought some styling serum! UPDATE (v) It's growing - fast! UPDATE (vi) The serum's brilliant! UPDATE (vii) It's still brilliant! UPDATE (viii) It's growing very fast into a decent length which is great for my son's wedding on Sunday March 10th! UPDATE (ix) It's back to a mop - the serum better do its job! UPDATE (x) The wedding has come & gone and very nice too! I hear you say did anybody come up to me and ask what serum I use? Are you serious?????? !!!! UPDATE (xi) Someone did !!! UPDATE (xii) I've decided to have a decent haircut - it's neat & tidy now. I realised I could never look like a pop star! I have also bought some styling wax - it's less greasy than the serum. UPDATE (viii) Its soooo long! I need haircut but its cold here so may wait a while. UPDATE (ix) It's all chopped off! I just had to be really truthful with you. It is a little cold around the ears.
Six things I could never do without
Love, laughter, music, 85% dark chocolate (two squares a day) my new phone and my books.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Can I still save the world?
On a typical Friday night I am
Generally I like to chill out and relax. The phone is always busy. When my sons come for dinner I make sure there is great food and lots of banter! UPDATE (i) I'm reviewing all this as I have a new daughter-in-law! UPDATE (ii) Its business as usual. She's very sweet & a good cook too! UPDATE (iii) My other son has a new girlfriend & shes very sweet & a good cook too!
This is a good situation for me - I just go with the flow!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'll share three things with you:

1. I'm a Leg Man - always have been!

2. I love porridge (oatmeal) with raspberries blueberries & a little cinnamon every morning for breakfast. It sets me up for the day and best of all it doesn't stick in my throat, answer me back or make unreasonable demands! But whenever I'm about to take the first spoonful, the phone rings! Could this be a sign???

3. As I particularly like Americans I have decided to purchase an English to American dictionary with correct pronunciations. So, is it tomato or tomato? We both know the answer - it's TOMATO !!!
Is it elevator or lift? Forget it -- let's take the stairs!
You should message me if
........... you are a fantastic girl with intelligence, passion & a sense of adventure coupled with family values, a responsiblity to Society & to our Planet. Oh yes -- lots of fun too!
And before I forget - who should I be liking - Hillary or Donald or neither? Should I be watching Fox News??? Look - you're the expert here not me!
UPDATE(i) It's Tuesday 8th November.
America do your thing!
UPDATE(ii) Oh - its President Trump!
Let's hope everything works out positively.
UPDATE(iii) I'm still hoping!
UPDATE(iv) I'm hoping a little more - now!
The two of us