48Hayward, United States
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My self-summary
"Shut up."

"Do what I tell you."

"I'm not interested."

These are just some of the things you'll hear if you answer this ad. I'm an idiot and I don't care about anyone except myself.

P.S.: No dogs!

If anyone can guess from which British sitcom the above piece comes from, you can get a cookie as a reward.

Aside from that, I'm an employed graphic artist who also fancies himself as a writer and all around creative individual. Most of my writing at the moment centers around PBeM games, but I'm slowly changing that. I enjoy science fiction, cartoons, and history of all things. I enjoy pen and paper rpg's...

Oh, and I like to cook, though oddly enough not for myself. I've always done better when I cook for others—even it's only for one other (hint-hint). I have less concern for myself, even if it would save money.

Who would be my ideal counterpart? Good question. I don't think there's a single answer to that. As far as the type of relationship I dream about? I don't want Romeo and Juliet. I want Gomez and Morticia Addams! They knew how to live and love.
What I’m doing with my life
Life's a transition, and I've made a pretty big one recently, settling my late mother's estate, and moving myself into a humble sized condo. It means being closer to work, and able to save money, and hopefully pursue a few more goals in my life.

I'm finally re-immersing myself into the con scene—at least a little bit. My first experience after so many years was a good one. While I'm not up to traveling to every con across the state (yet), I am up for the little cons. Clockwork Alchemy's great. Fanime…a wee bit overwhelming, but I like to visit.

I'm finally in a place where, once I stop procrastinating, I can start pursuing the advancement of my skill set. I'm a good graphic designer, but print is easy. Web is hard…and it shouldn't be this hard. I'm looking to fix that.

After pursuing my first successful NaNoWriMo, the writing bug has firmly latched onto me and won't let go. Now I'm torn between getting my finished first work edited, working on a follow-up, and starting something entirely different. Silly brain of mine…
I’m really good at
I'm a good graphic designer, or at the very least I'm adept at photo alteration
Pretty decent cook; I can even make fondue, but I prefer making tacos, and I have a cookie so good it might be illegal.
I can really stay in character when I'm playing an RPG.
Writing. I like writing stuff, from short stories to PBeM contributions.
History, especially about WAR! GLORIOUS WAR! I blame this last part on the early days of the History Channel. I was seriously unemployed back then, and that's what I watched a lot of.
The first things people usually notice about me
I can definitely say with confidence now that most people notice how easily I smile. THEN they notice the overweight stuff and the odd sense of humor—not necessarily in that order, mind you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: "1632" and "1633" by Eric Flint and David Weber, "Vacuum Diagrams" by Stephen Baxter, The Darkness Series and the Worldwar/Colonization series by Harry Turtledove, the Lost Regiment series by William R. Forstchen, Honor Harrington series by David Weber, too many gaming books to count, history books in general, though right now I'm interested in material regarding the Renaissance era.

MOVIES: The Grindhouse, 300, Sin City, Shrek, Shrek 2, Children of Men, Lord of the Rings--all of them, King Arthur, Bladerunner, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Big Fish, City of Lost Children, Mirrormask, The Fifth Element, V for Vendetta, Star Wars, Episodes IV through VI (Don't get me started on the first three), Hot Fuzz, Just about anything with Bruce Campbell, Spirited Away, Nausicaa, Fido, Godzilla--American and Japanese, Akira, Blazing Saddles, Iron Man, Speed Racer, Indiana Jones...all of them too, Leon, The Protector

TELEVISION (There should be a category like this): Firefly, Babylon 5, Stargate SG-1, Farscape, M.A.S.H., Battlestar Galactica, Mythbusters, Walking with Dinosaurs, Modern Marvels, Superweapons, Weaponology, Cosmos, Jericho, CSI, Law & Order

CARTOONS (deserves a category of its own in my case): Samurai Jack, Venture Brothers, Metalocalypse, Robot Chicken, anything by Tex Avery, Justice League Unlimited, Family Guy, Clone Wars, Powerpuff Girls, the OLD Superman cartoons

MUSIC: Muse, the Killers, Queen, various movie/videogame/anime soundtracks, Talking Heads, Rage Against the Machine, Rob Zombie, the Gorillaz, Enya, the Seatbelts, U2, Tenacious D, Within Temptation, Meat Loaf, Abney Park, the Cranberries

FOOD: Sushi, pasta, Mexican food, short order diner cooking...heck, I like food in general. There are a lot of things I've tried, but still a lot of things I haven't tried.
Six things I could never do without
A laptop

Pencil and Paper (they count as one thing, right?)

My steamer trunk full of costume bits

My glasses

Comfortable shoes

I spend a lot of time thinking about
Characters I've imagined and putting them into interesting scenarios/situations, and having imaginary conversations with them. If anyone has a problem with this, it's probably because the voices in my head won't talk to them.
On a typical Friday night I am
Over at a friend's place watching cheesy movies and cooking...something (If I'm lucky). Lately though my Fridays have been an open thing, and I've been looking for new ways to fill it up. Any help in this area would be appreciated. Alcohol neither required nor desired.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I'm quiet or joke a little too much, it's only because I'm shy.
You should message me if
You wanna watch old Saturday morning shows like "Jason of Star Command" or "Thundarr the Barbarian", or just want me to make a fondue for you.
The two of us